Team Of The Season – Season 6 – League One

Starting XI

Chef Weezyy: The Schalke keeper has proved to be a vital piece to their success recording the most MOTMS out of all GK’s he must’ve been a crucial part to earning so many points for the team 

R7CO: A vital part to the best center back partnership in all of D1, R7CO provided a constant rock in the back for a team that was known for shutting out opposition game in or game out  

MaKiNo: The other half of the Schalke Center back partnership is Makino. Makino was more of the the attacking center back for the team as out of all defenders he has by far had the best attacking stats with his 2 goals, 2 assists, and 7 key passes 

IM COOL LIKE: After finishing the season on top of Tackles and Interceptions for all defenders, the Spurs man surely deserved a spot in the TOTS after dominating all other attackers and keeping the back line on lock 

I Can’t Finnish: In his debut season as a manger he has proven to everybody that doubted him that he is capable of what it takes to be a successful manager and player, finishing the season as one of the top ranked Mids, and players in general, this should be a season to remember 

Vaccinelol: He surely is the Tanky CDM every team needs, Vaccine is one of the top players in getting Tackles, Interceptions, and Possessions won. He does all. This whole maintaining a high passing percentage which is also why counter attacks run so smooth at Schalke 

Fizzy1337: After finishing the season with 17 goals, this talented winger was only 2 goals away from the golden boot, something most wingers aren’t even considered for, he was really a vital part of the attack and part of a great trio up top 

iSchwiftys: After finishing the season with the most TOTS points out of all players in D1, this is sure to be one of his best seasons ever, recording a absolutely absurd 38 key passes in a D1 season absolutely smashed the previous record before him, expect great things from him in the Super League 

ogfearisgod: The cam for Spurs that some say is responsible for the Foundation for the attack, he provides a clean even number of goals, assists, and key passes that instantly boosts any teams attack into something great 

Death Row Tull: One of the most clinical strikers in D1 on the title winning team can only mean 1 thing. Goals. Patching in 17 goals this season he was in a close race for golden boot the majority of the season but none the less it was a amazing season for Death Row Tull 

KXNG SNOW: The self proclaimed “Wonderkid” of D1 Broke the record for goals in a season for D1 and took home a golden boot at the same time. This helped lead the team he manages, Spurs into the promotion spot to get his team into the Super League 


iPouya: Torontos keeper has earned them many points this seasons by keeping them in games they got outplayed in, this led to his TOTS bench card 

My Seraph: The second Spurs striker to appear in TOTS is My Seraph, he was the more creative striker out of the 2. Usually passing the ball and looking for the open man rather then taking the shot himself 

Wisp in the Win: This creative CAM was one of the best in D1 in finding the open man which is also why he is one of the top players in Assists and Key Passes 

Midlos: This anchor of a center half helped provide constant support in the back while simultaneously helping the attack, something all managers look for in a class CDM 

NJ Warrior: This powerful Left Back was excellent in keeping wingers out of his space by using brute physicality and strength to body people out and block crosses to win the ball back 

x 561 1k: A talented Center Half who has shown time and time again that he has the Skill and Mental capability to play CB. Not only does he stop all strikers from getting an easy attack but he does a quality job clearing crosses that are driven in. 

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