Team Of The Week – Week 1 – Season 14 – League One

Starting XI

GK: DcF Buffon (Atletico Madrid): Kicking off the starting XI for the first edition of the League One TOTW is Atletico Madrid goalkeeper, DcF Buffon. Atletico Madrid are off to an excellent start in League One as they currently see themselves well within contention for the title, and their big man in net has been key to their early success. In 9 games DcF Buffon has made 35 saves (T-3rd) to go along with 6 CS (2nd), 2 MOTM awards, and a superb PER of 21.97 (1st).

RB: Sleepyboy123 (Barcelona): In the back line features previous L1 TOTS Barcelona fullback, Sleepyboy123. Picking up right where he left off last season with his exceptional form, the Blaugrana defender continues to be the defensive talisman for a side that is currently the best defensive team in League One. In 10 games for Barcelona this season, Sleepyboy123 picked up 12 tackles, 22 interceptions (2nd) and 41 possessions to go along with a league leading 7 CS, and a PER of 19.92.

CB: Guccikilljoy (Atletico Madrid): Slotting into the first center back position is Atletico Madrid defender, Guccikilljoy, A player whose name frequently appears in multiple TOTW and TOTS of the past 2 seasons, Guccikilljoy’s provides an invaluable piece to any backline, as you can always count on the Atleti defender to perform at the highest level on an extremely consistent basis. In 10 games, Guccikilljoy accumulated 14 tackles (T-2nd), 21 interceptions, and 39 possessions won, accompanied by 6 CS (2nd) and the highest PER of all center backs with 21.55

CB: SergeantRock13 (Barcelona): Accompanying his fellow compatriot in the back line is Barcelona defender, SergeantRock13. Making his debut in PCN, Sergeant Rock 13 has more than impressed, as the newcomer has established himself as the “rock” of what is League One’s best defense so far this season. Keep a lookout on SergeantRock13 throughout the season as he has real potential to be a standout defender in PCN for many seasons to come with such an explosive start. In 10 games, SergeantRock13 has gotten 10 tackles, 22 interceptions, and 48 possessions won (2nd), alongside 7 CS (1st) and a 20.09 PER (3rd).

LB: lukebron (Borussia Dortmund): Rounding out the back line of the starting XI, is Dortmund fullback lukebron. After playing his trade in L2, lukebron has comfortably transitioned to the higher level of competition of L1, as the defender looks to inspire a side which will be looking to be involved in the playoff mix this season. Lukebron picked up 12 tackles, 20 interceptions (T-3rd) and 37 possessions won to go along with 3 CS and a league leading PER for all fullbacks with 23.37

CDM: GoVols817 (Barcelona): Occupying a starting CDM spot is the Barcelona midfielder, GoVols817. After a 2 season hiatus from PCN, GoVols817 is proving to be a vital piece in Barcelona’s attempt at a title this season, as the midfielder looks to be a menace in the midfield for his side, seemingly breaking up the opposing teams proves attack each and every time they have possession of the ball. In 10 games GoVols817 picked up 34 tackles (1st), 38 interceptions (T-2nd), and 66 possessions won (1st) while also managing to pick up an assist and an absurd 26.14 PER (1st).

CDM: Zidane l7l (Ajax): Making an appearance is legendary midfielder, Zidane l7l. After terrorizing SL forwards for the last two seasons, the former SL TOTS defensive mid has made the move to Ajax to aid in their title run. Capable of both dictating his team’s play, with an astounding 92% passing (1st), and shutting down the opposition’s with 31 tackles (2nd), 35 interceptions, and 58 possessions won with a 22.04 PER (2nd) in his 10 games, Zidane l7l possess an ability which very few midfielders have, and that is to be a real threat on both the offensive and defensive end, a true testament to his class.

RAM: eXoTiC x TIGER (Atalanta): Lining up in the CAM spot is the sole Atlanta player to make a TOTW appearance, eXotic x TIGER. After being the only lower league team in PCN history to win a royal cup, and in dramatic fashion against Lyon, the Italian side are off to a slow start. However, manager eXoTiC x TIGER has been inspiring his side both on and off the pitch, as he looks to be an offensive spark for his side, capable of both scoring or facilitating a goal at any moment. In 10 games, eXoTiC x TIGER has managed to bag 4 goals (1st), alongside 2 assists, 10 key passes, and a 17.91 PER.

CAM: x Viciosz (Ajax): The first of a trio of forwards from Ajax to make a TOTW appearance is midfielder, x Viciosz. As an offensive powerhouse that shattered all L2 records last season, Ajax’s offensive shows no signs of slowing down in L1, with x Viciosz feeding his two deadly strikers on a consistent basis that’s almost hard to believe. With the vision to pick out a deadly pass that almost always results in a goal x Viciosz is the type of player that no defender looks forward to playing against. In 7 games for the Dutch side, x Viciosz has found the back of the net 2 times, along with 8 assists (1st), 16 key passes (1st), and a PER rating of 19.89 (2nd).

LAM: Frokilla 087 (Seattle Sounders): The only Seattle player to make a TOTW appearance is Sounder midfielder, Frokilla. From barely escaping relegation last season to title contention this season, Frokilla 087 has been a revelation for the Seattle side, as the midfielder is in the form of his life, with seemingly everything he touches turning to gold. If Seattle are to look for promotion to SL this season they will need their midfielder to keep up his excellent performances, as he serves to be the heart of the Seattle midfield. In 9 games, Frokilla 087 picked up 3 goals (T-2nd), 4 assists (2nd), 6 key passes, and a 18.98 PER (3rd).

ST: x Erickson (Ajax) (POTW): Filling in the last TOTW spot in the starting XI is the second forward in the Ajax attacking trio, x Erickson. Our POTW for this TOTW edition, and for good reason, x Erickson is a proven goalscorer whose nose for goal is arguably unmatched in all levels of PCN, as he holds BOTH SL and L2 goal records with a L1 goal record at the end of this season a real possibility. Simply put, it is impossible to stop x Erickson from scoring when he is in form, and as an opposing player all you can do is hope that he doesn’t find the back of the net against you multiple times when he is. In 10 games for Ajax, x Erickson has bagged 10 goals (1st) to go along with 4 assists, 13 key passes (T-2nd), and a PER of 24.11 (3rd).


GK: AIDANMCC01 (Wolfsburg): Starting off the bench for the first S14 League One TOTW, is Wolfsburg goalkeeper, AIDANMCC01. A new acquisition by the German side made in the off-season, Wolfsburg’s main man between the sticks has quickly established himself as the silver lining for an extremely underwhelming side, with Wolfsburg currently finding themselves dead last. If Wolfsburg are to have any chance of avoiding relegation, that responsibility will rest solely on the shoulders of AIDANMCC01 who has single handedly kept them in games this season. In 8 games this season, AIDANMCC01 has managed to make 45 saves (1st), to go along with 1 CS, 2 MOTM awards, and a 20.05 (3rd) PER.

CB: MDunnster (Borussia Dortmund): Making a bench appearance on TOTW is Dortmund defender, MDunnster. Despite his last appearance in PCN coming in S8 with Liverpool you could easily be fooled into thinking that MDunnster is a longtime veteran of PCN, as the defender commands his backline with ease, reacting to the opposition’s attack In such a way that is usually only accompanied by vast 11s experience. With 8 games so far this season, MDunnster racked up 9 tackles, 26 interceptions (T-2nd), 35 PW, to go along with 2 goals and a PER of 20.43 (2nd).

LB: Gnora x14 (Newcastle United): Another player that makes a sole appearance for their side is Newcastle fullback, Gnora x14. A side led by veteran manager Leak l 13 l who appears to have a special ability to find the next big star in PCN, it seems as he has struck gold once again with Gnora x14. Despite Newcastle’s disappointing situation in L1, Gnora x14 has been able to shine for the English side, with the fullback being the constant standout player on the team each match. In 10 games this season, Gnora x14 leads all fullbacks in tackles, interceptions, and possessions won, with 25, 26, and 61 respectively, along with managing to keep 2 CS, 2 MOTM awards, and a 19.93 PER (3rd).

CDM: Sabanator 181 (Borussia Dortmund): The last Dortmund player to feature in this TOTW is Dortmund defensive mid, Sabantor 181. Longtime PCN Vet and current record holder for interceptions in SL Sabanator 181 has ventured to L1 after over 6 seasons of Super League, and his experience at the highest level is clear to see. The defensive midfielder anchors the center of the pitch for the German side which gets results through defensive excellence, as seen by all 3 of their TOTW players being defenders, and with Sabanator 181 on the pitch, the opposition is always made sure that they will have to work for their goals. In 8 games Sabantor 181 picked up 25 tackles, 36 interceptions, 53 possessions won, and a PER of 20.22 (3rd).

CAM: Flatfoot NJ (Barcelona): Making an appearance is yet another Barcelona player, Flatfoot NJ. With the only club he calls home in PCN, Flatfoot NJ’s loyalty to Barcelona is paying off as the midfielder is absolutely bossing the midfield, feeding veteran strikers Bdon8407 and RobertoS713 with sublime passes in virtually every game. Flatfoot NJ’s ability to pick out the right pass will be crucial in Barcelona’s campaign this season as they look to both secure promotion and compete for the title. In the midfield Flatfoot NJ has managed to produce 3 assists (3rd), and 11 key passes (T-2nd) to go along with a MOTM award and a PER of 19.53.

ST: x Bymst (Ajax): The final member of the Ajax attacking trio to make an appearance is Ajax forward, x Bymst. Joint record holder in assists in L2 alongside teammate x Viciosz, the Ajax forward is the complete offensive package for the Dutch side. A danger on the ball anywhere on the pitch, his ability to score is equally as deadly as his ability to facilitate, and is a key reason why Ajax’s offensive is a real headache to face. In 9 games, x Bymst has bagged 7 goals to go along with 5 assists (T-2nd), 18 key passes (1st), and a league leading PER of 24.48 for all strikers.

ST: R9 GODriguez (Atletico Madrid): Finishing out the first edition of the S14 League One TOTW is Atletico Madrid striker, R9 GODriguez. After making the move from Manchester City to Atletico Madrid in the offseason, R9 GODriguez has found his form for his new side, serving as a key player on the offense for Atletico Madrid’s early succes in league one, as the striker is managing to put up more combined goals and assists than games played. With Atletico failing to secure a playoff spot last season, R9 GODriguez could very well be exactly what the side needs to reach SL. In 9 games the Aleti striker has accumulated 8 goals (T-2nd), 4 assists (T-2nd), and 9 key passes to go along with 3 MOTM awards and a PER of 20.72.

Written by: CM9 PT

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