Team Of The Week – Week 1 – Season 13 – Super League

Starting XI

GK: Apocryphion (Valencia) – The main man between the sticks is none other than Valencia’s Apocryphion! The former Atlanta United and Tottenham shot stopper has just come off earning a TOTY selection for all of 2019 and his form has not stopped in the new decade. Apoc is the epitome of a modern day goalie, as he led all keepers in passing percentage with an absurd 85% while also boasting a save percentage of 77.4%. He also kept 6 clean sheets during the first two game weeks, propelling his side into the top six early on in Valencia’s maiden campaign in the top flight.

RB: PeteyPeteTown (Valencia) – A relative unknown, Petey is a newcomer to the Super League, having risen from League Two all the way up the divisions over the past three seasons. A superb defensive fullback, Petey has helped form one of the league’s best defenses early on this season, which is even more surprising considering his lack of experience. Just like Apoc, he is the perfect example of a full back in the modern era, as his defensive work and his ability to move the ball has been instrumental for his side. In 9 games, he led all defenders in passing percentage with an insane 95.6% completion rate, while also boasting 24 interceptions, 10 tackles, and 41 possessions won. He is absolutely a star in the making.

CB: BEAST I 3 I (Tottenham) – This is a name that many people haven’t really seen in the TOTW over the past couple of seasons, but he is back and is on an absolute tear for Tottenham. The former AC Milan prodigy has earned the starting job at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and has not looked back at all. Beast has been an absolute beast in their back three and his stats do all of the talking. In 9 games, he picked up 8 tackles, 29 interceptions, 37 headers won, 32 possessions won, and even one key pass to put the icing on top.

CB: Liberoo x (Orlando Pirates) – A mainstay of the individual awards in all of 2019, the TOTY winner has moved on from Chelsea and now is on the title-contending Orlando Pirates, bringing his dominant performances with him. The newly reinstated PCN editor brings a swagger to an Orlando backline that was missing that final piece as they look to win it all this campaign. Libero has gotten 9 tackles, 16 interceptions, 36 possessions won, and 7 clean sheets in 9 games. He is already looking to lock himself in and earn yet another TOTS at the end of the campaign, and perhaps even a title if everything goes their way.

LB: l 5ive6ixPapi l (AC Milan) – The Rossoneri may be having a slow start to the campaign, but there is one shining light of hope. 56 has played mostly defensive midfielder in his career, but he has found himself dispatched out at the left back position and has made a turnaround in his career path. He brought with him the ability to attack and defend from out wide, bringing stability to what has been a shaky
backline so far for AC Milan this season. Through the first 9 matches, 56 has picked up 21 tackles, 26 interceptions, 53 possessions won, and 4 clean sheets.

CDM: CM9 PT (Orlando Pirates) – POTW – Our player of the week and also one of our newest editors, CM9 has continued to dominate the league from the heart of the midfield. The TOTY DM has risen to superstardom and is on the verge of yet another title challenge as his Orlando side sits at the top of the table at the time of writing. He led all defensive mids during this time period for TOTW with 62 possessions won and also with clean sheets, earning seven in nine matches. He was second in pass completion (91.4%) and also earned 19 tackles, 39 interceptions, and 5 key passes during this time.

RM: Jigsaw (Tottenham) – The first and only manager to feature in this TOTW, Jigsaw has announced to all of PCN that he is back. The 2x TOTS winner has led his Tottenham side on and off the pitch to a hot start this season. His versatility has been key in the past but he has cemented himself in at the right mid position for his side this season, finally earning the recognition he has deserved. In just 6 games, Jigsaw has gotten 5 assists, 9 key passes, 15 interceptions, and 29 possessions won.

LM: Ryxnnn7 (LAFC) – Slotting in at the left mid position, Ryan is a rookie to PCN and has hit the ground running. In his maiden campaign, his LAFC side has been one of the many stories of the league as they have risen into the top six this early in the season. His end product is up there with the league’s best, with him having netted 5 and assisted 3 through 9 matches. He also picked up 6 key passes, 13 interceptions, and 2 Man of the Match awards.

CAM: Andressi17 (Inter Milan) – A title winner and a veteran in the NA clubs scene, Andressi is one of the top players the league has to offer, with his stats to start this season backing up this claim. The attacking mid has returned to Inter Milan as they look to defend their title in what’s shaping up to be one of the toughest SL seasons to date. In 9 matches, Andressi has gotten 4 goals, 3 assists, 13 key passes, 20 tackles, and 27 possessions won from the CAM position.

ST: Bailey Ince (Lyon) – Leading the line for the French superpower, Bailey is enjoying a promising start to his PCN career. His team sits in the top four at the time of writing, and his play at the striker spot is one of the main reasons as to why they are on such a hot start. In 8 games, Bailey has scored and assisted 5 times each, having 10 total goal involvements. He also has gotten 17 key passes and 3 Man of the Match awards to start his rookie season.

ST: Dust I 17 I (Orlando Pirates) – The man partnering up with Bailey in the starting XI is none other than Orlando’s dynamic forward, Dustin. Dustin and Kessy (who we will talk about later) have formed one of the best striker duos in the entire league, propelling their side to early an early title challenge. In 9 games, Dustin scored 9 goals with 16 shots on target. He also added on 3 assists, 9 key passes, and 16 possessions won.


GK: Cypress I 11 (Orlando Pirates) – Speaking of Orlando, Cypress has earned himself the backup GK spot this week. His shot stopping has been sublime in the start of the new season, only allowing 2 goals with 15 saves. He also picked up 6 clean sheets during this time.

CB: AdamCoups (Valencia) – Having spent a season out of the top flight, Adam has returned with a vengeance with Valencia. His defensive work has been key to Valencia’s early success and he is developing into one of the top CBs the league has to offer. In 9 games, Adam picked up 2 assists, 2 key passes, 9 tackles, 21 interceptions, 30 headers won, and 37 possessions won.

CB: Wanygod (Orlando Pirates) – The man, the myth, the legend of Benfica has returned into the TOTW as a member or the star studded Orlando defense that has taken the league by storm. In 9 games for the Pirates, Wany picked up 2 goals, 7 tackles, 13 interceptions, 29 possessions won, and 7 clean sheets.

CDM: JC l 18 l (Benfica / AC Milan) – The lone DM on the bench is none other than JC l 18 l. Formerly going by Jay Twinkie 18, he has shined so far for AC Milan this season, even after missing a game day when he was on Benfica. In just 7 matches, JC has gotten 1 goal, 9 tackles, 41 interceptions, 43 possessions won, and 2 Man of the Match awards.

LM: Shmurddaa Pollo (AC Milan) – It would’ve been a real shock if the holder of the Balon D’orsey didn’t make it into the TOTW but Shmurda showed the league exactly why he won the award. In 9 games, Shmurda scored twice while also adding on 5 assists, 7 key passes, 16 tackles, 11 interceptions, and 1 Man of the Match award.

ST: Pinks0 (Tottenham) – Everyone’s favorite admin who likes birds with arms has made it onto the bench this TOTW after some fine displays for Tottenham. The golden boot winner for the AFCON tournament has returned up top for Tottenham and has enjoyed a fine start to this season. In 9 games, Pinks scored 7 goals with 19 shots on target. He also picked up 4 assists, 12 key passes, 17 headers won, and a passing percentage of 79.3%.

ST: Kessy I 17 I (Orlando Pirates) – Arguably a PCN icon, Kessy made his name with Juventus and River Plate back in the day, winning multiple titles in the process. He has returned to PCN with Orlando and has picked back up where he left off, earning a TOTW selection. In 9 matches, Kessy has scored 7 goals while also adding 5 assists, 10 key passes, and 28 possessions won.

Editor: Bendtner x
Cards: Fuji Sells
Graphic: Turajlic

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