Team Of The Week – Week 1 – Season 13 – League Two

Starting XI

GK: alex9746 (Everton) – Saving 40 shots in just 7 games, Alex9746 is a force to be reckoned with. He has managed to concede a measly 11 goals and rack up 3 clean sheets so far this season. The most impressive stat is his passing accuracy; goalie’s don’t normally have a high passing accuracy, but Alex9746 has managed to complete 29 out of 34 passes through 7 games!

RB: SoNiick13 (West Ham United) – When we take a moment to look at West Ham’s stats, I think we can all agree that this team has the best defensive line in the league. SoNiick13 has contributed a massive amount to this, racking up 5 clean sheets in 6 games. Out of all the talent in L2, only one person has managed to score while SoNiick13 is on the field. Forwards, Beware!

CB: Jimbonii (Hearts) – At the heart of the Hearts, one center back in particular is to thank for their success. Jimbonii, sitting at 7 games played, has managed to only let 3 goals by him so far. What’s even more impressive is his 33 possessions won and 10 possessions lost. This man does NOT like to give the ball away and WILL take the ball away from you if you get close to him.

CB: gfetts (Racing Club) – Despite his team’s standing in the league, gfetts has managed to acquire the top spot on this week’s TOTW for CB. With a 90%+ passing accuracy to go along with only 5 goals against, gfetts might be the saving grace for Racing Club. Well done.

LB: playstation4lyf (Twente) – Playstation4lyf was the top dog early on for fullbacks and for good reason. 1 assist, 31 possessions won, and 2 goals against in just 6 games, what can this man not do? Excellent Job, playstation4lyf.

CDM: BIRD I 28 I (Hearts) – Joining Jimbonii in the TOTW is his comrade, Bird l 28 l. Playing in 9 games, Bird complied 4 key passes, an 87.5% pass accuracy, 50 possessions won, 25 interceptions, 3 goals against, and 6 clean sheets. It’s no wonder the Hearts are at the top of the table as their defensive game is ON POINT!

CDM: MUFFiN M4NN v2 (Hearts) – Like I was saying, the Hearts can thank all of their defensive players for their position on the table, and that includes MUFFiN M4NN v2. Playing in 9 games alongside his teammate, Bird l 28 l, Muffin has managed to procure 18 tackles, 29 interceptions, 3 goals against, and 6 clean sheets. Fantastic job to the Heart’s defensive players!

RAM: LFC SCOTTY D (Porto) – With 9 goals, 2 assists, and 6 key passes, its no surprise that LFC SCOTTY D is in TOTW. Despite not playing as a striker, he has managed to score more than anyone on his team as well as tying for 2nd in goals for L2 in the TOTW cycle!

CAM: x Viciosz (Ajax) – POTW – Topping the table for attacking midfielders and all players as our Player of the Week is x Viciosz. He has scored 7 goals out of the 13 attempts he has made, while also managing to assist 7 goals and rack up an impressive 11 key passes. An all-around team player and play maker, it’s safe to say that x Viciosz is the engine of Ajax.

LAM: Ayoo J0n (Real Sociedad) – When a coach envisions the perfect attacking midfielder, he has to have players like Ayoo J0n in mind. That is why J0n took it upon himself as the manager to make that vision a reality. 2 goals, 8 assisst, and 16 key passes in the first two weeks, what an absolute unit of a player!

ST: x Erickson (Ajax) – If Ajax is going to finish at the top of the table this season, x Erickson will have to play a huge role. His ability to attack the opposition with an unrelenting pressure is the reason he is the top striker in the league as well as the top goal scorer. To go along with his 12 goals, he has 5 assists and 18 key passes! As a defender who has played against x Erickson, I can say that this is the least surprising TOTW pick. Well done, x Erickson.


GK: I CUPID I (Hearts) – We can’t talk about the defensive players of Hearts without giving a special shout out to their goalkeeper, l CUPID l. He has let 3 goals by him, but he has managed to stop 24 other shots! He currently has the most clean sheets of any goalkeeper, and he isn’t stopping any time soon.

CB: siickphenom (West Ham United) – West Ham’s brick wall: siickphenom. He, along with West Ham’s defensive line, decides who gets to score. He has only allowed 1 goal in 7 games! He has also managed to pass with 95% accuracy early on! I had to do a double check to make sure that I was reading that correctly. That is INSANELY ACCURATE!!

LB: pollezzz (West Ham United) – Ranking in the top 3 in PER for fullbacks, pollezzz has been a consistent player for West Ham. I am not surprised that West Ham is performing so well with a backline that has pollezzz on it. Pollezzz so far has an 81% passing accuracy, 7 tackles, 15 interceptions, and 11 headers won to go along with 6 clean sheets. Arguably not spectacular, but he’s certainly been very consistent and reliable.

CDM: Brandoniko1 (Ajax) – Playing in every game so far, Brandoniko1 has racked up 2 assists, 2 key passes, an 86% passing accuracy, 29 interceptions, 13 headers won, and 50 possessions won against just 25 lost for the 2nd placed Dutch side!

CAM: scholzey (Hearts) – Scholzey is the glue that connects the Heart’s defensive and offensive so perfectly. He has managed to collect 3 assists with 11 key passes, along with the 2nd most successful passes in the league! He also has 17 defensive tackles, which is unusual for a CAM, which shows that this man comes back and takes care of his midfielder duties. Well done, Scholzey and keep up the good work.

ST: x Bymst (Ajax) – We cant talk about Ajax’s success without bringing up the 2nd best striker in the league, x Bymst. Erickson’s partner up top has assisted 8 goals, made 21 key passes (1st in the league), and has buried 7 goals himself. Its no wonder Ajax has the best offensive line in the league.

ST: Xrif Rocafella (Braga) – If anyone is asking why or how Braga is in the promotion mix, they should be turning their attention towards Xrif Rocafella. With 6 goals, 5 assist, 7 key passes, and an 80% passing accuracy, it’s no wonder that this team is seeing a successful season. Well done, Rocafella.

Editor: Munday
Cards: DT I 32 I
Graphic: Turajlic


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