Team Of The Week – Week 1 – Season 12 – League Two

Starting XI

GK: FanaticCobra848 (Barcelona) – The man in goal for Barcelona has dazzled with his ability to keep the ball out of his sides net. With a healthy 37 saves and 5 clean sheets in the span of 9 games, he has been a standout for a club that is currently top 2 in the league thanks in large part to Cobra’s stellar play between the pipes.

CB: Double 111 (Barcelona) – In his 7 games played, Double 111 has managed to steam barrel League 2 on his way to 14 tackles and 14 interceptions. Not only is he a force defensively, but the defender also boasts one of the best passing averages among all L2 defenders with 89.66%, making him a key transitional piece on a great defensive team.

CB: TRShade11 (West Ham) – The only member from West Ham on this TOTW backline is TRShade11. The league leader in tackles with an impressive 23 on the season, he has been a bright spot for a club that hasn’t had much to cheer about this season so far. When you consider that he has an assist and 3 key passes, it’s easy to see how he will be a vital part of any late season push towards promotion for the Hammers.

CB: CamperGrande (Barcelona) – Filling out the backline for the TOTW squad is CamperGrande of Barcelona. The league leader in interceptions and headers won was a shoe in for TOTW honors as he led his club to only 6 goals allowed and 5 clean sheets in 9 contests.

CDM: HIGHD4NG3R (Porto) – With a league best 4.25 interceptions per game, this Porto star has been a huge reason that the club has stayed afloat in the League 2 promotion race.
CDM: Nobby15 (Atletico Madrid) – With 15 tackles, 27 interceptions, 2 blocks, 8 headers won and 38 possessions won over 9 contests, its Nobby15’s ability to fill up the stat sheet that earns him a spot on the totw starting 11. Atletico will lean heavily on the man of many talents the remainder of the season.

RM: x Formaggio (Roma) – x Formaggio’s 3 goals is 3rd best among all midfielders in League 2. If you consider his 6 key passes as well, you can see he’s been quite influential in Roma’s success considering all the other scoring threats they possess.

LM: killer wedgie88 (Marseille) – No midfielder has scored more goals for his side than the left midfielder killer wedgie88. His 6 strikes on the season is good for 8th best in League 2 among all players including attackers. He has also proved his versatility by being among the top 5 in key passes, top 10 in assists, and top 4 in headers won for L1 midfielders so far.

CAM: Ayoo J0n (Napoli) – With the league lead in key passes (14), putting Ayoo J0n at the creative center of this weeks honors was a no brainer. Napoli fans have embraced their number 10, and they hope he continues his brilliance in an effort to make a run at the title.

ST: StrikozGoblin (Roma) – POTW – The unanimous decision for the first POTW honors in season 12 is StrikozGoblin. The current leader in the golden boot race has buried 17 twine ticklers in the span of 10 matches for the Roman side as they sit 2 points clear in the pole position of the League 2 title race. With some key defensive departures suffered by the Italian side, Roma will need Strikoz to continue his torrid goal scoring pace to protect their position at the top of the League 2 mountain.

ST: JohnDilla |11| (Marseille) – The Marseille attacker has been a lighting rod for production this season. With 10 goals, 4 assists and 9 key passes to begin his campaign it only makes sense that his team is only a few points replaced from promotion territory. John recently moved up to League 1 with Wolfsburg and will take over as manager, so it will be interesting to see if he can keep up his form in a higher division.


GK: Jeepers76 (Atletico Madrid) – Atletico Madrid have gained a favorable advantage by having Jeepers76 in goal as his reputation precedes him in the higher leagues. With 4 clean sheets earned thus far, he has largely been a crucial reason why Atleti is within striking distance to claiming the league tittle.

CB: TheBigBadChub (PSV) – A 21 interceptions + tackles metric has Chub sitting pretty on this installment of the TOTW. Adding to that he has a 47:19 possession ratio. He’ll certainly be looking to further his PCN stock as the season rolls along.

LB: Papimacchiato (Roma) – It’s hard to leave a league leader in interceptions for a position (21) off the TOTW roster and this week we have 2 (both made the team). However, Papi is not only a interception specialist. He also has 24 headers won, another very key PCN metric, good for second best in the entire league.

CDM: Hairypickle305 (Roma) – The pickled one of PCN discord fame now makes his mark on the TOTW scene. As manager of Roma, he has brought prominence and a winning culture and is leading by example with his 36 interceptions + tackles.

CAM: KcityShoja (Marseille) – The long time PCN manager is now focusing his efforts solely on the pitch, and it shows. With 2 goals and 4 assists to his claim and 10 key passes, he’s certainly doing all he can for his club to succeed. In addition to his offensive prowess, he also has great defensive metrics for a creative player.

ST: Ayoo Finch (Napoli) – Another member of the Ayoo clan, Finch has been Napoli’s go to man for putting the ball in the back of the net. With 10 goals in this cycle (only eclipsed by the POTW), there doesn’t seem to be a shot that Ayoo Finch doesn’t like. It seems that he will be battling StrikozGoblin for the golden boot if another challenger doesn’t emerge.

ST: xxprincipexx504 (Porto) – When a player is able to collect 7 goals and 6 assists in 9 games, it speaks to the mastery of his offensive skills not to mention his unselfishness. When you look at the fact that he is second in the league in key passes, it only furthers the case for the former argument. If Porto hope to climb from their dead mid table position, principe must be the spearhead of the creative and productive efforts.

Editor: ogfearisgod
Cards/Graphic: Turajlic


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