Team Of The Week – Week 1 – Season 14 – Super League

Starting XI

GK: Apocryphion (Monaco) – Returning for yet another PCN Award, Apoc takes the starting spot for our first Super League TOTW in Season 14. Apoc has kept his Monaco side in some games this season making 39 saves, conceding only 3 goals, picking up 2 MOTM and keeping 5 clean sheets.

RB: PeteyPeteTown (Chelsea) – After making the move from sunny Spain to the English capital, Petey has continued to impress in Super League. Petey is known for his ball retention and ability to connect passing, boasting an impressive 95.83 passing %. He also has 6 clean sheets, 41 possessions won, 32 interceptions and MOTM.

CB: Austin x33 (Orlando Pirates) – After signing with the Super League Champions, Austin has hit the ground running in South Africa. He currently leads the league (among defenders) for possessions won, with 57, which he is super proud off. Austin’s composure on the ball (89 pass%) was one of the main reasons he was picked up by Orlando, he also has 31 interceptions and 14 tackles.

CB: TheTacoKid95 (Benfica) – After being part of the Super League winning defense in Season 13, Taco has made a return to Benfica where he won back to back titles with the Portuguese side. Taco has been on fine form to start the season with 50 possessions won, 7 clean sheets, 13 tackles and 88% passing.

LB: dre l 3k (Monaco) – After signing with Chelsea in the off season, Dre made the move to Monaco in the same window and this switch has worked wonders for him. For this play period he holds the highest PER for defenders with 28.48, this is backed up with 5 clean sheets, 47 possessions won, 22 interceptions and 18 tackles across only 8 games.

CDM: CM9 PT (Orlando Pirates) – Returning to the heart of the South African midfield, CM9 has been an absolute monster in Super League since S11. During the 10 games, he made an average of 16.2 passes per game, helping his Orlando team dominate their opposition and pressure them into submission. CM9 also has 64 possessions won (most in SL), 46 interceptions, 30 tackles and 1 MOTM award.

CDM: Neymar24 (Atlanta United) – Currently in his second season with the MLS side, Neymar has come along way since his days dominating League 2. In just 9 games, Neymar has made 29 tackles, 36 interceptions and 60 possessions won. He has also shown his attacking threat with 2 assists.

RAM: AyeVols (Orlando Pirates) – POTW – Our first Player of the Week for Super League comes in the form on AyeVols, probably the best CAM in the league for the last few seasons. During his 10 games played, Vols has 5 goals, 2 assists, 12 key passes and an average 20.4 passes per game. Vols’ creativity has also seen him pick up 2 MOTM awards for his team.

CAM: Maestro l 21 l (Manchester City) – After playing season 13 in the English capital, Maestro has made the move to Manchester to join Man City. Maestro has joined City and has settled into life better here, he has already tied his last seasons assists total with 3 assists in 10 games. He has netted 2 goals, made 12 key passes and connected 86.57% of his passes.

LAM: Marvinho l 10 (Benfica) – After joining Benfica midway through Season 13, Marvinho has put pen to paper on a new deal here. He has started the season well and has been one of Benfica’s main creative forces with 4 assists and 8 key passes. Marv boasts an impressive 91.4% passing accuracy, which is outstanding for a CAM on this edition of FIFA.

ST: Evo 21x (Orlando Pirates) – After playing for both Milan teams in Season 13, Evo has made his long-awaited return to South Africa with Orlando Pirates. During his first 9 games back at the club Evo has scored 6 goals, 5 assists, 19 key passes (most for ST’s) and picked up 2 MOTM awards for his team. With 11 goal contributes in 9 games, Evo can be very happy with his start to the season.


GK: ll LucaBrasi ll (Chelsea) – Now in his second season with Chelsea, Luca has established himself as one of the top keepers in the league. The Canadian shot stopper has made 33 saves, kept 6 clean sheets, completed 16 passed and let up only 6 goals in 10 games.

CB: iiiBadger (Monaco) – Leading the back line for a mid table Monaco side, Badger has recaptured his old form of season’s past. In only 7 games, Badger picked up 1 goal, 19 interceptions, 34 possessions won, and 5 clean sheets.

LB: LargeMightyCow (Chelsea) – TheSmallWeakCalf has settled into life at Chelsea well and has held down the LB spot and made it his own. Across 10 games, Cow has made 13 tackles, 23 interceptions, 99 passes and has won the ball back for his team on 51 occasions. If Cow is able to keep up this form, surely, we will see him with more individual honors come the end of the season.

CDM: Fuji Sells (Chelsea) – Taking the final defensive spot on this weeks TOTW, Fuji smells has returned from Season 13’s TOTS. Fuji has been a huge part of the Chelsea defensive unit, providing the pivot in front of the defense. He has made 142 passes, 29 tackles, 35 interceptions and won possession back on 51 occasions.

CAM: G0atlas (Real Madrid) – An ever present on Eksisle’s teams since impressing in League 2 at Chivas, this season has been no different. Goat has chipped in with 1 goal, 1 assist and 17 key passes (most among CAMs) showing of his creative influence on Los Galacticos and picking him up 1 MOTM award.

ST: GoldenIPanda (Manchester City) – Super Leagues leading goal scorer, a title he wears proudly in the discord, GoldenPanda has gotten off to a flying start for his Man City side, scoring 9 goals (4 versus Tottenham) and adding 3 assists in 10 games. Panda has the highest goal contributions league wide with 12 and has 2 key passes and 3 MOTM awards.

ST: Dearing l 15 l (Benfica) – After finding his way into PCN with Spurs in Season 13, Dearing transferred to Benfica. Dearing has shown a clinical edge since debuting for As Águias, with 6 goals from his 14 shots on target, Dearing is showing the clinical edge needed in Super League. Dearing has added 4 assists, 15 key passes and an impressive 4 MOTM awards so far this season.

Written by: PWTB Coups


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