Team Of The Week – Week 1 – Season 13 – League One

Starting XI

GK: SFG iMago (Inter Miami) – Kicking off the Starting XI for the first edition of the League One TOTW is Inter Miami goalkeeper, SFG iMago. Inter Miami have been one of the biggest surprises in League One as they currently see themselves in the playoff mix, and their big man in net has been key to their early success. In 9 games SFG iMago has made 42 saves (2nd) to go along with 4 CS, 1 MOTM award, and a superb PER rating of 19.89.

RB: xTBONE1213x (Roma) – The TOTW backline features another player that is spearheading their team to performances far beyond expectations, Roma fullback, xTBONE1213x. After losing their L2 TOTS RB, xTBONE1213x has shown he is more than capable of getting the job done, as he has proven to be the defensive anchor for what is currently the best defensive team in League One. In 9 games for Roma this season, xTBONE1213x has picked up 11 tackles, 16 interceptions and 37 possession won to go along with a league leading 7 CS, and the highest PER of all fullbacks with 22.59.

CB: Itsdylpickle (AS Monaco) – In what could be essentially known as the Monaco TOTW, Itsdylpickle slots into the first center back position for the starting XI. With a superb start to the season, the Monaco defender has made it clear that he will be a presence in defense that will haunt forwards all season, and as Monaco look to widen the gap between 1st and 2nd, they will be hoping that their inform man keeps up the excellent performances. In 9 games, Itsdylpickle accumulated 5 tackles, 26 interceptions, and 36 possessions won, accompanied by 6 CS and a PER of 19.22.

CB: shadowSG123 (RB Leipzig) – Making an appearance in the starting XI is the sole member from RB Leipzig, shadowSG123. Although RB Leipzig has had an uneven start to the season, shadowSG123 has been fantastic, and the German side will be hoping their defensive talisman’s performances can inspire the club to escape the relegation battle. In 9 games, shadowSG123 has gotten 6 tackles, 25 interceptions, and 40 possessions won, along with leading all defenders in headers won with 31, and the highest PER of all center backs with 19.37.

LB: LargeMightyCow (AS Monaco) – Accompanying his fellow compatriot and rounding out the backline of the starting XI, is Monaco fullback LargeMightyCow. The S12 L1 TOTS defender has reminded everyone this season of his large and mighty presence, and with Monaco sitting in 1st due in big part to LargeMightyCow’s defensive contribution, the fullback looks on pace to have another TOTS worthy season. In 9 games for Monaco this season, LargeMightyCow leads the league for all fullbacks in tackles, interceptions, possessions won with 14, 22, and 44 respectively, along with 6 CS and a PER rating of 22.53.

CDM: brapslap (AS Monaco) – Occupying the starting CDM spot is the Monaco midfielder, brapslap. The S12 L1 TOTS CDM is proving to be a vital piece in Monaco’s attempt at a title this season, as the always consistent midfielder proves he can dictate the game at the heart of the midfield for yet another season with Les Rouges et Blancs. In 9 games brapslap picked up 18 tackles (T-2nd), 27 interceptions, and 45 possessions won (2nd) while also managing to pick up an assist and a PER rating of 19.99

RM: SoccerFJ10 (AS Monaco) – Making an appearance is yet another Monaco man, SoccerFJ10. Since his move to the French side in the off-season, SoccerFJ10 has had an absolutely explosive start to the season, as he has been flying high down the right wing, While my prediction of the deadly attacking duo flourishing under Monaco has proven true, it appears to have evolved to a 3 headed offensive monster, with SoccerFJ10 being the third piece. SoccerFJ10 was able to produce 10 goals (1st), 4 assists, and 4 key passes in 9 games, earning him the highest PER of all attacking mids with 23.04.

LM: abdeeen (AS Monaco) – Can you guess which team occupies the left wing for this TOTW? Surprise surprise, it’s Monaco, as Abdeeen secures the left flank in the starting XI. The S12 L1 TOTS attacking mid has started off the season for his new side exactly how he ended off last season, inform. Part of the best attacking side in League One this season by far, Abdeeen looks to be a constant threat all season for the French side. In 7 games for Monaco, Abdeeen has found the back of the net 6 times, along with 2 assists, 5 key passes, and a PER rating of 22.75.

CAM: Cozy Bryant (Dortmund) – Lining up in the CAM spot is by far the most experienced player in this TOTW, Dortmund midfielder, Cozy Bryant. The SL TOTS midfielder has demonstrated that there will not be a step down from his performances on the pitch as he begins his career in management with the German side. With Dortmund performing below expectations so far, they will be needing their star player to maintain his elite performances if they even want a shot at the title race this season. In 8 games, Cozy has managed to bag 4 goals, alongside 2 assists, 11 key passes, and a 22.04 PER.

ST: YOSHIgoalMANIA (AS Monaco) – POTW –  In the striker position is another Monaco ma…. No i’m just joking, actually i’m not, it’s YOSHIgoalMANIA from Monaco. After an absolutely sensational debut season for the striker in S12 which saw him pick up a TOTS award, Yoshi has followed up his performance by transforming another team into one of the deadliest offensive threats in all of League One. Taking on a more creative role this season, Yoshi is solidifying himself as an elite attacking presence in all of PCN, as he is on pace to shatter the assist record of L1, which he set last season along with oX M A M B A Xo at 21. In 9 games, YOSHIgoalMANIA picked up 5 goals, 11 assists (1st), 14 key passes (T-1st) and the highest PER in all of L1 with 25.48 to earn our first Player of the Week.

ST: Coufavelli (Dortmund) – Filling in the last TOTW spot in the starting XI is Dortmund striker, Coufavelli. A name you would expect to see in a SL TOTW, the former Inter manager is flourishing in his return to L1 with a struggling Dortmund, despite a season hiatus from PCN. With both 6 goals and assists (2nd), along with 4 key passes in his 8 games, Coufavelli has demonstrated his versatility as the complete offensive package that can both create and finish. With Dortmund hovering just outside a playoff spot, the German side will be hoping that Coufavelli’s spectacular offensive display can spur the side on to a higher finish.


GK: Johnny Saves999 (Roma) – Starting off the bench for the first S13 League One TOTW is the second Roma player included in the TOTW, Roma GK, Johnny Saves999. A new acquisition by Roma made in the off-season, Roma’s main man between the sticks has quickly established himself as one of the key players for the Italian side, and with Roma looking to secure automatic promotion to SL, Johnny’s magnificent performances will be vital. In 7 games this season, Johnny Saves999 has managed to make 22 saves, to go along with 6 CS, 1 MOTM award, and the highest PER rating out of all GKs with 22.66.

CB: MoIsTheBeast (AS Monaco) – Yes you are reading that right, PCN legend MoIsTheBeast makes an appearance in the first edition of the S13 League One TOTW. In what may be the greatest signing of all time, Cazbon secured the defender’s services over the off-season as he followed many of his Seattle teammates to Monaco. MoIsTheBeast has paid back Cazbon’s faith in him tenfold, with an excellent string of performances from the center back position, and it is no surprise that with Mo’s arrival that Monaco now find themselves in first. With 9 games so far this season, Mo has racked up 7 tackles, 14 interceptions, 12 blocks (1st), and 25 PW, to go along with a goal and a PER of 18.40.

CB: MattyD0T (Wolverhampton) – The first in a pair of wolves appearing in the TOTW bench is Wolverhampton defender, MattyD0T. The English club’s mantra has been to do as best as possible to emulate their real life counterpart as they had a significant Portuguese influence over the offseason, and it appears their players are doing the same, as MattyD0T has done his best Conor Coady impression with an impressive display to start the season. With Wolverhampton sitting in prime position to compete for the title, they will need their veteran CB to maintain his elite level for the remainder of the season. In 8 games this season, MattyD0T picked up 6 tackles, 25 interceptions, and 38 possessions won to go along with 4 CS.

CDM: Platypus Thrust (AS Monaco) – The last player in the Monaco octet in the TOTW is Monaco midfielder, Platypus Thrust. The Monaco midfielder has demonstrated his ability to boss the midfield after a strong start early into the season, and he shows no signs of slowing down. With a league-leading 54 possessions won and 35 interceptions, to go along with his 15 tackles, an assist, 2 MOTM awards, and a 19.96 PER rating in 9 games, the French club will be hoping that the ball winning midfielder will continue to steady the ship for the side all season on the way to title glory.

CM: iSTOLEjakesPS3 (Inter Miami) – Making an appearance on the bench is probably the least experienced and most unknown player on this list, Inter Miami midfielder, iSTOLEjakesPS3. With the only PCN experience being 5 games for the Miami based club last season, iSTOLEjakesPS3 serves as the biggest surprise so far in League One, and the catalyst for an Inter Miami team filled with players that are performing far beyond expectations. In the midfield iSTOLEjakesPS3 has managed to produce 3 goals, 2 assists and 10 key passes to go along with a PER of 19.53.

ST: Fuji Strikoz (Fiorentina) – Another sole representative for their team making an appearance in the TOTW is Fiorentina striker, Fuji Strikoz. Following a historic season in League Two, the main question around Fuji Strikoz was if he could replicate his performances against tougher competition, a question which Strikoz has demonstrated that he most certainly has an answer for. Fuji Strikoz has been electric so far an underwhelming Fiorentina side, and looks on pace to be in the golden boot conversation all season long. In 9 games for Fiorentina, Fuji Strikoz has bagged 9 goals to go along with 5 assists, 5 key passes, 2 MOTM awards, and a PER rating of 20.66.

ST: liverpoolmadkev (Wolverhampton) – Finishing out the first edition of the S13 League One TOTW is the final player in the Wolverhampton pair, liverpoolmadkev. After scoring 90 goals over four seasons in SL, the veteran striker makes a return to League One and is off to another excellent season doing what he does best, scoring goals. With Wolverhampton looking to achieve promotion this season, madkev’s red hot form has put his club in prime position to not only secure promotion, but to battle for the League One Title this season. In 8 games, the Wolverhampton striker has accumulated 8 goals, 4 assists, and 9 key passes to go along with 3 MOTM awards and a PER of 23.66.

Editor: CM9 PT
Cards: Davi |6|
Graphic: Turajlic

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