Team Of The Week – Week 1 – Season 12 – Super League

Starting XI

GK: Apocryphion (Atlanta) – Kicking off this season’s first TOTW is none other than Atlanta’s loud mouthed shot stopper- Apocryphion. Beginning his first full season at the club following a mid-season switch from Tottenham last term, he has shined for the American giants. In ten games, Apoc has saved only 19 shots, but kept 7 clean sheets during this time. He has also provided a bit of playmaking ability, as he has completed 42 of his 46 passes out of the back, which is crucial in today’s game.

RB: Bellerin l 2 l (Arsenal) – This week we feature two Arsenal players, with the first being a returning veteran in Bellerin. The former Super League champion has returned to PCN full time, playing his trade in North London with Bdon and the Gunners. The fullback is one of the very few in the league that is as good going forward has he is defensively and his stats prove it. In 10 games, Bellerin has picked up 29 tackles, 22 interceptions, 55 possessions won, and 4 clean sheets.

CB: x Futty (Atlanta) – There is going to be a running theme here with Atlanta players making it into the TOTW as they sit top of the table at the time of writing. Futty has been a quiet leader for this team, at least in party chats. Now going by Libero x34, Futty has been on fire for the American giants as they look to win the league this season. In 10 games, he has gotten 12 tackles, 16 interceptions, 16 headers won, 35 possessions won, 7 clean sheets, and even a goal to cement his place in this week’s TOTW.

CB: KXNG SALAR (PSG) – After a rocky start, PSG has clawed their way back into the mid-table and they have none other than KXNG SALAR to thank for their run of form. A solid defender that can single handedly change the game for the Parisian, he looks set to be another fine product of the famous PCN PSG Academy. In 10 matches, Salar has picked up 24 tackles, 19 interceptions, 19 headers won, 48 possessions won, and 4 clean sheets.

LB: You Dont Vape (Atlanta) – Everyone’s favorite Discord moderator and editor finally makes it back into a Super League TOTW after a five season hiatus, coincidentally it is back at LB, where his journey truly began. Previously playing for newly promoted Real Madrid, the trophy laden journeyman has found a new home with Atlanta and looks to hold off even the toughest of competition in the fullback spot on the squad with his unexpected return to the position. It must be the daily Tim Tebow quotes that helped him earn the starting gig. In 10 games, Vape has gotten 7 tackles, 24 interceptions, 44 possessions won, and 7 clean sheets. During this time, he has also shocked the league by attempting and completing the most passes out of any player in the league at the time of writing, with 155-187 respectively.

CDM: Sabanator181 (Arsenal) – POTW – Our first Player of the Week is Arsenal’s very own, Sabanator. Having previously plied his trade for Young Boys and Manchester City, he made his return to Arsenal last season, previously playing for the club all the way back in Season 8. His defensive prowess and ability to retain possession has been the key driving factor for an Arsenal side that pushed as high as second for most of the early part of the season. In 10 games, Sabanator won possession back 77 times, while also adding 30 tackles, 49 interceptions, and only one goal against. As long as he remains Arsenal’s engine, this team could push for silverware.

CDM: DADJOB (Real Madrid) – Whether he goes by DADJOB, FATHERWORK, or any other punny name, DADJOB is making his return to the TOTW and to the Super League as the manager of Real Madrid. The club has finally returned to the top flight after five seasons in League One, and DADJOB has been key in their promotion and early season successes at the Santiago Bernabeu. The mountain man has gotten 16 tackles, 48 interceptions, 61 possessions won, and 5 clean sheets through 10 games.

RAM: Stu l 91 l (Orlando Pirates) – Our first attacker this week is Orlando’s tricky winger, Stu. He has been a key reason for their strong start to the campaign as they push for a playoff spot. In ten games, the inside forward has already picked up 5 goals, with all five of his shots attempted finding the back of the net. He also added 3 assists, 11 tackles, 16 interceptions, and 6 key passes.

CAM: G0atlas (Atlanta) – The starting CAM this week is the greatest graduate of the Nozzle Academy, G0atlas. The Atlanta attacking midfielder has been performing on a whole new level this season, scoring 8 times in ten games, the most out of any midfielder and more than most strikers so far this campaign. During this time, he also got 2 assists, 9 key passes, 14 interceptions, and boasts a passing percentage of 86.54%.

LAM: Shmurddaa Pollo (Atlanta) – Coming into the LAM spot this week is yet another Atlanta player in Shmurddaa Pollo. The star of the World Cup for Seychelles, he continued his reign of terror over opposing defenders, picking up an absurd 9 assists and 17 key passes to go along with 17 tackles, 118 interceptions, and 30 possessions won in 10 games.

ST: Bgod43rd (Manchester United) – The lone striker in the starting XI is none other than Bgod43rd. After leaving the reds of Manchester for Real Madrid, he has made his return to Old Trafford and has not skipped a beat. If Manchester United wants to win some silverware this season, it will be on the back of this man. In 9 games, Bgod scored 9 times with 24 shots on target. He also got 3 assists, 8 key passes, and 11 tackles.


GK: ll LucaBrasi ll (Chelsea) – The backup goalie this week is a newcomer to the Super League in LucaBrasi. Playing his trade for Chelsea, the Italian shot stopper has been one of the few consistent members of the London side that has Super Cup ambitions. In 10 games, Luca has gotten 41 saves and 5 clean sheets.

CB: Tomori x29 (Benfica) – The lone Benfica representative this week is their new star defender, Tomori. Formerly of Tottenham and Manchester City, Tomori has moved to the current defending champs and has done an excellent job holding up their standard of a brilliant defense. In 9 games he has 21 tackles, 20 interceptions, 3 blocks, 17 headers won, and 5 clean sheets.

CB: Brickwallwillis (Dortmund) – Although Dortmund has not done well so far this season, Leak fell back onto his old reliable when it comes to Brickwallwillis and he has shown why he has always been a mainstay for Leak. Dortmund will need to follow in Brick’s footsteps when it comes to individual performances and begin to push up the table if they want to stay up this season. In 9 games, Brick picked up 39 possessions won, 25 interceptions, and 14 tackles.

CDM: xKangre (Inter Milan) – A newcomer to PCN, Kangre features for the new look Inter Milan side who sit in second place at the time of writing. A dynamic ball winner with an eye for a pass, Kangre is looking to set PCN alight in his rookie campaign. In 9 matches, he has gotten 2 goals, 1 assist, 48 possessions won, and 31 interceptions.

CAM: Cozy Bryant (AC Milan) – From a newcomer to a veteran, we have the one, the only, Big Bozy Bryant. Bozy is once again donning the famous red and black of AC Milan and while he has been one of their most consistent players, the team has struggled to begin the campaign. They will look to his veteran leadership and high quality of play if they are to rescue their season. In 9 games, he has gotten 6 assists, 1 goal, 9 key passes, 17 tackles, and 36 possessions won.

ST: FIFA Talentless (Atlanta) – After a season up top just to smite his former manager, Talentless has decided to make it his permanent position as he stayed at Atlanta for this season, reaping the benefits along the way. Numerous TOTWs aside, his eyes are on that title and his form leading the line will be key for the ATL machine to keep on churning out results. In 10 games, Talentless scored 8 times, also picking up 4 assists, 4 key passes, and 2 MOTM awards.

ST: Dox Thibeault (Orlando Pirates) – Last, but certainly not least, this week is another Orlando player in Dox Thibeault. The talisman has been on a wonderful run of form with this being his first real run of games since his time with AC Milan back in Season 8. In 9 games, Thibeault found the back of the net 8 times, also adding on 3 assists, 7 key passes, and 3 MOTM awards.

Editor: Bendtner x
Cards/Graphic: Turajlic


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