Team Of The Week – Week 1 – Season 11 – Super League

Starting XI

GK: Apocryphion (Tottenham – POTW) – In goal to open up this season’s first TOTW and our first Player of the Week is none other than Apocryphion! Making the step up from League One to the Super League, Apoc has not missed a beat in between the sticks, picking up 40 saves, 5 clean sheets, and 3 MOTM awards to his name. Does he have what it takes to keep Tottenham’s season alive in their search for their first silverware since Season 9?

RB: cazbon (Atlanta United) – Everyone’s least favorite Discord bot has moved from defensive mid and has become an out and out fullback for Atlanta United. His work at the back has been crucial for the American side, as they push up the table in hopes of winning the title. In 8 games, Cazbot has gotten 1 assist and key pass to go along with 11 tackles, 11 interceptions, and 32 possessions won.

CB: iVarane l LS l (Tottenham) – The first CB in this list is in his first SL season and is killing it for the Hotspurs. Varane has been driving force to the Spurs surprising title push early on, and in his first 8 games, he has dispossessed the opposing attackers 31 times, also adding on 18 interceptions, 5 clean sheets, and even an assist to put the cherry on top.

CB: Lil iPurpp (Inter Milan) – The first of three Inter Milan players to feature in this inaugural TOTW, Purp has been on a whole new level for the Italian side. After winning the treble last season, Purp is hoping to lead the Inter Milan defense back into trophy contention. In 8 games, Purp has 32 possessions won, 5 clean sheets, 25 passing points, and 15 interceptions.

LB: iiiBadger (Tottenham) – To be completely honest, I am glad that outside backs are back into the TOTW, and players like Badger are fighting the META that is the 3-5-2 and has been the best statistical outside back to start this season. In 8 games, Badger has accumulated 27 possessions won, 12 tackles, 15 interceptions, and 1 goal.

CDM: Jammmyy (Inter Milan) – Would it really be a TOTW without Jammy? He has taken his happiness from Liverpool’s CL triumph and taken it back to Milan and has kept up his high level of play in his 4th season at Inter Milan. In 7 games, the Scouser has picked up 15 tackles, 34 possessions won, 4 clean sheets, and 1 MOTM award.

CDM: dorseyfurcal18 (AC Milan) – Dorsey has finally made his return to AC Milan, having spent his last few seasons at Lyon, Bayern, and most recently, Manchester City. Using his pent-up rage from Spurs choking the CL and took it out on the opposing team’s attackers. In 8 matches for the Rossoneri, the Dorsinator has 54 possessions won, 36 interceptions, 29 tackles, and 2 MOTM awards.

RAM: XpancakewaffleX (Lazio) – Leading off the attackers in the first TOTW of Season 11 is Lazio’s own, XpancakewaffleX. Although he might be having a bit of an identity crisis when it comes to his name, he knows his role in Lazio’s killer attack. In 8 games, he has assisted his teammates on 9 occasions so far, leading the league. He also has 12 key passes, 10 interceptions, and 2 goals on 10 shots.

LAM: AyeVols (AC Milan) – Another ever-present member of the TOTW, Vols has picked up from where he left off and is an early contender for TOTS. Milan has surged up into first place at the time of writing and Vols has been key to this run of form. In 8 games for AC Milan, he has 3 goals, 8 assists, 10 key passes, and 2 MOTM awards.

ST: xll Chronik llx (Lyon) – Going from a current Milan player to a former one, Chronik has moved on to team up with Smokebreak at Lyon for this season, bringing his ungodly playmaking and finishing with him. In his first 8 games, Chronik has found the back of the net 11 times, also adding on 7 assists, 9 key passes, and 15 passing points.

ST: DoYouLewyBro (AC Milan) – Finishing off our starting XI is none other than Milan’s talisman, Lewy. Lewy has hit the ground running for Milan this season and is arguably the most clinical striker in the SL to start this campaign, as in 8 games, Lewy has scored 9 times with only 13 shots on target. Lewy has also picked up 2 assists, 6 key passes, and one MOTM award.


GK: Phil The Fish (Inter Milan) – Leading off the bench for this TOTW is none other than PCN legend, Phil The Fish. Phil is now playing is trade for Inter Milan, bringing the elite goal keeping that the side has been missing over the last couple seasons. In 8 games, he has saved 30 shots, held five clean sheets, and only allowed four goals during this time.

CB: l Futking l (Atlanta United) – Although Atlanta’s attack might be faltering at times, you can always count on Futking and co to hold it down at the back. Teaming up with Matty D0T this season, he is bringing his TOTS form from PSG with him as he has gotten 28 possessions won, 16 passing points, 5 blocks, and 25 interceptions through 8 matches.

LB: Bl00d666h0und (Young Boys) – The only member of PCN Young Boys to make the team this week is none other than Blood666hound. Blood has been the lone star for the Swiss side this season and will look to lead Young Boys away from a third season of fighting relegation. In 8 games, Blood has 33 possessions won, 19 interceptions, 22 possessions won, and 13 tackles.

RM: On1ineAce (Lazio) – The day has finally come, as On1ineAce has finally made it into the TOTW! The former Chelsea and Roma manager is now in charge of Lazio and his team has been on the run of their careers, as they sit in 2nd place at the time of writing. Ace is proving his haters wrong as he is also on the best run of form in his PCN career, as in just 6 games, Ace has 2 goals and 3 assists from out wide. He has also gotten 9 key passes, 8 tackles, and 9 interceptions.

LM: B4U3R10 (AC Milan) – Making his first TOTW in a long time is the former Young Boys manager and new Milan outside mid, Bauer. Having finally escaped the relegation dog fights at YB, Bauer now finds himself at the exact opposite side of the table, as AC Milan sits in first place. In 8 games, Bauer has picked himself up 2 assists, 26 possessions won, 26 interceptions, and 6 key passes.

ST: Magic Man OP (Manchester United) – Leading the front line off the bench, Magic Man OP is no stranger to making it into the TOTW. Having somewhat fallen off a cliff after his initial departure from the red side of Manchester, Magic has returned home, bringing back his old Red Devil form with him. In 8 games, he has scored 8 times and has also added 3 assists, 6 key passes, and 2 MOTM awards to start off his season.

ST: liverpoolmadkev (Lazio) – Ending off the first TOTW is the former Leverkusen striker, liverpoolmadkev. Kev and Spicybeatle have woken up Lazio and helped them in their push up the table, forming one of the more prolific strike partnerships in the Super League. In 8 games, Kev has found the back of the net 9 times. During this run, he has also picked up 4 assists as well.

Editor: Bendtner x
Cards: Turajlic
Graphic: Turajlic


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