Team Of The Season – Season 9 – League Two

Starting XI

GK – prezmoose55 (Fenerbahce) – Kicking off our first ever League 2 Team of the Season in net is Fenerbahce’s 2019 candidate for president of football and animal affairs, prezmoose55. Moose had an excellent first season in PCN as he led the way in L2 with 8 clean sheets to go along with 68 saves and 19 goals allowed in 16 games for the 3rd-placed club from Turkey.

CB – JT x de Ligt (Olympiakos) – The first of a whole laundry list of standout performers from league champion Olympiakos, JamesTee91 certainly did his part in helping lead the league’s best defense. James was a stalwart at the back all season for the Greek side as he led L2 in possessions won (105) and clean sheets (11), not to mention his 2 assists, 55 interceptions (3rd), 9 blocks (T-3rd), and just 11 goals allowed in 24 games played.

CB – Panda2Toxic (Fenerbahce) – Joining his teammate Moose in the TOTS is the cute but deadly centerback ImmortalPanda12 from Fenerbahce. Panda was up to snuff on all of his kung fu powers during S9 as he tallied 38 passing points, 23 tackles (2nd), 64 interceptions (2nd), 103 possessions won (2nd), 20 goals allowed, and 8 clean sheets (T-3rd) in 20 matches.

CB – oneshot26 (Lille) – Oneshot26 from Lille lived up to his name with an amazing season for the runners up Lille as attackers were lucky to ever get one shot off when in his vicinity. The Panamanian Oneshot was harder to navigate than the Canal as his 37 passing points, 45 interceptions, 15 blocks (2nd), 102 possessions won (3rd), 21 goals allowed, 8 clean sheets (T-3rd), and 3 MOTM in 21 games shows.

RM – FreddyBoss7 (Olympiakos) – Living up to his name as an absolute boss on the field, Olympiakos had a steady and dependable right wing option all season long in FreddyBoss7. Freddy more than earned his spot in our TOTS with a well-rounded statline of 8 goals, 8 assists, 20 key passes, 16 tackles, 31 interceptions, 35 passing points, 50 possessions won, and 2 MOTM in just 19 games.

CDM – Gato Bravo9 (Lille) – The most decorated and experienced player to play in the first season of League 2, Lille’s Gato Bravo9 did not disappoint as he easily earned a spot in the TOTS. A former SL TOTS member and two-time SL champions with Juventus, Gato showed his quality by leading the league in both tackles (36) and interceptions (67) in addition to 2 assists, 12 key passes, 49 passing points (2nd), 90 possessions won, 19 goals allowed, 7 clean sheets, and 2 MOTM in 21 matches.

CDM – x Br4ndoNiKo (Olympiakos) – You know you’ve had a great season when you play well enough in half of a season in one league to earn a TOTS and then end up playing just as many games in another after that as BrandoNiko1 did in S9. Before his move to PSG, Brando was tearing apart attack after attack in League 2 for Olympiakos with 3 key passes, 52 interceptions, 42 passing points, an impressive 2:1 possessions won (70) to loss (36) ratio, 9 goals allowed, and 7 clean sheets in just 15 games.

LM – Valus Rex 666 (Olympiakos) – Joining his fellow Olympiakos teammates in our Team of the Season is the demonic dinosaur cousin of Barney, Valus REX 666. Sexy Rexy as we like to call him was a force to be reckoned with for L2 defenses all season long as he ended his impressive first PCN campaign with 4 goals, 9 assists (T-2nd), 21 key passes (T-3rd), 40 interceptions, 46 possessions won, and 2 MOTM in only 17 matches.

CAM – WishULuck91 (Olympiakos) – Our fourth and final midfielder from a dominant Olympiakos team is the manager and spearhead of the attack, WishULuck91. Wish certainly created his own luck for himself and his teammates all season as he led the league in key passes with 27 in addition to 4 goals, 8 assists, 32 interceptions, 45 passing points, and 3 MOTM in 20 games.

ST – serginho9 (Lille) – Leading the line of our inaugural L2 Team of the Season is another player with a fair amount of past PCN experience in Lille manager and striker Serginho9. Serginho did not disappoint as he carried the scoring burden for his promoted side with 19 goals (T-2nd), 4 assists, 11 key passes, 38 passing points, and 7 MOTM (T-2nd) in just 17 games played.

ST – Fully Shoota (Olympiakos) – Finishing off our S9 League 2 TOTS and likely a golden chance near you is Olympiakos’ Jamaican sensation up top S h o o t a6355. Shoota lived up to his name by pacing the league with 24 goals to go along with 9 assists (T-2nd), 20 key passes, 42 passing points, and 6 well-deserved MOTM in 22 matches for the league champions.

Editor – dorseyfurcal18

Cards – iiFivio

Graphic – AutomatedSquid


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