Team Of The Season – Season 13 – Super League

Starting XI

GK: Apocryphion (Valencia): In net for the thirteenth edition of the Super League TOTS is none other than Valencia goalkeeper, Apocryphion. The TOTY Goalkeeper made his return to SL in style, earning his first ever SL TOTS as the main man between the sticks for Valencia, and serving as safe hands for an excellent defensive side that secured a top 3 spot through an impressive 21 clean sheets. In his 37 games this season, Apoc made 104 saves to go along with 21 clean sheets (1st), 21 goals against(T-2nd), and a PER rating of 17.26 (2nd).

CB: Liberoo x (Orlando Pirates / Chelsea): Kicking off the TOTS starting backline is Chelsea center back, Liberoo x. Earning his now 4th SL TOTS in a row (a feat previously achieved by only one other player in league history), the TOTY defender is the essence of class and composure that every team wants in their backline. With consistent dominant seasons, regardless of the team he’s playing for, Libero has firmly established himself as one of the greatest CBs not only currently, but in PCN history as well. With 36 appearances, Libero managed to lead the league in headers won and possession won, with 146 and 151 respectively, while also managing to put up 37 tackles, 82 interceptions, 20 clean sheets, 20 goals against, and a league leading PER out of all CBs with a 20.35 mark.

CB: AdamCoups (Valencia): Slotting into the second center back position is Valencia defender, AdamCoups. Adam was excellent for his side all season long, as the big Irishman put up superb performances for one of the Super League’s finest defenses this season. With Los Ches looking to follow up a solid 3rd place finish in their first season in SL, it will be imperative that they secure the services of their defensive anchor for the upcoming season. In 37 games for Valencia, Adam accumulated 34 tackles, 90 tackles, and 141 possessions won, accompanied by 3 assists (1st), 21 clean sheets (2nd), 21 goals against, and a 19.32 PER (2nd).

CB: LindsayMc88x (LAFC): Rounding out the starting backline is LAFC defender, LindsayMc88x. LAFC was one of the bigger surprises of this season, as LAFC manager JLipp414 essentially rebuilt his squad from scratch with numerous quality signings to secure top 4, with one of those quality signings being Lindsay. The signing of Lindsay proved to be invaluable, as the longtime PCN member served as the defensive talisman for her side, leading an LAFC backline which looked impenetrable at times. In 38 games this season, LindsayMc88x picked up 17 tackles, 81 interceptions, and 136 possessions won, alongside 22 clean sheets (1st), 24 goals against, and a PER rating of 16.89.

CDM: CM9 PT (Orlando Pirates): Sitting in the first DM spot is the first of a number of SL Champions to feature in the TOTS, defensive midfielder CM9 PT. The Portuguese defensive mid has had yet another stellar season, ultimately being one of many key contributors to a dominant Orlando Pirates side that has brought home the title. He led all defensive mids with 236 possessions won and PER with 20.46, also adding on 19 clean sheets (2nd), 80 tackles, 139 interceptions (2nd), and 57 headers won (2nd). CM9 looks to be sticking around in South Africa, aiming to help Orlando secure even more silverware in S14 and beyond.

CDM: KFUJI HD (Valencia): Occupying the second DM spot in our TOTS XI is Valencia midfielder, KFUJI HD. After an astonishing season in L1, Fuji showed that he can replicate these performances in SL. In what can easily be seen as a superior season than his previous, Fuji put up mind boggling numbers, shattering the longest standing defensive record in Super League, Dorsey’s tackle record (110), with an absurd 114 tackles. He also managed to collect 130 interceptions, 219 possessions won (2nd), 20 clean sheets (1st), 19 goals against (T-2nd) and a 20.43 PER in his 35 games. With rumors of Fuji taking up a role at Arsenal in L1 next season, SL forwards can breathe a sigh of relief knowing they will not have to face this defensive juggernaut next season.

RAM: Sassinho x (LAFC): Lining up on the right flank in our squad is LAFC midfielder, Sassinho x. After floating around in both League One and Two before this season, Sassinho had a breakout season at the top flight in his third season with LAFC. Sassinho x was an absolute terror for defenders out on the wing, as his offensive numbers were virtually unmatched amongst all pure outside mids in his 36 games played, leading his position in goals, assists, and key passes, with 10, 7, and 46 respectively, earning him a PER of 15.64 (2nd). With LAFC looking once again to challenge at the top of SL for another season, LAFC manager JLipp414 can feel comfortable knowing he holds an offensive piece out wide that most teams cannot match.

LAM: Shmurddaa Pollo (AC Milan): Securing the left flank in the TOTS is AC Milan midfielder, Shmurddaa Pollo. At this point, it’s hard to describe just how good the current Ballon D’orsey winner is, as each season he appears to outdo his last, with this season being no different. Asked to split his games between the OM and CAM position, Shmurddaa made his new role look effortless, as he managed to lead all midfielders in assists for a second consecutive season, with 15, while also managing to pick up 6 goals, 47 key passes (1st), and a 17.53 PER (1st). With such a strong start to 2020, Shmurddaa appears to be an early favorite to pick up the Ballon D’orsey yet again, and the soon-to-be free agent is surely going to be a transfer target for virtually every team in PCN.

CAM: AyeVols (Orlando Pirates): Another Super League champion to feature in the starting XI is Orlando midfielder, AyeVols. Widely regarded as the best CAM in PCN, Vols makes a strong case for being the most talented player in the entire league, earning a SL TOTS honor in each of the 3 full seasons the midfielder has played. After taking a break last season, which saw him playing less than half the games, Vols returned in style in S13, putting up another signature season, and this time with a Super League title to go with it. Despite his time off from FIFA in the previous season, Vols managed to bag 11 goals (2nd), 12 assists (2nd), 28 key passes, 5 MOTM awards (T-1st), and a PER of 16.43 in 38 games, showing everyone that class is permanent.

ST: Bailey Ince (Lyon): The sole member to feature in the TOTS for the runners up is Lyon forward, Bailey Ince. Bailey has certainly left an impression in his first season of PCN, as he served as the lifeblood for an excellent Lyon side. Posting double digit goals and assists, with 22 and 16 (1st) respectively, the forward finds himself in elite company, as this feat was only accomplished amongst the other strikers featuring in this TOTS. The Lyon forward also managed to accumulate 48 key passes (2nd), 8 MOTM awards, and a 21.51 PER rating (1st) in his 32 games played. Simply put, Bailey Ince’s ability to both facilitate and put away goals is a skill that only the league’s elite forwards possess, and if he continues to play PCN next season, he will surely remain a matchup that every defender dreads playing against.

ST: Kessy l 17 l (Orlando Pirates): The last of the trio of Super League champions to appear in the starting XI is Orlando striker, Kessy l 17 l. Don’t let the golden boot fool you, like Bailey Ince and the other attackers included in this TOTS, Kessy is a threat every single time he receives the ball, regardless of where he is on the pitch. After his latest SL title, Kessy l 17 l is now the only player in all of PCN to have 4 SL titles, and it’s hard to argue against him being worthy of such honors. Kessy has maintained his status as one of the top forwards at the highest level of PCN throughout the last 3 iterations of FIFA, something very few others have accomplished. With 31 goals, 13 assists, 43 key passes, 10 MOTM awards (2nd), and a PER of 21.01 (2nd) in his 38 games, there is no stopping Kessy when he is inform.


GK: Envy CK (Manchester United): Starting off the bench is probably the most unfamiliar name in this TOTS, Manchester United goalie Envy CK. After starting his PCN career last season at Bayern Munich in L1, Envy followed many of his Bayern teammates to Man United, and switching positions to keeper in the process. This decision proved to be the right one for everyone involved as Envy CK was a phenom in between the sticks, single handedly keeping his team in games at times. In 31 games this season, Envy managed to lead the league in saves with 115 to go along with 15 clean sheets, 21 goals against (T-2nd), and a 17.94 PER rating (1st). With goalkeeper being the position that arguably lacks the most quality in PCN coupled with United’s disappointing finish this season, it will be interesting to see if a team can lure the inform keeper away from Old Trafford.

LB: Lycan Mixtec (Valencia): The first of the Valencia fullback pair to make a TOTS bench appearance is the one and only Lycan Mixtec. Lycan has been regarded as arguably the best fullback in PCN for a while now, and it is no surprise that he made our team again. With league-leading statistics in tackles, interceptions, possessions won, and PER of all fullbacks in SL in his 36 games played, with 67, 82, 173, and 21.82 respectively, Lycan Mixtec was an absolute menace for his side, locking down the left flank every game. In Marcelo-like fashion, Lycan also managed to produce on the offense end as well, leading all fullbacks in assists and key passes, with 2 and 10 respectively. As the complete offensive and defensive package this season, Lycan provided everything his team needed and more.

RB: PeteyPeteTown (Valencia): Joining his fellow fullback partner is Valencia defender, PeteyPeteTown. A rather unknown player amongst the SL community prior to S13, Petey will certainly be a household name after his great season. With both a L1 and L2 title to his name, Petey has shown no dip in quality as he has climbed his way up to the top flight of PCN, putting up a debut season in SL that very few can match. With 34 tackles, 73 interceptions (2nd), 140 possessions won (2nd), 21 clean sheets (1st), 21 goals against (1st), an insane passing percentage of 92%, and a PER of 17.91 in his 37 games played, Petey deservedly earns a TOTS honor in what was his very first top flight season in PCN.

CDM: xFayetteVillain (Benfica): Making a bench appearance is the sole Benfica representative in this season’s team, xFayetteVillain. Having been at Benfica over the last few seasons as a rotational player, the mass exodus of Benfica players at the end of S12 saw Fayette step into a starting role, a role in which he flourished in. With an unbelievable 30 key passes and a sturdy 86% passing percentage from the DM position, xFayetteVillain has the ability to pick out a dangerous pass better than the majority of CAMs in the league. Fayette was no slouch on the defensive side either with 69 tackles, 125 interceptions, 200 possessions won, 8 MOTM awards (1st), and a 20.19 PER rating in his 38 games. As Águias have a promising foundation to build around for the future with Fayette as they look to bounce back from their disappointing season and reclaim their former status as one of the top teams in PCN.

CAM: Andressi17 (Inter Milan / AC Milan): Another AC Milan player to feature in the TOTS is their center attacking midfielder, Andressi17. A well known name amongst the NA pro clubs community, Andressi17 has already established himself in 2 seasons of PCN as one of the very best players in the league, winning a SL title in S12 and now a TOTS honor in S13. The best way to summarize Andressi17’s attacking quality amongst midfielders is simple – he is world class and his 14 goals, 7 assists, 34 key passes, and PER of 17.34 (2nd) in 37 games show clearly. With rumors of Andressi17 taking over Inter Milan and bringing back the majority of the side that won the SL title in S12, expect Andressi17 to put up another TOTS performance as he looks to challenge for a title yet again.

ST: Barney2goose (LAFC): Coming into the first forward spot for the bench is LAFC striker, Barney2goose. The LAFC talisman had a fantastic debut in PCN, managing to produce double digit goals and assists, with 21 and 13 respectively. Notice the trend here? What separates strikers like Barney and the other strikers making a TOTS appearance from the rest, is their ability to both finish and facilitate, and having a striker like Barney, who has the capability to pick apart a defense with either a well timed shot or a clinical pass, is invaluable. Along with his 34 goal contributions, Barney also produced 47 key passes, an absolutely absurd 89% passing percentage (the highest by far out of all the strikers in the shortlist), 6 MOTM awards, and a 20.45 PER rating in his 36 games this season.

ST: Dust l 17 l (Orlando Pirates): The last, but certainly not least, Super League champion to make a TOTS appearance is Orlando striker, Dust l 17 l. If anyone remembers TOTW #4 from S12, where I stated “Unlucky Dustin will be hoping to maintain his red hot form in his new position next season, as his revamped squad will look to challenge for the title”, well here we are at the end of S13 and that was most definitely the case. Dust was absolutely sensational, picking up right where he left off last season as he proved to be a vital piece in Orlando’s title campaign, managing to produce 18 goals, 14 assists (2nd), 49 key passes (1st), and a PER of 17.02 in 36 games. Alongside Kessy l 17 l, Dust l 17 l created the deadliest striker partnership in the league, which saw both strikers being able to both create and finish the chances the other created for one another with ease.

Editor: CM9 PT and Bendtner x
Cards/Graphic: Turajlic

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