Team Of The Season – Season 14 – League One

Starting XI

GK: PCN Buffon (Atletico Madrid) – Kicking off the starting XI for the League One TOTS is Atletico goalkeeper, PCN Buffon. The Atleti keeper has been a key figure for the club since his move to Los Rojiblancos back in S13, as he has quickly established himself as one of PCN’s top keepers, with his consistent play earning him his second TOTS honor in PCN. In his 38 games this season for the Spanish side, PCN Buffon managed to make 158 saves (2nd) to go with 16 clean sheets (T-1st), 33 goals allowed, and the highest PER of all GKs in League One with a 18.65 PER.

RB: Sleepyboy123 (Barcelona) – Making a return to TOTS is Barcelona fullback, Sleepyboy123. Since his drop to League One back in S12, Sleepyboy123 has been nothing short of excellent, asserting himself as a standout player seemingly every season. While Roberto’s sides ultimately came up short this FIFA in terms of promotion you cannot doubt that Sleepyboy123 gave 110% to bring Barca back to SL. In 37 games for the Blaugrana, Sleepyboy123 lead virtually every category for all fullbacks, as he posted 50 tackles (3rd), 90 interceptions (1st), 81 headers won, (1st), 21 clean sheets (T-1st Record), 27 goals allowed (2nd), and a PER of 22.07 (1st).

CB: CaddickLeonJ (Atletico Madrid) – In the center back position is Atletico defender, CaddickLeonJ. Known for his hilarious edits in the discord, CaddickLeonJ has reminded everyone that he is all business on the field come kickoff. Serving as the anchor for an impressive Atletico backline which proved to be one of League One’s top defensive teams, CaddickLeonJ was certainly deserving of his TOTS honor. In 38 games, CaddickLeonJ managed to chip in with 43 tackles (2nd), 92 interceptions (2nd), 183 possessions won (1st), and 89.5% passing (1st), accompanied by 16 clean sheets (T-2nd), 33 goals allowed, and a 16.48 PER.

CB: Zeebruh (Ajax) – The first of a number of League One champions to make an appearance in this TOTS is Ajax defender Zeebruh. The veteran defender has been one of the main components of Ajax’s road to glory from L2 to SL, joining the club last season during their L2 title run. With the highest pw/pl ratio of all defenders with 3.06 and a 88% passing percentage (2nd), the value that Zeebruh brings to a backline with his composure cannot be understated, making the TOTS appearance for one of PCN’s classiest defenders no surprise. In 33 appearances, Zeebruh picked up 37 tackles, 60 interceptions, and 150 possessions won to go along with 11 clean sheets, 26 goals allowed (T-2nd), and a 16.01 PER.

LB: Ruben I5I (Arsenal) – Rounding out the backline is Arsenal defender, Ruben l5l. The Portuguese fullback has certainly had a breakout season in what was an Arsenal side that proved to be one of the biggest surprises in League One. His dynamic play, which can be seen from his 4 assists (1st) and 10 key passes (1st), makes him a constant threat to the opposition regardless whether Arsenal is on the ball attacking or sitting back on defense. In 35 games for the Gunners, Ruben l5l accumulated 47 tackles, 76 interceptions, and 158 possessions won (T-3rd), to go along with 14 clean sheets (3rd), 14 goals allowed (1st), and a PER of 19.78 (3rd).

CDM: Sabanator181 (Borussia Dortmund) – At the heart of midfield is Dortmund midfielder, Sabanator181. Making the move to Dortmund, words cannot describe Sabanator181’s season. The former SL interceptions record holder spent his time in L1 terrorizing the opposition’s attack, as he broke all THREE of the main defensive records for L1 this season, with 106 tackles, 144 interceptions, and 247 possessions won respectively, resulting in 13 clean sheets, 37  -, and a 19.27 PER (1st) in 37 games. With probably the best defensive performance in League One of all time, it is clear that Sabantor181 belongs in SL and many teams will be eager to acquire his services in the offseason.

RM: Teddy Swims (Arsenal) – On the right flank is Arsenal midfielder, Teddy Swims. Having been in PCN since S9, Teddy Swims has without a doubt found his best form to date with the Gunners. In terms of both offensive and defensive production in League One, it’s clear that Teddy Swims was the most well rounded player in all of League One, as he put in the biggest shift on both ends of the field, and posted impressive numbers across the board with 8 goals (T-3rd), 12 assists, 34 key passes, 64 tackles (2nd), 106 interceptions (1st), 181 possessions won (1st), 86% passing (1st) and leading all attacking midfielders in PER with 22.56 in his 37 games.

LM: MasterSpankMe10 (Arsenal) – On the left flank is yet another Gunner, MasterSpankMe10. Another player to have their breakout season in PCN with the London based side, MasterSpankMe10 had a sensational season out wide. The Arsenal midfielder provided an offensive threat out wide which made the side one of the deadliest offensive teams in all of League One, and with 11 goals (1st), 20 assists (1st), and 51 key passes (2nd), MasterSpankMe10 posted higher numbers in all three of these categories then in all of his previous seasons combined, giving him a PER of 18.82 (3rd) in 35 games for the season.

CAM: x Viciosz (Ajax) – The second League One champion to make an appearance for TOTS is Ajax midfielder, x Viciosz. Continuing his excellent form for the Dutch side from last season, x Viciosz is the driving force behind Ajax’s highly coveted offense. His creativity on the ball and the vision he possesses to make the right pass allows him to thrive from the CAM position and pick apart the opposition’s defense with ease. With rumors of Ajax disbanding next season, x Viciosz will most certainly be a top prospect for many SL teams in the offseason. In 33 games, x Viciosz finished the season with 9 goals (2nd), 23 assists (1st), and 59 key passes (1st), earning him a 22.15 PER (2nd).

ST: Bull321 (Atalanta) – In the first striker position is Atalanta forward, Bull321. The trend for this TOTS is without a doubt breakout seasons, and Bull321 most certainly continues that trend. The Golden boot winner seemingly came out of nowhere, as he was picked up on a loan by Atalanta, and what a decision that turned out to be. Bull321 put in an absurd performance for Atalanta, scoring 38 goals (1st), and putting up 10 assists and 41 key passes in 38 games, resulting in a 21.09 PER and managing to eclipse the numbers he put up in these categories in all his previous seasons combined.

ST: x Erickson (Ajax) – The third League One champion to make an appearance for TOTS is Ajax forward, x Erickson. What would be considered by many as the standout on a team filled with standouts, x Erickson unsurprisingly had yet another sensational season. With 32 goals and 20 assists (T-1st) in 37 games, to go along with 48 key passes (T-1st) and the highest PER in all of League One with 23.5, x Erickson also had the highest goal contributions in all of League One, showing everyone that he is equally capable in facilitating his teammates as he is in putting the ball in the back of the net, a quality in which only the elite strikers in PCN can boast. With word of an Ajax breakup going around, x Erickson will surely be at the top of many SL teams’ lists in the offseason.


GK: shmimpyy (PSG) – Starting off the bench is PSG goalkeeper, shmimpyy. Without a doubt the biggest surprise this season, shmimpyy earns a TOTS honor in what is his debut season in PCN. Playing on a PSG team that narrowly avoided relegation with a 16th place finish, shmimpyy proved to be their savior this season, as their main man between the sticks appears to have single-handedly prevented what looked like an inevitable double relegation for PSG.
In 36 games this season, shmimpyy managed to make 173 saves (1st), to go along with 15 clean sheets (T-2nd), 30 goals against, and a 15.36 PER rating (2nd).

CB: Snowboarder 778 (Barcelona) – The second Barcelona player with an appearance in the defensive trio is Barca defender, Snowboarder 778. Snowboarder 778 has long been known in PCN as top center back, and the former SL possessions won record holder and TOTS defender reminded everyone of his talents, commanding a backline which broke the record for most clean sheets in League One with 21. Along with his record, Snowboarder 778 also accumulated 24 tackles, 45 interceptions, 125 possessions won, and 88 headers won (1st) accompanied by 26 goals allowed (T-2nd) and a PER of 13.98 in his 37 games.

LB: SSspurs94 (Barcelona) – The final Barcelona player in the defensive trio is Barca fullback, SSspurs94. After making the move from Arsenal to Barcelona after three seasons with the club, SSspurs94 also decided it was time for a position change to a full time left back, and what a decision that turned out to be. Along with Sleepyboy123, SSspurs94 created the best fullback duo in League One, capable of shutting down the oppositions attack seemingly every game, and picking up the clean sheet record in League One with 21 as a result. SSspurs94 also picked up 21 tackles, 84 interceptions (2nd), and 139 possessions won to go along with, 28 goals allowed (3rd), and a 17.57 PER in 37 games.

CDM: Zidane l7l (Ajax) – The fourth and last League One champion to appear on the list is Ajax midfielder, Zidane l7l. The legendary defensive midfielder spent his farewell tour with the Dutch side this season, playing an integral part at the heart of midfield where he excels. In his final season Zidane l7l made sure to play to his full potential one last time, the vision, the composure, the defensive IQ, all of it was on full display for everyone to witness, and now Zidane l7l not only goes out as a champion, but he picks up a TOTS honor as well. Zidane l7l finished the season with 10 key passes (2nd), 90.5% passing (1st), 88 tackles (2nd), 124 interceptions (3rd), and 214 possessions won (2nd), as well as 15 clean sheets (1st), 29 goals allowed (3rd), and a PER of 19.19 (2nd) in 37 games.

CAM: Yungryg (Atalanta) – Making an appearance on the bench is Atalanta midfielder, Yungryg. Bull321 was not the only player to have a breakout season with the Italian side, as Yungryg made sure to show everyone on PCN the deadly range of passes he possesses, consistently feeding the “bull” that is Bull321. With 18 assists (3rd) and 44 key passes (3rd) this season Yungryg has proven that he is one of the best facilitators of the ball in all of PCN, and has picked up a TOTS honor in doing so. In his 32 games Yungryg also managed to produce 7 goals, earning a 19 PER (3rd) in the process.

ST: R9 GODriguez (Atletico Madrid) – Coming into the first forward spot on the bench is Atletico Madrid forward, R9 GODriguez. Surely Ateltico’s signing of the season, R9 GODriguez was outstanding this season, there’s simply no other way to put it. Putting up a 25 goal and 20 assist (T-1st) season shows that R9 GODriguez is not a one dimensional forward, as he can be productive as both a facilitator and goal scorer, and this quality is something that only the most elite forwards in PCN can boast. Along with his goals and assists he also managed to put up 45 key passes and a PER of 18.74 in 38 games, making it crucial for Atletico to retain the star forward’s services for next season if they want to have a good shot at promotion.

ST: Shamrockslax24 (Lille) – Finishing out the S14 edition of the League One TOTS is the sole representative for Lille, Shamrockslax24. The Lille forward has long been known for his ability to produce in League One, and has done it again with another TOTS worthy season. Lille was without a doubt one of the biggest surprises in League One this season, earning promotion as the ultimate underdog, and with Shamrockslax24 narrowly missing out on the golden boot with 36 goals (2nd) he was without a doubt the main piece behind their success, serving as the offensive talisman for the club. Up top for the French side, Shamrockslax24 was also able to produce 10 assists, and 23 key passes in his 38 games, along with a 20.08 PER.

Cards/Graphic: Turajlic
Editor: CM9 PT


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