Team Of The Week – Week 1 – Season 11 – League One

Starting XI

GK: MotoSierra21 (Sevilla) – In between the sticks for the very first TOTW we have Moto. With 46 saves and 3 clean sheets through 7 games, Moto has been a headache for opposing offenses to figure out. His success at the back has been a huge contribution to Sevilla’s great form of late and he will look to keep up his great performances.

CB: P3TER SAVAGE (Real Madrid) – The big man has been a huge boon for Los Blancos as even though many would say they are currently underperforming, he has not. With 2 assists, 17 interceptions, and 27 possessions won in just 7 games, he’s been the rock that Madrid plan to ride all the way to the top.

CB: JamesTee91 (Frankfurt) – Another offensively talented big man, James has garnered 3 assists, 9 interceptions, and 22 possessions won. Anytime a CB can average almost an assist and a clean sheet every two games they are a special player.

CB: Unlucky Masters (Orlando Pirates) – Joining along in the trope of providing offense from the CB slot we have Masters. Masters has asserted himself on L1 to the tune of 2 goals and an assist, 10 interceptions, and 30 possessions won. He is certainly not unlucky and does not even need to luck, his skill is clearly enough.

DM: Xrif Tootall (Sevilla) – Xrif is a certified ball winner. The dominating defensive mid has already obtained 13 tackles, 26 interceptions, and 41 possessions won to go along with his 4 clean sheets in just 6 games! With numbers like these he is going to be hard to dethrone in these TOTW lineups.

RM: polothreat (Chivas) – The outside mid for Chivas has had an extraordinary start to his season. He has 3 goals, 4 key passes, and 8 interceptions which highlights how active he is on both sides of the pitch. Chivas must look to keep him involved at all times of the game as he is putting on a show right now.

CM: Sassinho x (LAFC) – Sassinho is a do it all machine in the midfield. He has racked up some gaudy numbers including 2 assists, 9 key passes, 16 tackles, 20 interceptions, and 30 possessions won. His impressive performances have earned him recognition as an outstanding CM this week.

CM: x jway x (Bayern Munich – POTW) – Jway is the pure embodiment of the beautiful game and is a wonderful mix of offense and defense. With a statline of 2 goals, 5 assists, 6 key passes, 14 tackles, 28 interceptions, and 30 possessions won, he is clearly doing everything in his power to get Bayern promoted and he understands the importance of starting strong.

LM: Mike11622 (Schalke 04) – A solid defensive threat with a keen eye for the deadly pass, Mike has had to do a lot for Schalke to start this season. He has 2 assists, 10 key passes, 13 tackles, and 20 possessions won. If he keeps up this pace, expect many more awards for the great player.

ST: Death Row Tull (Valencia) – Death Row has been lethal this season. Leading L1 in goals with 10 in only 6 games is amazing. He also has a 50% finishing rate which means he also knows what is a good shot and when to pass. Death Row is a leading candidate for the golden boot and will look to stay in the race.

ST: NYCFC Diggs (Orlando Pirates) – Diggs is slightly less lethal (but still lethal nonetheless) than Tull, but makes up for it with superb creativity. He has 7 goals in 7 games to go along with 4 assists and 10 key passes. He will look to lead the league in total goals created with a large number of goals and assists and as long as he keeps putting up numbers like these, that will be a cakewalk.


GK: goltoxyt (Bayern Munich)- The bench GK goltoxyt has been outstanding as well to start off S11. He has amassed 32 saves, 4 clean sheets , and only 6 conceded through 8 games. Him performing like this will be a huge factor in whether or not Bayern will compete for the top spot in the league.

CB: TEA N SC0NES (Frankfurt)- The hero of England has been off to red hot start for the German club. He is currently enjoying his statline of 11 interceptions, 27 possessions won, and 4 clean sheets. He will be vital to the squad staying atop the league as a whole host of teams are looking to battle for top 6.

RB: Sangilikaruppu (Sevilla) – Sangili is one of the few remaining fullbacks which FIFA 19 has basically killed off. He is looking to revive the position by showing fullbacks can have a huge impact as well. His stats of 7 tackles, 18 interceptions, and 26 possessions won show that he is clearly a dominating presence on the pitch.

CM: JLipp414 (LAFC) – Jlipp’s efforts have not gone unnoticed as he is very quietly having a monstrous start to the season. With 3 assists, 8 key passes, 12 tackles, 11 interceptions, and 24 possessions won, he makes a strong case for best CM duo in L1.

RM: ogfearisgod (Valencia) – A wonderful talent, ogfear is electric for his Spanish side. He has created countless chances so far with 1 goal, 2 assists, and 10 key passes which show the player clearly has a knack for finding teammates in dangerous areas. He also has 18 interceptions, so he’s much more than a one trick pony.

LW: Hinkley7 (Frankfurt) – If you thought fullbacks were extinct, then here is quite possibly the last top notch winger. With a tally of 5 goals, 5 assists, and 8 key passes he is keeping alive one of the most beautiful positions in all of football. He has the ability to dazzle with slick skill moves and provide killer final passes to teammates as well as finish plays on his own. Hopefully his bold play will encourage more teams to adopt their own identities.

ST: Unlucky Dblock (Orlando Pirates) – With 9 goals and 8 key passes in 7 games, Dblock is an absolute terror for defenses all throughout the league. If he keeps that deadly vision, expect more and more assists to start racking up in the stat sheet.

Cards: dorseyfurcal18
Graphic: Turajlic





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