Team Of The Season – Season 9 – League One

Starting XI

GK: jeepers76 (Napoli) – Leading off our League 1 Team of the Season for S9 in PCN is none other than the man, the myth, the legend himself, Jeepers76 from Napoli. Jeepers was a one man show at times for the Italian club as he absolutely torched the rest of the league with 161 saves (1st by almost 70) to go along with 48 goals allowed, 8 clean sheets (T-2nd), and 3 MOTM in 28 games.

CB: Teddy Swims (Minnesota) – Our first of just a few players from the hotbed of talent that is Minnesota United, center back Zee King was an easy choice to make zee TOTS. The versatile clubs veteran finally made his debut in PCN and smashed the competition to the tune of 2 goals, 5 assists, 9 key passes, 30 tackles, 41 interceptions, 91 possessions won, 19 goals allowed, and 7 clean sheets in 25 matches.

CB: SeIIington x (AC Milan) – What a beast! Beastgaming5000 from AC Milan proved once again he has no reason to change his gamertage after an excellent season for the fallen giants. While Milan did come up just short of promotion with a 1-0 loss to Atletico Madrid in the playoff final, Beast is one of many Milan players who can still hold his head high as his goal, assist, 43 passing points, 19 tackles, 64 interceptions (3rd), 10 blocks (T-3rd), 70 possession won, 18 goals allowed, 9 clean sheets, and 3 MOTM in 22 matches demonstrates.
CB: AyeVols (Napoli) – Our second hero from a midtable Napoli side is a defender who will surely be in hot demand during the offseason in AyeVols. Vols had a breakout season for the Italian club as he paced the league in both interceptions (72) and possessions won (142), not to mention his goal, 2 assists, 52 passing points, 34 tackles (T-3rd), 11 blocks (2nd), 45 goals allowed, 8 clean sheets, and 5 MOTM in a 28 game season.

RM: Ham x69 (Tottenham) – Who dat? Stanky ham dat. Our first member of the TOTS from Tottenham, PCN veteran DatStankyHam made a seamless transition up the pitch from right back to right mid during S9 and took home his first TOTS as a result. Ham showed the world never before seen skills and abilities to the tune of 9 goals, 12 assists, 28 key passes, 48 passing points, 32 tackles, 38 interceptions, 93 possessions won, and 5 MOTM in 24 matches.

CDM: OVO GAZABOP (Barcelona) – Our next member of the Team of the Season was a one man army at times for 5th placed Barcelona in midfielder extraordinaire IXGazaXI13I. Gaza had a season to remember as he did a bit of everything for the Catalan club in an effort to get them promoted with 9 goals, 6 assists, 27 key passes, 53 passing points, 41 tackles (2nd), 58 interceptions, 116 possessions won (2nd), 12 goals allowed, 4 clean sheets, and 7 MOTM (T-2nd) in his 26 games in S9.

CDM: Cozy Bryant (Tottenham) – Another season, another solid campaign for one of PCN’s most consistent central midfielders in Big Baller Bozy Bryant from Spurs. Cozy is another CDM who shows that it doesn’t have to be a purely defensive position, but he didn’t slack on the defensive side either as he lead L1 in clean sheets with 11 in addition to 3 goals, 5 assists, 15 key passes, 52 passing points, 33 tackles, 63 interceptions, 98 possessions won, 18 goals allowed, and 4 MOTM in 24 (KOBE!) games.

LM: dinholskl (Minnesota) – Filling out the other wing spot in our TOTS is a PCN rookie from Minnesota by the name of Dinho IskI. Dinho certainly made a good first impression as he slashed L1 defenses apart all season long to the tune of 5 goals, 11 assists, 25 key passes, 70 passing points (3rd), 57 interceptions, 76 possessions won, and 2 MOTM in 23 matches.

CAM: Pinks0 (Tottenham) – Perhaps the breakout player of League 1 in S9, Tottenham’s A1buzzkill didn’t kill any buzz in North London as helped the team secure the title and promotion back to the Super League with his creative flow. As Harry Kane would say, A1 was buzzing all season long as he was tied for the league lead in key passes (57), not to mention his 9 goals, 19 assists (2nd), 64 passing points, 55 interceptions, 108 possessions won (T-3rd… as a CAM!), and 4 MOTM in 28 games for the Lilywhites.

ST: chubworldpeace (Minnesota)
– What can you say that already hasn’t about one of the most creative and unselfish strikers around in Chubworldpeace other than he now has a L1 TOTS to his name. Chubs did his thing once again as he tied A1buzzkill for the key pass lead with 57 and just edged him out for the assist mark with 20 to go along with 16 goals, 55 passing points, and 4 MOTM in 29 games for the runners up Minnesota.

ST: Bendtner x (Tottenham) – While not a huge shock to see this name attached to a L1 title or TOTS, I’m not sure many would have expected the second go around at those awards for longtime listener, first time caller You Dont Vape to have been at striker. Vape put the haters to bed (at least for a moment) with an excellent showing up top for Spurs with 20 goals, 13 assists, 40 key passes, 61 passing points, 58 possessions won, and 6 MOTM in 26 matches.


GK: Pure Vegetable (AC Milan) – He may be vegetarian, but AC Milan’s magnificent goalkeeper Pure Vegetable managed to find his protein from other sources as he beasted his way to a S9 TOTS. Pure Veg was a consistent performer throughout the season as he led the league in clean sheets with 10 in addition to 95 saves (2nd), 19 goals allowed, and 2 MOTM in 23 games.

CB: SIR WILLIAM (Tottenham) – Our first backup defender for our TOTS is one of the few managers who has ever been successful dropping down a division to rescue his favorite club in Spurs’ Will l 3 l. Will certainly won’t regret his decision as he led the way for Spurs to take the title from the back with a goal, an assist, 38 passing points, 40 interceptions, 79 possessions won, just 26 possessions lost, 17 goals allowed, and 10 clean sheets in S9 in 22 matches.

CB: minnesotamaniac (Atletico Madrid) – Longtime PCN veteran and all-around badass, Atletico Madrid’s minnesotamaniac finally earned the recognition he has long been due with a L1 Team of the Season in S9. Minnesota was a key piece to Atletico’s promotion run with his 3 assists, 11 key passes, 40 passing points, 49 interceptions, 7 blocks, 69 possessions won, 22 goals allowed, 8 clean sheets, and 3 MOTM in 22 games.

RM: ijakoob (Minnesota) – JAKOOOOOOOOB! Minnesota’s manager and creative winger dynamo iJakoob returns to the TOTS after putting in some dazzling displays from the right wing during S9. Jakoob rewatched his S6 highlights before the season and it showed as he posted an impressive line of 6 goals, 14 assists (T-3rd), 47 key passes (3rd), 49 passing points, 40 interceptions, 69 possessions won, and 3 MOTM in 28 matches.

CAM: sanders (Minnesota) – Joining his manager on our TOTS bench is another Minnesota star attacker in l Sanders l. Nominally a CAM, Sanders was almost a third striker as times this season for the L1 runners up as his 26 goals (T-2nd), 11 assists, 30 key passes, 71 passing points (2nd), and 2 MOTM in 29 games clearly demonstrate.

ST: SNOW WRLD (Real Madrid) – Consistently one of the more disrespected strikers in PCN, KXNG SMURF doesn’t pay any attention to his doubters and instead does what he does and earned a spot in our S9 League 1 TOTS. SMURF had another clinical season in front of goal as you can see from his 26 goals (T-2nd), 9 assists, 21 key passes, and 7 MOTM in 24 games as manager and leader of Real Madrid.

ST: Eddy Disaster (Minnesota) – Last but not least in the L1 Team of the Season is the Colombian giant himself, Eddy Disaster. Eddy’s style of play may seem simple to some, but the target man could not be stopped in S9 as he won the golden boot with 28 goals to go along with 6 assists, 23 key passes, 38 passing points, and 6 MOTM in 27 games for Minnesota.


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Cards – iiFivio

Graphics – AutomatedSquid


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