Team Of The Season – Season 8 – Super League

Starting XI

GK: Phil The Fish (River Plate) – Kicking off our Season 8 Super League Team of the Season in net is none other than the keeper who has been the starter for the last two editions of this list in River Plate’s manfishkeeper Phil The Fish. Phil put together arguably his best season yet as he led the league in saves with 182 as well as penalty saves with 4, finished 2nd in GK clean sheets with 15, earned 4 MOTM awards, and allowed just 29 goals in 37 games for the Argentine club. While many keepers in PCN seem to ebb and flow from season to season with their play, Phil continues to prove he is one with the tide as he continues to be impressive each season with some of the best teams in the league.

CB: Snowboarder 778 (PSG) – Last seen careening down a mountainside somewhere in Chile with his bros, Snowboarder 778 from PSG has earned a nice long vacation after putting in work during S8 and earning his spot in our starting XI. Snowboarder exploded onto the scene this season as he led the league in possessions won with 222, while also contributing 2 assists, 8 key passes, 84 passing points, 8 clean sheets, 48 tackles, 99 interceptions (2nd), 60 goals allowed, and 10 MOTM (T-3rd) this season. Snowboarder was a part of a PSG team that had its worst finish by far under manager stay high playa, but it’s obvious that things would have been even worse if not for the heroic efforts of their defensive savior this season.

CB: qik (River Plate) – Joining Snow at the heart of the TOTS defense is a name we all are getting familiar with in these kinds of lists in QIK from River Plate who like his keeper Phil earns his 3rd consecutive TOTS inclusion. QIK has really staked his claim over this FIFA cycle as being arguably the best defender in the league as his 3 assists, 73 passing points, 15 clean sheets (3rd), 30 tackles, 82 interceptions, 196 possessions won, 30 goals allowed, and 4 MOTM in 35 games shows. With a devastating collapse at the end of the season snatching that elusive trophy out from under him, what everyone wants to know in PCN is when will QIK finally achieve the team success that his individual play so clearly deserves.

CB: Matias7 (Juventus) – Our final starting defender for the S8 TOTS is another familiar face as Juventus’ Matias7 is one of a pair of Juve players who proved that the Italian club still had their defensive quality this season even if they didn’t bring the title home once again. Matias earned his 2nd Team of the Season in a row as he led the league in clean sheets with 18 to go along with 5 assists, 9 key passes, 86 passing points, 73 interceptions, 181 possessions won, 27 goals allowed, and 2 MOTM in 36 matches. With rumors of potential change swirling around the Turin club, Juventus would certainly be hoping their stalwart at the back comes back for another season to try and reclaim the lost SL title.

RM: MaKiNo (Atlanta United) – Perhaps one of the most surprising inclusions to some in the TOTS this season is converted centerback turned right winger MaKiNo from Atlanta United. Makino has long been known for his defensive work after earning a S6 TOTS at centerback with Schalke in D1 and his 49 interceptions and 148 possessions won from the wing show he’s still got it, but the main reason he makes our team is more to do with his 6 goals, 22 assists, 59 key passes, and 70 passing points in 36 games. Makino proved once again this season with his play for Atlanta that top players are adaptable and can often prove their quality at multiple positions in the lineup if given the chance.

CDM: iRealms (Juventus) – Holding things down in front of the defense and linking up play to the attack is a job that could really only go to one man in PCN – iRealms from Juventus. Realms was an easy choice for his 2nd TOTS selection as he led the league in passing points with an insane 120 as well as leading the pack with 102 interceptions in addition to 17 clean sheets (2nd), 32 tackles, 203 possessions won (3rd), 27 goals allowed, and 2 MOTM this season. With several incredible seasons in a row and glowing reviews from his teammates as well as opposition, it’s clear that Realms has established himself as the ideal safe and steady defensive midfielder in PCN who will stay in position, shield your backline, and protect the ball at all costs.

CDM: dorseyfurcal18 (Lyon / Bayern Munich) – Slotting in next to Realms is another familiar name as dorseyfurcal18, who split his time this season between mid-table Lyon and relegation-threatened Bayern Munich, becomes the first player in Super League history to earn 4 TOTS Awards. The veteran midfielder shows how a more aggressive approach from defensive mid can also have its benefits as he led the league in tackles for the 3rd time in his career with 66 to go along with 3 goals, 7 assists, 17 key passes, 93 passing points, 93 interceptions (3rd), 190 possessions won, 49 goals allowed, and 6 MOTM awards this season. For the first time in his PCN career, Dorsey was not a part of a top side, and where he ends up for S9 as he chases that elusive league title will be one of the stories to follow this offseason. 

LM: CF I Pete (Arsenal) – Lining up on the left wing is one of a pair of players in this list who made their PCN debuts this season in Arsenal’s tricky CF I Pete. Pete was part of a devastating attacking mid trio with DK I Gaston and sF Batistuta who each came close to making our team, but Pete’s 10 goals, 16 assists, 56 key passes, 53 interceptions, 134 possessions won, and MOTM award made him the clear standout at left wing in S8. Pete helped Arsenal bring home their first bit of silverware with a League Cup title as well as a strong 5th place finish in a stacked SL top 7, so we will see if Pete and the London club can push on next season and achieve even more.

CAM: Taco Bale (Orlando Pirates) – After starting out his PCN career with RB Leipzig in Division 1 last season, Taco Bale made the jump to Super League and Orlando Pirates for S8 with many of his German teammates and finished off a successful campaign by winning the league on the final day. Bale was a devastating part of an Orlando attack that easily led the league in goals for with his personal contributions of 21 goals, 17 assists, 31 key passes, 78 passing points, 39 interceptions, 107 possessions won, and 3 MOTM awards going a long way to those efforts. Bale, rejuvenated by some Choco Tacos and Gordita Supremes, looks set to rejoin his South African teammates after the World Cup and get back to work as they attempt to repeat as SL champions in S9.

ST: Magic Man OP (Manchester United) – What a season it was for Manchester United and their talisman up top Magic I 10 I who used his extensive knowledge learned at Hogwarts as a Hufflepuff to spellbind defenders left and right in S8. Magic’s wizarding ways took the league by storm as he led the league with 13 MOTM awards to go with his 44 goals (3rd), 25 assists, 70 key passes (2nd), 82 passing points, and 100 possessions won in 37 games for the 3rd placed Red Devils. Magic formed an amazing partnership with Bgod43rd of the likes which we have not seen since Barnum and Bailey or Penn and Teller, and we suggest you pre-order your tickets today to see these two in action together on stage in S9.

ST: Kessy I 17 I (River Plate) – Perhaps the most valuable player in S8 of PCN, Kessy I 17 I meant everything to River Plate and his performances were exemplary for the manager and striker of the Argentine side. Kessy was a one man wrecking machine this season with 36 goals, 28 assists (2nd), 61 key passes, 58 passing points, and 7 MOTM award in just 29 games played. Who knows what happens at the end of the season if Kessy is around more and if he could have helped River Plate seal the deal and fend off Orlando to win the title, or perhaps “The Vape Effect” was always going to be too strong and doom the title favorites to runner up status.


GK: Kermit Le Froge (Arsenal) – Finally earning his well-earned place in a PCN TOTS is the youthful but veteran keeper Kermit Le Froge of Arsenal, who must be hopping with joy to see his hard work finally pay off in the form of a TOTS appearance. Kermit’s arrival in North London from Paris meant great things for his new club and a rough time for his old as his 14 clean sheets, 159 saves, 34 goals allowed, and 4 MOTM in 35 games sent his S7 and S8 teams in vastly different directions.

CB: SIR WILLIAM (Manchester City) – A relative newcomer to competitive clubs as well as the centerback position, Manchester City’s Will I 3 I overcame both his lack of experience and an at times dysfunctional team to earn his place on the TOTS bench. Will has quickly shown the league that his defensive prowess is not just going to be a flash in the pan with 3 assists, 9 key passes, 74 passing points, 14 clean sheets, 32 tackles, 71 interceptions, 181 possessions won, 47 goals allowed, and 2 MOTM during S8.

RB: b4u3r11 (Arsenal) – Our lone fullback in this season’s TOTS, Arsenal’s B4U3R11 has officially stepped out of the shadows of his younger brother and fellow PCN fullback B4U3R10 and shown the world there are two deadly Bauers in this league. While we fully expect to hear some outcry from the #PCNhatesfullbacks crowd, no one can argue with B4U3R11’s inclusion in this list as he helped Arsenal to a PCN Cup and had a fine line of 5 assists, 71 passing points, 12 clean sheets, 57 interceptions, 181 possessions won, 30 goals allowed, and 4 MOTM in 37 matches.

CDM: I KRAK I (Arsenal) – Our final member of the Arsenal quartet in our team, KingofKrak continues to do his best to silence the haters as he earns his second TOTS in his career with a steady run of performances in S8. Krak has 100% been freed by now as his 3 goals, 2 assists, 8 key passes, 67 passing points, 11 clean sheets, 65 tackles (2nd), 88 interceptions, 177 possessions won, 40 goals allowed, and 5 MOTM show.

CM: talentless (River Plate) – Long been a butt of many a joke revolving his gamertag and ability in pro clubs, River Plate’s FIFA Talentless showed the true irony in his name as he was an integral part of the reason the Argentinian club was so dominant for much of the season. From the center mid position, Talentless had an incredible line of 14 goals, 10 assists, 22 key passes, 73 passing points, 47 tackles, 63 interceptions, 150 possessions won, and 4 MOTM in just 33 games during S8.

CAM: Ischwiftys (Manchester United) – Another player who has shown that Division 1 can be an excellent place to start your PCN career and develop the skills needed in Super League is MaKiNo’s S6 teammate iSchwiftys from Manchester United. Schwifty followed up an impressive S7 with an even better effort in S8 as he was the creative genius responsible for a lot of what the Manchester club was able to do as his league-leading 72 key passes, 8 goals, 26 assists (3rd), 53 interceptions, 145 possessions won, and 4 MOTM demonstrate.

ST: Criminal Lazer (Orlando Pirates) – The final player in our S8 Super League Team of the Season is none other than the ruthless and efficient Criminal Lazer of Orlando Pirates who helped fire his team to a league title in their first season in Super League. Lazer was pew pewing all over defenses this season as he finished second in the golden boot race with 45 tallies to go along with 19 assists, 37 key passes, 81 passing points, and 12 MOTM awards (2nd) in his rookie PCN season.

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