Team Of The Season – Season 6 – Super League

Starting XI

GK: Phil The Fish (Lyon / Juventus) – Kicking off, or should we say flipping off, the Team of the Season for S6 of the PCN is Juventus’ aquaman between the pipes, Phil The Fish. Phil spent the first half of the season with Lyon before transferring midseason to Juventus and finishing the season with a league-best 146 saves, 36 GA, 5 CS (T-2nd), and a telling 6 MOTM awards in his 25 games split between the two teams. Phil established himself in S5 by earning the GK spot in the inaugural D1 TOTS and clearly now has cemented his status as one of the top goalies in all of PCN with another TOTS selection and league title to boot.

CB: KingEvan300 (AC Milan) – Another season of PCN and another fine display by the only King with a crown that I know of in PCN, as KingEvan300 earns his third straight starting spot in the TOTS (becoming just the 2nd player in league history to accomplish that feat). Evan led the way for Milan once again with 5 A, 10 KP, 67 INT, 130 PW, 6 CS, and 5 MOTM after playing in all 30 games this season. After seasons of coming up just short, Evan finally won his first bit of silverware by managing the Italians to their first ever PCN Cup and proving once again that if you come at the king, you best not miss.

CB: QIK (Real Madrid) – If you don’t slow down in life every once in a while, you might just… Well, nevermind it’s good to be fast if Real Madrid’s defensive stalwart QIK has taught us anything this season. QIK’s lightning-fast reactions helped him compile 5 A, 16 KP, 62 PP, 73 INT (3rd), 159 PW (2nd), 5 CS, and 5 MOTM in 28 games for the Galacticos. Madrid may have finished the season a couple of places out of the Super Cup, but QIK was too quick for the rest of the league as he snuck his way onto the AC Milan roster just before the deadline to have a chance at winning a trophy in S6.

CB: X2Z Assassin (Juventus) – One of the league’s most established and talented defenders, Juve’s X2Z Assassin was once again the leader of the league’s best defense as he earned his first TOTS nod since S3. Assassin didn’t have quite the offensive burden he has been given in the past, and his excellent stat line of 5 A, 11 KP, 56 PP, 58 INT, 136 PW, and 11 CS in 26 matches shows his value in locking opposition attacks down for the league champions. Will Assassin stick around to try to win another title with Juventus? Only time will tell.

CDM: KingofKrak (Real Madrid / PSG) – It has been said that chants of #FreeKrak still echo in stadiums and locker rooms across the PCN, but it’s clear that PSG’s defensive mid KingofKrak has finally been unleashed to his full capacity. PCN’s resident Rob Ford / Lamar Odom was fantastic all season whether in Paris or in Spain with Real Madrid, as he showed by gathering 9 KP, 58 PP, 36 DT (2nd), 74 INT (2nd), 153 PW (3rd), 5 CS, and 4 MOTM over his 24 games played. They tried to make him go to rehab, but KingofKrak said “NO, NO, NO” and showed all of the PCN exactly why in S6.

CDM: TUK VKZL x 951 (Roma) – Partnering up with Krak in the center of midfield is Roma’s underrated midfield dynamo TUK VZKL x 951. TUK was a key part of the Roma team that surprised many and earned a spot in the Super Cup by leading PCN in tackles with 48 to go along with 2 G, 2 A, 61 PP, 62 INT, 139 PW, and 3 CS during his 28 games. Though Roma will be undergoing a managerial change with a new team for S7, expect this midfielder to have plenty of interest in his services after an outstanding season earned TUK a starting spot in our TOTS.

RM: iJakoob (Roma) – Perhaps the surprise of the season to many but not to those who have played with him, iJakoob easily earned a spot in our TOTS after leading his Roma team (previously Monaco in the VIP League) to a spot in the Super Cup. Jakoob seemingly came out of nowhere to attack PCN leftbacks at will from his spot at RAM to the tune of 14 G, 19 A, 53 KP (2nd), 31 PP, 31 INT, 90 PW, and 6 MOTM in 29 games this season. While Jakoob will be leaving Roma along with TUK and the rest of the team at the conclusion of S6, I’m sure the services of a winger who averages more than 1 G+A per game will be in high demand.

CAM: KillaAqua99 (Juventus) – Returning for another season in CAM of the Super League TOTS is Juventus’ other merman KillaAqua99. Aqua was the lynchpin in a Juventus attack that ultimately led the league with 90 goals (a PCN record) as he contributed 9 G, 21 A (T-3rd), 43 KP (3rd), 40 PP, 27 INT, and 76 PW in 21 games. It’s not hard to understand the success of Juventus over the past couple of seasons when you consider they have a monopoly on all of the best aquatic-based players in the league.

LM: xRetroPackx (AC Milan) – After seasons of narrowly missing out on a place in the TOTS, AC Milan’s xRetroPackx left no doubt of his quality in S6 as he helped the club to another 2nd place finish. Retro’s aggressive and risk-taking style produced to the effect of 11 G, 21 A (T-3rd), 30 KP, 35 PP, and 69 PW in his 27 games played this season. While long known perhaps more for his talk off the pitch, Retro’s place on a very successful and competitive AC Milan club should only solidify his reputation as one of the PCN’s most dangerous attackers for another season.

ST: xMISFITx6661 (Lyon) – Starting at striker for the team is Lyon’s inappropriately named xMISFITx6661, as he has returned to claim a starting place in the TOTS after managing to do the same in S4 while at Man City. MISFIT clearly found a fit playing up front with Leak Boys 02 and the rest of the Lyon bunch as he notched an incredible 23 assists and 58 key passes (both new PCN records) to go along with 26 G, 57 PP, and 8 MOTM (T-2nd) in 27 games. With 49 goals directly contributed to and over 2 KP per game, MISFIT should be a household name again and a name to watch in S7.

ST: I ITALIAN0 I (Juventus) – Rounding out the TOTS Starting XI at striker, who else could it be but Juventus’ manager and talisman up front I ITALIAN0 I. ITALIAN0 repeated his S5 TOTS selection with an astounding 37 goals (new league record) as well as garnering 13 A, 28 KP, 58 PP, and 6 MOTM during his 26 games. At this point there isn’t a ton left for ITALIAN0 to prove as he has now led Juve to back-to-back titles (first time in PCN history) while proving himself as one of the top strikers in league history with two straight TOTS selection. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what he has up his sleeve next!


GK: Kasra25 (Juventus / Manchester United) – Starting off the TOTS bench in net is the divisive but talented Kasra25 from Manchester United (formerly of Juventus). Kasra paced the league with 11 clean sheets to go along with 104 saves, 2 MOTM, and only 19 GA in 26 starts between the sticks.

LB: Gato Bravo9 (Juventus) – Joining his Juventus teammates in the TOTS is this year’s standout performer at fullback in brave cat lover Gato Bravo9. The left back was a steady presence for the Italian giants as he collected 3 A, 54 PP, 28 DT, 40 INT, 111 PW, 9 CS, and 3 MOTM in 22 matches during S6.

CDM: iRealms (Juventus) – Rounding out the Juventus contingent of players with a league-high 6 is their unheralded but extremely talented CDM iRealms. Where other DMs may contribute more to their team’s scoring, Realms takes being safe and secure to the extreme as evidenced by his 97 passing points (new PCN record), 77 INT (1st), 160 PW (1st), 10 CS, and 2 MOTM in 26 games.

CAM: Isoken I 11 I (AC Milan) – Perhaps the most controversial figure in PCN these days, what can no longer be talked about is the quality of AC Milan’s creative dynamo Isoken I 11 I. Whether impersonating other players in the league through fake GTs or conducting FBI like investigations, Isoken has had the PCN on notice for awhile and his 7 G, 22 A (2nd), 35 KP, 41 PP, and 5 MOTM in only 17 games proves that perhaps everyone in PCN should simply focus on stopping his ridiculous play before anything else.

LM: Spicybeatle7192 (Borussia Dortmund) – The lone player from Dortmund in the team, longtime PCN vet Spicybeatle7192 finally had the season many always thought was possible as the manager led the Germans to a 4th place finish. Spicy was red-hot all season long with 14 G, 14 A, 29 KP, 58 PP, 85 PW, and 4 MOTM from the left wing in 29 games for a Dortmund team that still has hopes of Super Cup glory.

ST: Chubworldpeace (AC Milan) – The name may imply someone small who simply wants the world to get along, but Milan’s Chubworldpeace was a big fella with bad intentions all season long. After making his name in the VIP League, Chubs earned a spot in the TOTS in his first try after racking up 33 G (3rd), 9 A, 24 KP, 54 PW, and 8 MOTM (T-2nd) in a full slate of 30 games for AC Milan.

ST: Erick I 9 I (Roma) – Finishing off the SL TOTS is one more striker in Roma’s Erick I 9 I who proved that goals were to come in fast and frequent during an exhilarating S6 of the PCN. Erick was a big part of the Roman success this past season as he contributed with 38 G (2nd), 12 A, 27 KP, 53 PP, 51 PW, and an insane 14 MOTM (1st) in 29 games

Editor: dorseyfurcal18

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