Team Of The Week – Week 1 – Season 11 – League Two

Starting XI

GK: AttwooD l 4 l (Napoli) – Kicking off our first TOTW for League 2, between the sticks we have the Napoli man, AttwooD. He played 8 games and conceded only 9 goals, making an impressive 32 saves. The shot stopper also kept 2 clean sheets and picked up 1 MOTM award for his team.

RB: BoosieB9 (Porto) – With only 4 games played out of 8, the longtime league veteran, Boosie has managed to claw his way into TOTW. In those 4 games, he has displayed great attacking flair with 1 assist and 1 key pass, whilst still showing his skill on the defensive side of the game with 2 tackles, 15 interceptions, 15 possessions won and 1 block.

CB: fhlogantd03 (Wolves) –¬ Making the step down to League 2 management, Logan has lead his table topping Wolves well on and off the pitch. During his 6 games in this period he made 15 interceptions, 24 possessions won and kept 3 clean sheets. Logan has shown great composure on the ball with 14 passing points, also picking up and assist and a key pass.

CB: LEonTheBEst2 (Barcelona) – Having Joined Barcelona this season, Leon has been impressive in his first 8 games for the club. He currently sits atop the PER rankings with 24.31. He has 37 possessions, 23 interceptions, 6 tackles, 4 blocks and 3 clean sheets. He has contributed in the oppositions box with 2 assists and 1 key pass.

LB: x9 iTz Peter 4x (Wolves) – Peter has been an ever present in the Wolves backline, his ability to close down attackers and lock down his side is one of the main reasons Wolves are performing so well this season. In 8 games Peter has 6 tackles, 15 interceptions, 40 possessions won and 21 passing points, all whilst only conceding 6 goals.

CDM: CY4N1D3xZ0MBI3 (Napoli) – In his first season on PCN, Zombie picks up his first TOTW, and it is much deserved. With 17 tackles, 24 interceptions and 39 possessions won, Zombie has been a real stand out player for a mid-table Napoli team. With him at CDM Napoli has conceded 6 goals in 7 games, in the game he didn’t played they conceded 3, just showing how crucial he is.

RM: KUSHxxMASTER (Wolves) – Making the step down from management of League 1 Orlando Pirates last season, Kush has joined Wolves and has settled into life well in League 2. Kush has been the creative spark in the midfield, with 4 assists 12 key passes, 19 passing points and 1 goal. He has also shown his ability when defending, with 5 tackles and 12 interceptions.

CAM: mrrockso (Everton) – The only real shining light for struggling Everton is Mrrockso. He has contributed 4 goals and 2 assists in the 8 games he has played and picked up 10 passing points. He is one man in this team that can be proud of how his PCN Career has started. He is also sitting with 20.75 PER for the 6 games played.

LM: WC Pablitos (Wolves) – Pablitos, who last season was playing in Super League, has expectedly set the world alight down in league 2. He currently sits atop the PER rankings for Attacking midfielders with 20.94. He has scored 4 goals from 7 shots on target, contributed 3 assists and added 9 key passes.

ST: RML VEGA l9l (Celtic – POTW) – Our first POTW for League 2 this season, comes in the form of Celtic man RML Vega. He has been a forced to be reckoned with for the Hoops, from their 19 league goals, he has contributed to 14 (9 goals and 4 assists). He has also picked up 10 key passes and 17 passing points.

ST: KcityShoja (Fiorentina) – Our 2nd ST in this TOTW is KCityShoja, the longtime PCN player is part of the free scoring Fiorentina, where he has scored 11 goals in 6 games so far this season. He has shown his clinical nature as he has got his 11 goals from 17 shots on target. He has also contributed 1 assist, 3 key passes and 10 passing points.


GK: xTheAnswerx3 (Wolves) – Having since left Wolves to join America in Super League, TheAnswer was balling out in the 6 games he played for Wolves. Making 20 saves, keeping 3 clean sheets and only conceding 4 goals, it is clear to see why he was on Super League teams radar.

CB: dodmadden (Newcastle) – The Magpies manager was in fine form during this TOTW period, he played in 5 games allowing only 2 goals and kept 3 clean sheets. The commanding CB made 3 tackles 17 interceptions and won possession back on 22 occasions. Newcastle have really missed him when he hasn’t played, conceding 12 in the 3 games he has missed.

CB: Adav (Fiorentina) – This is Adav’s first season on PCN and he has hit the ground running. Having played 6 games, he has made 5 tackles, 18 interceptions, 5 blocks and 2 clean sheets. When he wins possession (20 possessions won) back for his team, he has shown a composure when passing the ball out with 12 passing points earned to date.

CDM: MIDLOS (Celtic) – Ever present so far this season, Midlos is taking a step into management of the Bhoys. He is playing a Xabi Alonso-esqe role in the CDM spot, He has created 1 assist, 10 key passes and picked up 16 passing points. On the defensive side of the ball he has 33 possessions won, 26 interceptions and 15 tackles.

CAM: I Hit Em Up I (Fiorentina) – The real creative spark at the heart of La Viola’s attack is Hit Em Up. In the 6 games he has played, he has 4 assists, 12 key passes, 9 passing points and 1 goal scored. He is also showing that he is winning the ball back high up the pick with 22 possessions won and 5 interceptions.

ST: Elements of God (Wolves) – Elements of God is showing he still has what it’s got to be the leading man in a team after his escapades at Dank in Late Night League last season. In 6 games played he has 8 goals and 1 assist, whilst also contributing 13 key passes and 12 passing points. He is showing is both creative and clinical in front of goal.

ST: Fear Eriksen (Fiorentina) – Having gotten his PCN career off to a flying start with Fiorentina, Fear Eriksen has picked up his first TOTW award. The Striker has contributed in both columns with 5 goals and 5 assists, he is also showing he isn’t a selfish player with his 11 key passes and 15 passing points. If he can keep up this form, maybe we will see him in our TOTW2.

Editor: PWTB Coups
Cards: Prime Libero
Graphic: Turajlic





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