Team Of The Season – Season 9 – Super League

Starting XI

GK: darkberry98 (Bayer 04) – Leading off our Team of the Season in Super League for S9 is Bayer Leverkusen’s shot stopping wizard Darkberry98. Darkberry used all of his dark magic and berry flavor to pace the SL in clean sheets with 15 to go along with 173 saves (2nd), 34 goals allowed, and 4 MOTM in a full 38 game slate. After following up his S8 League 1 TOTS with a SL one in S9 and helping Leverkusen to a 4th placed finish, all eyes will be on Darkberry and the rest of his Bavarian teammates to see if they can mount a real title challenge in S10.

RB: Zeebruh (Bayer 04) – Joining his Bayer teammate in the starting lineup for our TOTS is the unheralded striped wonder of a fullback in Zeebruh. Zeebruh was a mainstay for the 3rd best defensive team in the Super League and compiled a gaudy statline of 75 passing points, 24 tackles, 59 interceptions, 11 blocks, 128 possessions won, 34 goals allowed, 15 clean sheets, and 2 MOTM in 36 matches. Zeebruh will be hoping the grass fields of Germany remain full and bountiful in S10, as this is one animal of a defender who has proven he has an endless appetite for snuffing out attacks.

CB: Evan x15 (River Plate) – Returning to the Team of the Season for the first time since S6 and finally earning his long awaited league title is none other than the king himself, l KingEvan300 l. Evan proved this season that the best need only the time and opportunity to prove themselves once again as he propelled his River Plate side to the top of the league with a goal, assist, 7 key passes, 60 passing points, 29 tackles, 78 interceptions, 156 possessions won, 29 goals allowed, 13 clean sheets, and 3 MOTM in 33 games. What comes next for Evan is anyone’s guess, but one of PCN’s longest tenured defenders has shown that he’s still got what it takes to play at an elite level.

CB: Snowboarder 778 (Atlanta United) – Quickly becoming one of the most feared defenders in all of PCN, Snowboarder 778 of Atlanta United easily earned his second TOTS appearance in two seasons. Snowboarder was a shot thwarting machine all season as he led the league with 23 blocks in addition to his 2 assists, 9 key passes, 63 passing points, 108 interceptions (3rd), 190 possessions won (2nd), 44 goals allowed, 11 clean sheets, and 4 MOTM in 36 matches. The big question on a lot of people’s minds this offseason will be what will Snowboarder do for an encore in S10 and will he be wooed by another contender or stay with Atlanta for another season.

LB: lipton18 (Lyon) – Rounding out our starting defense for the SL TOTS is a player who truly took his game to another level this season in Lyon’s Lipton18. Lipton made his mark and did his part in S9 in helping Lyon climb to 8th after a disappointing 11th place finish in S8 with 2 assists, 67 passing points, 49 tackles, 81 interceptions, 145 possessions won, 45 goals allowed, 10 clean sheets, and 6 MOTM in 35 games for the French side. With rumors of manager Leak Boys 02 looking to change things up for S10, keeping a standout player such as Lipton will go along way towards Lyon’s push back up the table next season.

CDM: Jammmyy (Inter Milan) – Probably the breakout player in Super League in S9, Inter Milan’s Jammmyy has staked his claim as one of the best midfielders in the league after an incredible season. Jammy routinely put his team on his back and ended up leading the league in interceptions (139), possessions won (214), and clean sheets (17) to go along with 3 goals, 14 key passes, 92 passing points, 85 tackles (2nd), 9 blocks, 36 goals allowed, and 8 MOTM in a full 38 game schedule. All eyes will be on Jammy next season as he will have high expectations to live up to as he returns to Inter for S10 to do his part in making them serious title contenders.

RM: Conski 77 (Manchester City) – Slow and steady often wins the race, and Man City’s sF Batistuta has once again snuck up the charts as the season has gone on and earned another TOTS recognition. Bati was a key piece in a dynamic Citizens’ attack that finished only 2 team goals behind River Plate for the most in the league with his 11 goals, 9 assists, 38 key passes, 61 interceptions, 113 possessions won, and 3 MOTM in 36 games. While Bati and the rest of his City teammates couldn’t quite finish off their title push this season, I’m sure many will be pegging the Manchester club to get over the line next season and claim the trophy.

LM: Nord Gaston (Manchester City) – Joining sF Batistuta on the wing in our Team of the Season is his City teammate and partner in crime, DK l Gaston. Gaston was a force to be reckoned with all season long when he was available as his 8 goals, 15 assists, 37 key passes, 30 tackles, 52 interceptions, 87 possessions won, and 5 MOTM in only 27 games shows. The Danish dynamo will be pleased with another TOTS selection and his first Royal Cup victory, but like Batistuta and the rest of his City teammates, S10 very well could end up being a title or bust kind of season.

CAM: Ischwiftys (Atlanta United) – Another name that is becoming very familiar to everyone in PCN is the midfield maestro known as iSchwiftys from Atlanta United. Schwifty has made the CAM spot in the SL TOTS his own two seasons in a row as his 14 goals, 18 assists (T-3rd), 53 key passes (2nd), 75 interceptions, 107 possessions won, and 5 MOTM in 36 matches shows. Swapping Uniteds (Manchester to Atlanta) could not slow down Schwifty as he helped catapult a dangerous Atlanta attack to a 5th placed finish in S9, and it only seems natural that he will likely be a key part of one of the league’s best offenses once again in S10.

ST: x Erickson (River Plate) – If the only knock on Erick l 9 l was that he didn’t have the team success and trophies to back up his individual play, winning the title as a key part of River Plate’s league-best attack should finally put that talk to bed. PCN’s all time leading goal scorer, Erick earned his 3rd TOTS honor by switching roles from a pure poacher to being a dynamic creator as well as he led the league in assists with 21 and key passes with 62, not to mention his 30 goals, 61 passing points, 60 possessions won, and 9 MOTM in 36 games. With rumors of River Plate splitting up and their best players being recruited by any number of other clubs, where Erick ends up in S10 will likely go a long way to determining the final SL table.

ST: RobertoS713 (Atlanta United) – Finishing off our starting XI for the S9 TOTS and officially stepping out of the shadow of his older brother I ITALIAN0 I is Atlanta United’s RobertoS713. Roberto took the league by storm this season as he dominated the scoring charts all season and easily won the golden boot with a tremendous 40 goals in addition to 6 assists, 19 key passes, 57 passing points, 55 possessions won, and 7 MOTM in 32 matches. With a season like the one Roberto just had, you can expect he will have a huge target on his back going forward as teams no longer have an excuse not to recognize his huge talent.


GK: Phil The Fish (Lyon) – Kicking off our bench for the TOTS is a very familiar face as Lyon’s Phil The Fish becomes the only player in PCN to make each SL Team of the Season in 2018. Phil’s fins were on fire once again as he led the league in saves with 192 to go along with 48 goals allowed, 8 clean sheets, and 5 MOTM in 32 games for the French side.

CB: NSGG DAN (Bayer 04) – Joining his Bayer Leverkusen teammate Darkberry in earning a L1 TOTS in S8 and then a SL TOTS in S9 is reliable center back NSGG Dan. With all of the drama from his late season switch to Bayer from Inter at the end of S8 now in the past, Dan simply did what he has always done and showed up ready to do whatever is necessary to win with his goal, assist, 86 passing points, 85 interceptions, 16 blocks (2nd), 116 possessions won, 38 goals allowed, 15 clean sheets, and 5 MOTM as he appeared in every game.

CB: THEREALCAPONE58 (Lazio) – Arguably the biggest surprise in this Team of the Season, Lazio’s TheRealCapone58 firmly put himself on the map with a monster season worthy of a spot in our team. Capone will likely have top managers whispering in his year after a season where he led the league in passing points with 110 in addition to 2 goals, 2 assists, 49 tackles, 81 interceptions, 10 blocks, 133 possessions won, 71 goals allowed, 9 clean sheets, and 7 MOTM in a full 38 game load.

CDM: Twinkie l18l (River Plate) – Longtime PCN stalwart Jay Twinkie18 has finally started to earn the awards that reflect his ability, as he followed up a World Cup win with Spain with a league title for River Plate to go along with his first ever TOTS. Twinkie put on a clinic as he led all midfielders (with at least 20 games played) in possessions lost with just 57 in S9, not to mention his 6 key passes, 95 passing points (2nd), 43 tackles, 84 interceptions, 125 possessions won, 28 goals allowed, and 11 clean sheets in 32 matches.

CAM: Thiago ll 6 ll (Juventus) – You know it has been an odd season when only one member of PCN Juventus makes the TOTS, and Thiago ll 6 ll certainly did his part to make sure there was at least one. Thiago was critical to much of Juve’s attacking success with 19 assists (2nd), 36 key passes, 69 passing points, 74 interceptions, 144 possessions won, and 4 MOTM in 30 games for the Italian club.

ST: Magic Man OP (Manchester United) – Repeating his spot in the TOTS after another great season for Manchester United is none other than PCN’s most humble striker Magic Man OP. Magic certainly brought his book of spells to play in S9 as he finished his campaign with 34 goals (2nd), 14 assists, 45 key passes, 67 passing points, 60 possessions won, and 10 MOTM (T-1st) in 35 games for the Red Devils.

ST: bgod43rd (Manchester United) – Last on our list but first in our hearts, Magic’s longtime striker partner Bgod43rd earned his first ever Team of the Season with another prolific run of form. Bgod was a dynamic force to be reckoned with all season as his statline of 25 goals, 18 assists (T-3rd), 47 key passes (3rd), 63 possessions won, and 3 MOTM clearly shows.

Editor: dorseyfurcal18

Cards: iiFivio

Graphics: AutomatedSquid


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