Team Of The Week – Week 1 – Season 14 – League Two

Starting XI

GK: TheBigBadChub (Feyenoord) – When you only allow two goals in 10 games, you’re doing something right. The center back turned goalkeeper Chub has done just that, amassing eight clean sheets to go along with his astounding conversion rate. Through ten games as well, he’s also tied for saves at 39, and is doing everything he can to make sure that anything that slips through his defense, doesn’t rattle the back of the net.

RB: U Call Me 76LA (Feyenoord) – Leading his team from full back, 76LA has made strides on the right side to help his side to within five points to within top of the table. His eight clean sheets are joint top for all fullbacks, and his balanced play defensively and on the offensive side of the ball have been indispensable for his side.

CB: DANTHEMAN390 (West Ham United) – For the team from East London that hasn’t been their best at times, they can take solace that their rising star in defense is keeping attackers at bay. Averaging just over five possessions won per game (for a total of 51), he’s showing already in this young season that he could be a hot commodity on the market should a team from the higher divisions come calling. His 24 interceptions show that he doesn’t let things through on the ground, nor in the air, where he’s won 29 headers.

CB: Yannix3 (Toronto FC) – The Greek north of the border, Yanni has put in impressive performances in his seven appearances. With 29 interventions (tackles/interceptions), he’s recovered the ball 33 times for his side, and tacking on an assist in that time as well, to partner nicely with a modest 82% passing for his side.

LB: JoeMagz (Napoli) – The lone member of the side from Naples, JoeMagz has enjoyed himself a very solid opening nine games from the left flank. His 85% passing is among the best at his position, and his 46 possessions won has also not allowed a stray ball through. With 18 tackles and 21 interceptions already in nine games, Joe was a shoe in at this left back position.

CDM: Neweynewey (Feyenoord) – Showing himself as the perfect box to box midfielder, Newey not only has amassed 62 possessions won and 38 interceptions, but also his two assists and seven key passes lead all defensive midfielders in their respective categories. With Feyenoord having the joint best defense in League 2 this season, Newey has to be a vital member to their promotion efforts this season.

CDM: Lego Dawg (Celtic) – After a successful season in League One, Lego has taken his talents to Celtic, where he’s already become a key member of the Bhoy’s midfield. Adding to his lone assist and five key passes, his 40 interceptions is what immediately stands out for the midfielder, and has also collected two Man of the Match awards along his way.

RAM: Ayo Ricky (Celtic) – Involved in a goal every 120 minutes from midfield, Ayo Ricky has provided joint top goal scoring numbers from the attacking mid position, with three goals and three assists, both joint top for attacking mids. His eight key passes as well lend anyone to believe that his ability to put in a good ball can threaten any defense.

CAM: Enjoi x Gretsky (West Ham United) – POTW – This weeks player of the week wins the award without question. Gretsky has proven himself as on of the best pressing midfielders, with 39 possessions won, 17 tackles, and 29 interceptions, Gretsky has done well to take the ball off his opponents, and done even better to tee up his teammates, having made 15 key passes, five more than the next closest attacking midfielder.

LAM: xBrotherLewy (Celtic) – Here’s a name we could see a few times this season. Moving outside of his known striker position to the midfield, Brother Lewy has contributed a goal and three assists to his Celtic side in his first ten games. Being versatile on and off the ball, he accompanies his offensive stats with 25 interceptions, and 35 possessions won as well.

ST: xRif g3nisis23 (Santa Clara) – Every other shot on target is a goal. That’s how good Genesis has been through the first ten games for the Portuguesse side. His six goals and three assists have seen him plugged straight into this team, not to mention setting up his teammates with ten key passes. Pressing well with 23 possessions won, Genesis will have everything to do with Santa Clara’s League Two promotion push.


GK: soilebriches (Athletic Bilbao) – Keeping just as many clean sheets as the starter this week, Soile did well to distribute the ball to his team, and only allowed two shots to rattle the back of his net. With Bilbao having the joint best defense in League Two, Soilebriches will continue to do everything he can to make sure that trend continues and helps Bilbao in their promotion challenge.

CB: loveburgher (Santa Clara) – A Santa Clara team that has allowed joint second fewest goals in the league (9), Loveburgher has had every little bit to do with that. Showing himself as the perfect ball playing defender, maintaining an astounding passing percentage at just over 93%, he’s partnered his passing abilities with his defensive ones, with his team only conceding three times when he steps on the pitch, keeping five clean sheets along the way.

RB: Jwick2603 (Toronto) – Showing himself as the top offensive full back so far in League Two, Jwick has provided five key passes to his side just north of the border, while scoring a goal in that time as well and keeping a modest 80% passing from his right back position. Having only allowed five goals, and kept three clean sheets with that Toronto defense, there’s no reason why Jwick doesn’t get the nod this week.

CDM: j0nnyb0y9 (Athletic Bilbao) – Helping his Team of the Week counterpart, Jonnyboy has shined through his first ten games this season, having the highest passing percentage of any defensive midfielder this season, just surpassing 90%. His defensive capabilities have been nothing but solid, holding eight clean sheets, and only allowing two goals, Jonny is surely looking good in what would be his first full season in PCN.

LAM: thelesinhoo (Athletic Bilbao) – Our third Bilbao entry for this week’s side, Lesinho has been the man to count on for the Spanish outfit. From his post at attacking midfield, he’s completed almost 90% of his passes and created eight chances for his forwards. Bilbao have amassed a nice bit of talent this season, and their performance shows, with Lesinho leading the line, he surely can give them the boost they need for promotion.

ST: T O X 1 Cv (Bayern Munich) – Six goals in eight games. Not bad, eh? Well what if I told you he had two assists and eight key passes as well. That’s the start to Season 14 that Toxic has had. With the ball at his feet, he’s made nearly 180 passing attempts, converting nearly 85% of those. Funny enough, his strike partner is on this team as well…

ST: KXNG CAMPBEL (Bayern Munich) – That’s right, BOTH Bayern forwards make this weeks Team of the Week, with Campbel and Toxic playing off each other like chicken and noodles in soup. Campbel has benefited from his teammate’s finishing skills with eight assists to go along four strikes of his own, with his own passing surpassing the level of his companion. Bayern are in a good situation with their forwards, and should be firing on all cylinders should they continue to produce.

Written by: Skirata x



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