Team Of The Season – Season 7 – League One

Starting XI

GK: SOSA GANG92 (Porto) – Kicking off the D1 TOTS for S7 is FC Porto’s acrobat between the sticks in SOSA GANG92. Sosa set a new D1 record with 172 saves to go along with 19 PP, 1 CS, and 52 GA in 25 games for the Portuguese club.

RB: Aus 1927 (Barcelona) – Making up for lost time and earning his first TOTS selection is Barcelona’s beast of a right back in Aus 1927. Though he may have turned 90 last year and spent the first part of the season with Real Madrid, Aus was incredible in his 15 GP in D1 with 5 A, 16 KP, 28 INT, 65 PW, and 5 CS (T-1st).

CB: Oneshot26 (Toronto) – You had better not give him too much time and space to close you down because the appropriately named Oneshot26 from Toronto does not miss opposition attackers. Oneshot set a pair of new D1 records with 63 INT and 164 PW to go along with 71 PP, 23 DT, and 3 CS for the Canadian club in 25 matches during S7.

CB: Tastey Bubbles (Atlanta) – Joining Oneshot in the heart of the defense is the defensive leader of title-winning Atlanta United – Tastey Bubbles. Despite being a rookie, it’s pretty clear that Tastey knows how to hold it down in the backline with his 3 G (1st among defenders), 57 PP, 49 INT, 119 PW, 5 CS (T-1st), and 2 MOTM in his first 24 PCN games.

LB: I LaPara I 5 I (Toronto) – Finishing up the starting defense for the TOTS is PCN veteran I LaPara I 5 I. LaPara has bounced around over the years between different clubs and positions, but maybe he finally found a home on the left side of the Toronto defense as is evidenced by his mighty 3 A, 11 KP, 34 INT, 86 PW, 4 CS, and 2 MOTM in just 19 GP this season.

CDM: SheWantMe813 (Porto) – Not one to hide his confidence, SheWantMe813 from Porto showed exactly why the ladies love him with his first TOTS choice in S7. SheWant was a force in defense and attack as can be seen by his 4 G, 9 A, 12 KP, 40 DT (2nd), 45 INT, and 74 PW over his 27 matches this season.

RM: Serginho9 (Toronto) – Joining his Canadian teammates Oneshot and LaPara in the TOTS is their manager and leader Seginho9. Serginho played a little bit of everything in S7 but he earned a spot as our RM with an impressive 9 G, 10 A, 22 KP, 75 PP (2nd), 62 PW, and 6 MOTM (T-2nd) during his 29 GP.

LM: TURKEYBOY34 (Atlanta) – Well after many seasons of getting roasted on the pitch, in party chats, and on the forums, Atlanta United’s manager TURKEYBOY34 finally had the last laugh during S7 with some roasting of his own and a spot in his first ever TOTS. Turkey was a nuisance to defenders all season with his 17 G, 8 A, 14 KP, 51 PP, and 6 MOTM (T-2nd) in 25 games – the only question is can he and Atlanta repeat their success in the SL for S8?

CAM: Raven52rl (Liverpool) – Clearly a big fan of Ray Lewis (arguably the GOAT of NFL linebackers), Raven52rl did some dominating of his own in S7 as he earned the CAM spot in our TOTS. Raven was the creative force that propelled Liverpool to the Super League as is shown by his 12 G, 11 A, 22 KP, 37 PP, and 33 INT in 23 GP.

ST: TTPxDimez (Atlanta) – What’s the old phrase – a good striker needs to be selfish? Well Atlanta’s TTPxDimez clearly is a believer in that adage as he grabs a starting ST spot in our TOTS. Dimez blew away the previous D1 goal record with a whopping 37 in S7, while also adding 2 A, 11 KP, 48 PP, and 3 MOTM during 23 games for the title winners from the Dirty South.

ST: liverpoolmadkev (Liverpool) – Rounding out the Starting XI for the D1 TOTS is the deadly liverpoolmadkev from, well, Liverpool. Madkev was a crucial part of the Merseyside attack that helped them sneak into 3rd and gain promotion as his 22 G, 13 A (3rd), 18 KP, 49 PP, and 5 MOTM in 26 GP clearly show.


GK: Infredz (Atlanta) – After some time off, Infredz made his triumphant to a PCN TOTS with his first selection since S4 with Manchester City. Infredz was infredible for Atlanta United as he posted 21 PP, 112 SV (2nd), 35 GA, 5 CS (1st), and 5 MOTM (1st among GKs) in 25 matches.

CB: Ix J Ro xI (Barcelona) – The second Barcelona defender to make this team, Ix J Ro xI was an easy choice to make it into our TOTS despite his lack of playing a full season. J Ro did a bit of everything from deep for the Catalan giants as his stat line of 2 A, 16 KP, 42 INT, 88 PW, and 5 CS (T-1st) in only 16 games suggests.

LB: LIEONELMESSI10 (Porto) – The final defender in our S7 TOTS, Porto’s LIEONELMESSI10 makes up for his lack of spelling ability with great fullback play instead. LIEONEL was an easy choice to back up the starters with his 5 A, 8 KP, 49 PP, 39 DT (3rd), 37 INT, 83 PW, and 2 MOTM in 24 GP as Porto manager.

CDM: Darcy 8 (Liverpool) – Next up in the TOTS is one of the key pieces to Liverpool’s promotion campaign in defensive beast Darcy 8. Darcy split his time between CB and CDM, but position didn’t really matter as he set a new D1 tackles record with 41, while also adding 3 G, 51 PP, 55 INT (3rd), 108 PW, and 2 CS in 23 matches.

CAM: x jway x (RB Leipzig) – Our last midseason addition to make the TOTS, RB Leipzig’s x jway x led by example as manager of the Germans in S7. J way showed that his way is best in only 16 games with 9 G, 7 A, 28 KP (T-1st), 43 PP, and 4 MOTM in his debut PCN season.

ST: I Rowdy I (Liverpool) – Joining his partner in crime Madkev as strikers in the TOTS is Liverpool’s I Rowdy I. Rowdy certainly lived up to his combative name with an amazing 26 G (3rd), 9 A, 18 KP, 59 PP, and 3 MOTM in 26 GP for the British club.

ST: alexisbeast813 (Porto) – Last but certainly not least, Porto’s alexisbeast813 joins several of his Portuguese teammates in the S7 Team of the Season. Alex had a fine campaign himself as he posted 29 G (2nd), 10 A, 10 KP, 38 PP, and 5 MOTM during his 25 matches this season.

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