Team Of The Season – Season 14 – League Two

Starting XI

GK: jbro435 (Porto) – Kicking off the TOTS for League Two is the netminder from Invicta in Northern Portugal, jbro435. The netminder at Porto shined for a club that had a very strong finish to season 14. He walked out of the tunnel 31 times for his side, only being beat 23 times in league play. Jbro435 was busy at times, registering nearly 4 saves per game and a total of 123 saves during the campaign. 13 times the opposing attackers were left goalless. Well deserved pick between the posts to start this TOTS.

RB: xrif jdigz (Santa Clara) – Next up we head to the Azores at Estádio de São Miguel, xrif jdigz makes an appearance at the first fullback spot. He was selected 29 times for Santa Clara, finishing the season with 39 tackles and 64 interceptions as the defender on the right flank. He won the ball back 119 times at fullback, not to mention his 15 clean sheets and 18 goals against. He did his part to help the club finish in a playoff spot in League Two (5th place).

CB: DANTHEMAN390 (West Ham) – To London we go, to the home of the mighty hammers of West Ham. DANTHEMAN390 is the first Centerback featured on the TOTS S14 in L2. The man played all but two games for the English club (36 games out of a possible 38) finishing the season with 31 tackles and 94 interceptions on the season. Clearly he was not an easy CB to face. Having won possession 158 times and logging 15 clean sheets. Even bagging a MOTM and an assist, Dan was the man who deserved a TOTS nod.

CB: UnstopableCM (Celtic) – The first inclusion from the League Two champions from Scotland, Glasgow’s green and white, UnstopableCM. The Centerback appeared 35 times for the League Two champions. The lad finished with 30 tackles, 64 interceptions and 145 total possessions won. A pivotal defender who helped his club directly achieve a whopping 21 clean sheets in his 35 games played. He was on the pitch for a lowly 20 goals against and was efficient out the back with a 89% pass completion. He was pivotal in Celtic’s run to a trophy.

LB: Papimacchiato (Marseille) – We head on to France to fill out the defense with this experienced fullback. Papimacchiato is no stranger to the L2 TOTS XI, having won it in his AS Roma days in Season 12. The Leftback finished the season playing every league game for Olympique de Marseille. 50 tackles won and 99 interception in that time span is nothing to scoff at. 147 possessions won and 17 clean sheets in that time proves Papi’s worth. Finishing with a PER of 18.6, a well deserved entry to this TOTS.

CDM: TheSupremeSumo (Marseille) – Staying in Marseille, we move on to the pivotal Defensive Midfielders in the XI. TheSupremeSumo makes an appearance in this XI. Playing all but one game in the season, Sumo was an important cog in the french club’s midfield on their way to the playoff and subsequent promotion. 68 tackles, 100 interceptions, 13 clean sheets, 3 MOTMs, 24 key passes, 3 goals and 4 assists. It’s really simple to see why the Marseille man is in this XI.

CDM: Lego Dawg (Celtic) – North we go to Celtic Park once again. Lego Dawg makes the XI as the other DM representing the League Two champions. 34 out of a potential 38 games we saw Lego Dawg don the mystic green and white from Glasgow. He did the badge proud. 52 successful tackles, 102 interceptions and 20 clean sheets is worthy of being included. 5 MOTMs and 5 Assists for Lego, he was one of the main guys to lead the club to League Two immortality.

RAM: lilgod18 (Racing Club) – The first time we have a non-European club represented on this list, Racing Club’s own, lilgod18. The Right mid played 30 games for Racing, with 3 goals, 13 assists and 33 key passes for his side. lilgod18 completed 84% of his passes and also earned a PER of 17.95. lilgod18 helped his Racing Club finish 3rd in a competitive L2 season 14. Also taking home the game ball once, lilgod proved his worth and helped his club gain promotion.

CAM: ChiliWilliee (Celtic) – As is the norm in many TOTS, the title winners will have a fair amount of players included. Chiliwilliee makes his appearance in the XI at the central attacking midfielder position. 35 games played for Celtic, Chiliwilliee finished with 8 goals and 8 assists during the victorious campaign. Bringing home the match ball 4 times during the season, Chili also was clinical in distribution with 40 key passes to his mates. Chiliwilliee was another important cog in the winning machine that was Celtic.

LAM: Flatdiamond09 (Leicester City) – We head on the road, south to Leicester City where we will find a Mexican sensation who lit up the King Power Stadium. FlatDiamond09 was a creative midfielder who was a clinical finisher. 36 games for the Foxes, FlatDiamond drove the attack with 14 goals scored and 13 assists from LAM. 37 key passes and 4 MOTMs during the season, FlatDiamond09 helped Leicester achieve a playoff spot. El Zorro did his job.

ST: GameGotHeat (Racing Club) – The lead Talisman in this XI comes from South America. Racing Club’s own, GameGotHeat. The La Academia Striker donned the jersey 36 times for the Argentinean side, scoring a staggering 31 goals in that time span. He was one of the very big reasons why Racing finished the season in 3rd Place in League Two. He bagged 4 MOTMs as well as an impressive 83% pass completion. A pure poacher for the Buenos Aires side, and a well deserved inclusion.


GK: TheBigBadChub (Feyenoord) – The first time we head over to Rotterdam in this TOTS, it’s time to introduce the second Goalkeeper on the list, TheBigBadChub. Being the netminder in 29 games for Feyenoord, the goalkeeper earned 13 clean sheets as well as 7 MOTMs in the campaign. Chub stopped goals on 125 separate occasions and finished the season with a 20.26 PER (Highest PER of all GKs shortlisted), if Feyenoord want to build on this season, Chub has to be their man next season.

CB: careb3ar0fwar (Rangers) – We head back to Glasgow, but this time it isn’t to Celtic Park. No, this time it’s to head to the Ibrox, home of Rangers. careb3ar0fwar is the lone representative for the new PCN club. He played in all but 2 games for Rangers, accruing 27 tackles, 80 interceptions and 152 total possessions won. careb3ar0fwar was an efficient passer out of the back with 85% passing and was the MOTM in 3 games.

CB: Loveburgher (Santa Clara) – The second player from the Azorean islands is once again a defender, this time, a Centerback. Loveburgher represents Santa Clara in the defense in this season’s L2 TOTS. Having played in 32 games, Loveburgher (great gamertag) earned 38 tackles and 60 interceptions. The lad had a total of 106 possessions won and 18 clean sheets for Santa Clara. Loveburgher is a good CB that proved his worth here.

CDM: BlueShadow421 (Toronto) – For the first time we head to the True North. Canada, Toronto to be exact. BlueShadow421 only played 27 games for Toronto, but was an absolute game wrecker in the midfield. 63 tackles and 84 interceptions in that time span is a bit absurd for sure. He also won 7 MOTM awards during the campaign and had a 88% pass completion. Shadow finished with a PER of 18.36 as a defensive midfielder.

CAM: xFallenJedi (Leicester City) – Back to Leicester City we go. We already mentioned one Mexican standout for the Foxes, here we will mention another, xFallenJedi. Jedi played in all but two games at the service of the Foxes, netting 6 goals and contributing to 7 others. He finished the season with 22 key passes, an 85% pass completion and one of the highest Player Efficiency Ratings out of all midfielders at 17.04. An all around midfielder, Jedi brought home MOTM honours on 5 separate occasions.

ST: XpancakewaffleX (Toronto) – The last player from The True North on our list, is a lad with a cracker of a gamertag. XpancakewaffleX is the second striker listed in this season’s TOTS. With 30 games played for TFC, XpancakewaffleX found the net 19 times in league play and assisted on 11 more goals by his mates. A clinical striker, his distribution in dangerous areas were solid as well, with 23 key passes. He was the top player on the pitch in 6 games and helped Toronto FC achieve auto promotion to League One.

ST: DaPanicAttack (Leicester City) – The last player on our list was at the service of the Foxes from Leicester. Playing up top and the 3rd striker on our TOTS list is DaPanicAttack. In 36 games the striker beat the keeper 16 times and set up his mates for another 14. DaPanicAttack was a big reason for his side’s playoff run also tallying 36 key passes and earning the match ball on five occasions. DaPanicAttack was a quality L2 striker for the foxes this past season, no doubt.

A job well done to these lads as they grinded out a long season and performed on a high level in League Two! Could we see the next rising star in PCN on this list? #WitnessGritness

Cards/Graphic: Turajlic
Editor: portuggeeprince


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