Team Of The Season – Season 8 – League One

Starting XI

GK: darkberry98 (Bayer Leverkusen) – We start off the S8 TOTS with a league winner and absolute monster between the goalposts, Darkberry98. When he wasn’t racking up league titles and TOTW awards, Darkberry was simply keeping the opposition from scoring at all costs. His impressive season included a new D1 record 11 clean sheets, just 33 goals allowed, a handy 125 saves, and 3 well-earned MOTM awards.

RB: beastgaming (America) – It wasn’t the best of seasons for America after a disappointing final day saw them fall short of the playoff, but that didn’t stop beastgaming5000 from having one of the best seasons around. A consistent defensive season from beast helped keep America afloat and is the reason why he is recognized as one of the top defenders in D1 this season. He was able to accumulate an impressive 5 assists, 8 key passes, 74 passing points (3rd), 48 interceptions, 136 possessions won, only 29 goals allowed, 8 clean sheets, and 4 MOTM awards for the Mexican club.

CB: NSGG DAN (Inter Milan / Bayer Leverkusen) – The first of two primarily Inter Milan TOTS defenders, NSGG Dan was an absolute wall at the back, especially after his late season move along with SSspurs94 to Bayer Leverkusen. Along with a league title, Dan was able to secure a share of the new clean sheet record in D1 with 15 – tied with his teammate, SSspurs94. Besides keeping an insane amount of clean sheets, Dan also had 47 interceptions, 116 possessions won, 80 passing points, a stupidly low 20 goals allowed, and 3 MOTM in 30 games for the Italian and German sides.

CB: Lil IPurpp (Ajax / Benfica) – A very impressive season for Lil iPurpp was shown out by the 3 TOTW awards he was able to bring home this season, virtually guaranteeing him a place among the best D1 players this season. In addition to leading Benfica to a runner up finish, Purpp was also able to finish the season with most possessions won, interceptions, and tackles among all D1 defenders which shows his immense quality. Purpp set a new D1 possessions won record with 171 to go along with 62 passing points, 35 tackles, 69 interceptions (T-2nd), 3 clean sheets, and 2 MOTM in 29 GP.

LB: SSspurs94 (Inter Milan / Bayer Leverkusen) – The second of a fearsome twosome along with NSGG Dan, SSspurs had the most TOTS points among all defenders this season and certainly has made a strong case for a Defender of the Season award. Splitting his time between center back and left back this season, Spurs showed his creativity going forward when given the chance with 5 assists and 16 key passes, which led all defenders. No slouch on defense though of course, Spurs tied Dan for the clean sheet record while also contributing 73 passing points, 34 interceptions, 86 possessions won, 20 goals allowed, and 4 MOTM in a full 30 game season.

CDM: Darcy8x (Bayer Leverkusen) – One of the least surprising members of this D1 TOTS is Darcy 8, who featured in every single TOTW and is undoubtedly one of the best DMs in D1 and perhaps all of PCN. Darcy improved on the tackle record established last season with 57 this season to go with 3 goals, 13 key passes, 56 passing points, 59 interceptions, 149 possessions won, 31 goals allowed, 8 clean sheets, and 3 MOTM. An impressive season for Bayer has seen Darcy home another TOTS and a D1 title, so hopefully we will see what Darcy can do at the SL level.

CDM: vchenz91  (RB Leipzig) – A mainstay for seventh placed RB Leipzig, Vchenz91 did more than anyone could have asked him to for his team, being otherworldly on the defensive side of the pitch. Vchenz showed throughout S8 that he did have skill on both ends of the pitch with 6 assists, 22 key passes, 60 passing points, 38 tackles (3rd), 69 interceptions (T-2nd), 155 possessions won (2nd), and 3 MOTM. It’s going to be difficult for Leipzig to convince a player of Vchenz’s caliber to stay in D1 next season, as he has proven to us all that he has the talent to be a force in Super League.

CAM: Issinho 11 (Ajax) – The TOTS points leader among midfielders had a fantastic season that will unfortunately not result in a promotion to Super League despite having the incredible talents of Ramos leading the way. His 3 TOTWs and extremely impressive stats give him a strong argument for being the best attacking midfielder in D1 by setting a new record with 54 key passes as well as adding 22 goals, 19 assists, 47 interceptions, 111 possessions won, and 5 MOTM awards in 27 games. One of the stories of the season was the Ajax team that came from the bottom of Division 1 in S7 to narrowly missing out on promotion after losing on penalties in the promotion final, so we here in PCN are fascinated to see what Ramos and teammates can do next.

CAM: Xavi8 (Bayer Leverkusen) – Our last midfielder in the starting XI for the TOTS is another Levekusen player in Raven52rl and another one who has now had two back-to-back standout seasons after being named the Attacking Mid of the Season for D1 in S7. Raven continued his great play in setting up his teammates this season while setting a new D1 assist record with 22 dimes in addition to 12 goals, 43 key passes, and 89 possessions won for the German side. Leverkusen were a dominant force this season, and I don’t think you can underestimate the influence that having a creative player like Raven52rl makes to a team’s attack.

ST: liverpoolmadkev (Bayer Leverkusen) – Our first striker in the starting lineup for Division 1 should be no shock to fans of PCN after liverpoolmadkev followed up his Striker of the Season performance from S7 with another incredible campaign. Madkev was a pain to all D1 defenders once again after he finished with an incredible line of 45 goals (2nd), 18 assists, 37 key passes, 47 passing points, and 6 MOTM in his 29 games for 1st placed Bayer. With 2 TOTS and a chance at another D1 Striker of the Season award, surely madkev will test himself in S9 in Super League with Bayer Leverkusen and see if he can prove he has the goods against stiffer competition.

ST: iflewandowski9 (Ajax / Benfica) – Our final member of the starting XI but possibly the most notable after his insane performances this season is Benfica’s IF Lewandowski9 who began the season along with fellow TOTS members Lil iPurpp and manager Bdon8407 with Ajax before swapping his Dutch kit for a Portuguese one. The Benfica striker never stopped scoring once he started, and when all was said and done he obliterated the previous goal record with a whopping 50 tallies this season to go along with 9 assists, 15 key passes, 59 passing points, and 8 MOTM. It will be fascinating to see if, like liverpoolmadkev, IF Lewy can continue to score at such a high level when he begins to face SL defenses in S9.


GK: I JRutter I 7 I (Ajax) – Kicking off our S8 Team of the Season bench for Division 1 is Ajax’s shop stopper king op Rutter. Rutter has made his name known through the annals of PCN this season after he led the league with 147 saves, while conceding 44 goals, keeping 4 clean sheets, and earning 2 MOTM in his 24 games in net for the surprise team in D1 this season.

CB: Quark Pffft (Bayer Leverkusen) – What a surprise! One more Leverkusen defender as the amazingly named Quark Pffft makes our TOTS after helping lead the title winners from the back from the first game until the last. Quark showed a touch of creativity from the center of defense with 5 assists, 8 key passes, and 65 passing points to go along with 52 interceptions, 112 possessions won, 11 clean sheets (T-3rd), as well as 2 MOTM in a full 30 game slate for the Germans.

LB: eKsiSLe (Ajax) – Sneaking into the TOTS fullback spot with a pair of TOTW performances at the end of the season is Ajax’s impressive left back eKsiSLe. eKsiSLe went a bit under the radar this season, but he more than earned his place as a true fullback with 4 assists, 57 passing points, 23 tackles, 36 interceptions, 102 possessions won, and 3 clean sheets for the Dutch side.

CDM: Jammmyy (Inter Milan) – One word that does not describe Inter Milan’s defense this season would be Jammmyy, but that’s exactly who we have chosen to back up our CDMs in the D1 TOTS. Jammy’s cool and calm nature shined through all season as seen by his 3 assists, 8 key passes, 68 passing points, 35 tackles, 51 interceptions, 96 possessions won, only 19 goals allowed, 11 clean sheets (T-3rd), and 3 MOTM in 24 matches as he helped Inter win promotion and swap places with AC Milan for S9.

CAM: BDON8407 (Ajax / Benfica) – The official redneck of PCN, Bdon8407 sure made his mark in his first ever season in the league after starting out at Ajax before moving on to become Benfica manager early in the season and winning promotion to Super League for S9. Bdon wasn’t just a big talker – he clearly backed his big mouth up with 19 goals, 18 assists, 40 key passes, 54 passing points, and 4 MOTM throughout his debut campaign as a manager and player.

ST: xII Chronik IIx (RB Leipzig) – Our second Leipzig player on the list and one of the most consistent players in all of D1, xII Chronik IIx easily earned a spot in our squad after only missing out on one TOTW all season. Chronik was both a finisher and provider as is evidenced in his 27 GP with his 27 goals, 22 assists (T-1st), 32 key passes, 54 passing points, and insane 11 MOTM which tied for the league lead and a new D1 record.

ST: Famxus2K (Bayer Leverkusen) – Last but certainly, absolutely, positively not last in our Team of the Season is the man who put together arguably the best Division 1 team PCN has ever seen in RiooTV. Rioo’s Leverkusen was a dominant force all season thanks to a talented cast of players, but Rioo showed out as well this season with 23 goals, 18 assists, 44 key passes, 68 possessions won, and 4 MOTM as he led his Bavarians all the way to the promised land.

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