Team Of The Season – Season 14 – Super League

Starting XI

GK: Sir Grafix (Manchester City) – Kicking us off in net for our fourteenth edition of Team Of The Season is none other than Manchester City’s, Sir Grafix. After impressing for Barcelona in League 1 in Season 13, Man City took a punt on the American born shot stopper, and he didn’t disappoint. Grafix made 109 saves (2nd) across 35 games played, averaging out at 3.03 saves per game. He also kept an impressive 16 clean sheets (2nd), completed 41 passes and averaged 0.86 goals against (31 conceded) which helped his side finish in 9th place and reach the Royal Cup final.

CB: Austin x33 (Orlando Pirates) – Another stellar season for the experienced CB, Austin x33. After being told to tone down his skill moves by the Orlando management, Austin settled in and let his defensive prowess do the talking. Being one of the only players to compete in all 38 games at CB, Austin found himself with the best possession won/lost ratio at 3.24 (162/50). Austin really showed his ability on the ball after he won it back, he completed 170/193 passes, which equates to the best pass accuracy, 88.08%. Austin also proved he is a defensive powerhouse with 43 tackles, 95 interceptions and 18 clean sheets for Super League runners up, Orlando Pirates.

CB: Liberoo x (Real Madrid) – For like the 47th Team Of The Season in a row, we find Liberoo, aka Futty. This man has come into Super League and cemented himself as one of the best CB’s in the league, with every competing team wanting to pick up his signature. Having conceded only 18 goals this season and keeping an amazing 22 clean sheets (1st), it is clear to see why this man has made TOTS yet again. He also contributed 132 possessions won and only 64 lost (2.06 ratio), 77.71% passing accuracy, 24 tackles and 68 interceptions. His defensive displayed also helped his team win the Royal Cup in empathic fashion against Man City.

CB: SC SeaBass (Tottenham) – After a few seasons out of the fold in PCN, SeaBass made a massive impression on Tottenham’s OnlineAce during trials. SeaBass was signed up and the defense was built around him. Unfortunately, Spurs were relegated to League 1 but that didn’t stop SeaBass having an individual stand out season in Super League. Having played in 33 games, the commanding defender had 117 interceptions (1st), 16 blocks (1st), 188 possessions won (1st) and an impressive 8 clean sheets. HE also contributed with 52 tackles (2nd), 99 headers and added 1 goal for his team. Although he conceded 66 goals, SeaBass done all he could to try keep his side in the division, surely there will be a few Super League managers keen to recruit him coming into Season 15.

CDM: Jammmyy (Benfica) – Jammmyy aka PWTB Jam Jaars, finds himself returning to individual rewards for the first time since leaving Inter in Season 11. Jammmyy finds himself in TOTS with the least games played across the entire team, just showing how important he was to his Benfica side this season. Across 31 games Jammmyy had 99 tackles (1st), 101 interceptions, 196 Possessions won and 7 MOTM awards. He should his ability on the ball with 86.66% passing accuracy, 5 key passes and 2 assists (T-3rd), showing that when he won the ball back, he created chances.

CDM: CM9 PT (Orlando Pirates) – Another player that is making it a habit of making TOTS is none other than the midfield destroyer, CM9 PT. CM9 put up some monster performances at the heart of the Orlando midfield again this season, and was unlucky not to pick up any silverware finishing 2nd in Super League and runner up in in the League cup. CM9 averaged 7.17 (1st) for tackles (93) and interceptions (165 (1st)) won per game, across the 36 games he played. CM also won 71 headers (1st), 242 possessions won (1st), 2.85 Possessions won/ lost ratio (1st) and ended the season with 87.28% passing. All these stats combined seen him end the season with a PER rating of 24.08, 2 whole points about the 2nd placed CDM.

RM: oX M A M B A Xo (Chelsea) – After making the switch from Valencia to Chelsea, Mamba was head and shoulders above the rest of the RM’s in Super league this season. He had a goal contribution 2 out of every 3 games (0.66 G+A/Game (1st)) with 12 goals scored (1st) and 13 assists (1st). The Carolina native added a further 33 Key passes (T-1st), which shows how good he was for his side when going forward in that RW spot. Mamba showed his ability to press and win the ball back high up the pitch with 26 tackles, 24 interceptions and 57 possessions won. A true stand out season for Mamba, will we be seeing him in a Chelsea shirt again in Season 15?

LM: Dust I 17 I (Orlando PIrates) – After finishing runner up in Super League, Dust will find some comfort in finding himself in Season 14’s TOTS. If you remember back to last season’s TOTS, you will see Dust at ST, just further showing this mans versatility for Orlando. Dust provided a strong press from the left, this is shown by his 35 tackles, 69 interceptions (1st) and 106 possessions won (1st). With 6 goals and 13 assists (1st), coupled with 42 Key passes (1st), he proved he was a thorn in oppositions side. His ability to threat deep crosses to his attacking duo was unrivaled this season (15 crosses (1st)), he ended the season with 79.86% passing. All these stats combined see’s him finish the season with a PER of 17.02.

CAM: Andressi17 (Young Boys) – Our starting CAM for this seasons TOTS, goes to none other than Super League winner, Andressi. After struggling in Season 13, Young boys appointed Andressi as manager and boy did he turn that ship around, In his first season in charge he clinched the Super League Title and added a further 2 cups, League cup and Super cup. He finished the season with the highest PER for CAM’s with 21.83, not lets break that down and see how we got to that number. 13 goals (1st), 9 assists (3rd) and 39 key passes, showed just how creative Andressi was for his team mates. Andressi showed a massive hunger for winning the ball back in the oppositions third with 36 tackles, 58 interceptions and 98 possessions won. Andressi showed great ability on the ball with 20.16 passes per game (1st) and 82.89% passing accuracy.

ST: Frijolito8921 (Real Madrid) – Onto this season’s golden boot winner, Frijolito. Frijo netted on 38 occasions (28 in league & 10 in cup games) this season which helped his side to a 3rd placed finish and a Royal Cup victory. Frijo was one of only 2 ST’s to finish the season above 1 goal and assist contribution per game, 1.18 (2nd) which came from 28 goals and 12 assists across his 34 games played. The Mexican poacher had the best conversion rate in Super League with 43.75% of his 53 shots of target finding the back of the net. Frijo was a key part in Los Blancos attack and found himself earning 9 MOTM awards, which contributed to his 20.2 PER ranking.

ST: Kessy I 17 I (Orlando) – Orlando’s Kessy finds himself on another TOTS here on PCN, making it back to back appearances at ST. This season saw Kessy bang 22 goals, 12 assists and added a further 65 key passes (1st). Kessy had a conversation rate of 30% from his 57 shots on target (1st) as he helped his side climb to 2nd place in Super League. Kessy contributed the most passes out of all ST’s in the division with 718 passes, with a passing accuracy of 82.15%. Kessy was a key figure as he spearheaded the Orlando attack, this was displayed with his 12 MOTM awards which helped him to a PER of 22.52 (1st) for the season. Kessy was in fine form outside of SL also with 9 goals and 3 assists in Orlando’s cup runs.



GK: Albiiazul (Young Boys) – Coming into his first season in PCN, Albiiazul gained his first individual award for his team. Albiiazul is known from around other leagues, so should be no shock to see him picking up TOTS in his first season here. Albiiazul had some massive performances throughout the season, none bigger his cleansheets against Lyon to clinch the title in their make up game. Albiiazul kept 19 cleansheets (1st) and conceded only 20 goals (1st) across the 34 games he played in for Young Boys this season. He picked up 1 MOTM award and contributed 19 completed passes on his way to the SL title, PCN Cup and Super Cup. Surely if we see this Young Boys team in Season 15, Albiiazul will be looking to take the starting spot next time around.

CB: Salarinho10 (Real Madrid) – After somewhat controversially missing out on TOTS last season, Salar pulled his socks up and got straight to work in Season 14. The Iranian born CB locked down the RCB spot for Real Madrid this season and took part in 37 games in the spot, where he was part of the best defense this season. He was part of the defense that kept 22 clean sheets and conceded only 17 goals all season, which equates to 0.46 goals against per game. Salad had 45 tackles 84 interceptions and 146 possessions won across his 37 games played. Salar showed his ability on the ball with 80.22% passing, 215 passes completed, 1 key pass and 2 goals scored this campaign.

LB: Dre I 3k (AS Monaco) – Our only Full Back in Season 14’s TOTS, comes in the form of AS Monaco’s Left Back Dre. Dre started the season well with Monaco and found himself picking up a number of TOTW awards, he continued this form all the way through even during some rough patches for Monaco. Dre had 62 tackles (2nd), 80 interceptions (1st) and 164 possessions won (1st) which shows how good a season he had at LB for the new promoted French side. He was part of a defense that kept a moderate 12 clean sheets and allowed 38 goals in the league, Dre was a key figure for Monaco and seen himself pick up 3 MOTM awards. After winning the ball back, the defensive powerhouse showed an eye for a pass, with 313 completes passed from 368 attempted (85.05%pass accuracy).

CDM: LaZo l X l (Real Madrid) – After missing out on a TOTS spot last season, Lazo came back hungrier and stronger to make sure his name was on the list this time around. Lazo put in some mesmerizing performances in different games for Madrid this season which saw him big up MOTM on 3 separate occasions. Lazo averaged 6.13 tackles / interceptions per game, 84 tackles and 131 interceptions. 20 clean sheets (1st) and 15 goals allowed (1st) resulted in Lazo ending the season with the lowest goals against per game for all defensive players in the division with 0.43 allowed per game. The midfield destroyer showed his ability on the ball with 12 key passes, 84.05% pass accuracy and 448 passes completed.

CAM: AyeVols (Orlando Pirates) – Returning from last season’s TOTS, is none other than the creative genius that is AyeVols. Vols earned his spot-on TOTS with a PER of 20.25 (2nd) and the most passes completed from every player, 707. Vols netted on 10 instances (T-2nd) and added a further 7 assists as he helped his side to 2nd place In Super League. From Vols 84.47% passing accuracy (2nd), he made 48 key passes which gave him a KP per game ratio of 1.33 (2nd). Vols creative spark in the CAM spot was integral to Orlando doing well in the league and all the cups this season, where we even seen CB Vols for the first time since Season 9.

ST: Winnie l9l (Real Madrid) – Our first bench ST comes in the shape of Real Madrid’s, Winnie The Pooh. Winnie made a return to Real Madrid after leaving the side after Season 10, the fans welcomed him back with open arms and Winnie repaid their faith in him massively. Winnie had comfortably his best season in Super League to date, with 19 goals and 22 assists (1st), his personal best in both categories. 41 goal contributions saw him finish 2nd in the goals and assists per game category with a 1.11 average. On top of his 22 assists, Winnie had 52 key passes (4th), which just shows how creative this man has been this season for Los Blancos. Madrid will surely be hoping he can recreate these numbers again next season.

ST: Evo 21x (Orlando Pirates) – Coming into our final spot in Season 14’s TOTS, we find none other than the tireless attacker Evo. Since joining the League, Evo has been a constant goal threat and finds himself competing for trophies in every team he joins, this season he finished runner up in Super League and almost helped his side win the League Cup. He ended this season with his best recorded goal tally of 21 goals, he added 12 assists (3rd) and 60 key passes (2nd). His PER total came out at 20.4 (2nd), he earned 9 MOTM awards (T-3rd) and won possession back on 47 occasions for his team and he tried to press and win the ball back high up the pitch. Will we see Evo in a Pirates shirt next season again?

Cards/Graphic: Turajlic
Editor: PWTB Coups

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