Team Of The Season – Season 13 – League Two

Starting XI

GK: l CUPID l (Hearts) – Leading off the Season 13 League Two TOTS, we have the main man between the sticks for Hearts in l CUPID l. His shot stopping was crucial to their promotion into League One, saving 90 shots (2nd) and only conceding 19 goals (2nd). He also picked up 3 TOTWs (1st) and boasted the lowest goals allowed per game with an average of 0.56. League One will be a step up in terms of a challenge but Hearts will be more than happy to be having Cupid with them and not against them.

RB: RaxPharaoh (Sporting) – Slotting in at right back, RaxPharaoh was dominant for a somewhat lackluster Sporting side. Finishing in 10th place, Sporting didn’t make the cut when it came to the premier sides, but they do have a wonderful building block to rebuild for next campaign. Pharaoh led all defenders in assists (9 total) and key passes (17). He also put in solid defensive numbers, as he picked up 45 interceptions (3rd), 125 possessions won, and 2 TOTW selections.

CB: x Luiann (Ajax) – Our first of many Ajax players is none other than x Luiann. Having moved from the Super League to League Two, he met all expectations and dominated the lower league with ease. He led all defenders in headers won with 94, and he also added 76 interceptions, 143 possessions won (4th), 20 clean sheets (1st),and only conceded 18 goals all season.

CB: Loveburgher (Braga) – Partnering up with Luiann in our backling, Loveburgher is Braga’s lone representative in the TOTS. Like Pharaoh, his team wasn’t able to get out of League Two. Also just like Pharaoh, Loveburgher will be a key player for his Portuguese side for next season if he is to stick around as he had a quality campaign. He got 153 possessions won (2nd), a 3.44 PW/PL ratio (2nd), and 85 interceptions (1st).

LB: Playstation4lyf (Twente) – In at left back, we have a player who may have forgotten what console he is playing on in Playstation4lyf. The FC Twente outside back was crucial in his side’s promotion to League One via the playoffs. In 33 games he scored 4 times (1st) and got four assists (2nd). He also picked up 65 tackles (1st), 73 interceptions (4th), and 147 possessions won (2nd). His production in the attack and defense will definitely attract interest in him from better sides going into Season 14.

CM: x Br4ndoNiKo (Ajax) – Slotting in at CM in our 4321 is more defensive minded midfielder in x Br4ndoNiKo. He was by far the best defensive mid that League Two had to offer, putting up some absolutely ridiculous defensive numbers for the champions. He led all midfielders with possessions won (191), interceptions (120), clean sheets (21), and PER (18.85). Brando also added 2 assists, 64 tackles (2nd), and 6 key passes to what is arguably his best campaign to date in PCN.

CM: FLA1R 3DDI3 (Real Sociedad) – Our first representative from Real Sociedad was FLA1R 3DDI3, who has enjoyed quite the campaign. Eddie has played in the middle and out on the right for La Real as they achieved promotion to League One. He led all attacking midfielders in interceptions (83) while also tacking on 3 goals, 6 assists, and 117 possessions won. Expect big things from Eddie in his debut season in League One.

CM: x Viciosz (Ajax) – In what was arguably the most dominant League Two team ever, x Viciosz drove the machine that wreaked havoc over the entire division. Leading all midfielders in goals and assists, with 12 goals and 23 assists respectively, he displayed his elite playmaking ability as well as the ability to put chances away if needed. He also led the division in key passes (47) among midfielders, while collecting 40 tackles, 5 Man of the Match awards, and recording an absolutely insane PER of 27.57.

RF: x Bymst (Ajax) – The first of our front three in the L2 TOTS, x Bymst has enjoyed quite the breakout season. Having never really hit the ground running in PCN, he has found a home and system that has allowed him to take that long needed step into the right direction, pairing up with Erickson and making arguably the best attack in the lower leagues work. He led all strikers with assists, matching Viciosz’s total of 23 assists while also netting 30 goals (2nd). Other key stats to mention would be his 66 key passes (2nd), 41 headers won (T-1st), and 2 TOTW selections.

ST: FLA1R FINCH (Real Sociedad) – Spoiler alert, both Real Sociedad strikers have made it into the TOTS and there is no secret as to why they are easily the second best striker pairing in the division. Let’s start with FLA1R FINCH, who boasts the best conversion rate in the entirety of League Two with a 45% conversion rate. He netted 36 goals (2nd) and also added 12 assists, 31 key passes, and 6 Man of the Match awards for his Sociedad side.

LF: x Erickson (Ajax) – The man of the hour, and arguably the best player in the lower leagues, is none other than x Erickson. I would say it was really unfair for the highest scoring forward in the league’s history taking his talents to the lowest division. Erick is the first striker in this FIFA cycle to surpass 50 league goals, absolutely decimating the opposition. He also picked up 16 assists (3rd), 70 key passes (1st), 75 possessions won (1st), and an otherworldly PER of 31.35.


GK: x Milob (Ajax) – The shot stopper for most of Ajax’s season, x Milob brought consistency and stability to the backline, helping them form one of the best defenses in League Two. In 25 games he picked up 74 saves while only conceding 17 goals, which was the least amount of any TOTS eligible GK. He also led all goalies in passing, with just over 60% of his passes being completed. If he continues to be their #1 going into League One, Ajax will be more than prepared for a Super League promotion push.

CB: Jimbonii (Hearts) – The second Hearts player to feature in the TOTS is none other than their stalwart defender, Jimbonii. He enjoyed his best season to date in PCN as his side secured automatic promotion to League One. In only 29 matches, he displayed flashes of brilliance out of the back, picking up 34 tackles, 48 interceptions, 117 possessions won, and 13 clean sheets.

CB: Brickwallwillis (Twente) – Next up we have a long time PCN veteran in Brickwallwillis. Always by his manager’s side, Leak, he has been a pillar to build from in a Twente side that achieved promotion via the playoffs. His defensive numbers were nothing short of elite, as he tallied 71 interceptions (2nd), 61 headers won, 111 possessions won, 14 clean sheets, and 4 Man of the Match awards.

CDM: FLA1R Franc0 (Real Sociedad) – Holding down one of midfield bench positions is FLA1R Franc0 of Real Sociedad. Franco has enjoyed quite the breakout season for his side and emerged as one of the better defensive mids in the lower leagues of PCN. He led all defensive mids in tackles with 65 while also adding on 89 interceptions (4th), 156 possessions won, 8 clean sheets, and 6 Man of the Match awards. His play will be crucial for Real Sociedad if they are to retain their League One status next season.

CAM: Scholzey (Hearts) – Playing up to his namesake, Scholzey put in an all-round performance in the midfield as he led his side to promotion. Bagging 6 goals, 6 assists, and 35 key passes, he has shown he does have the end product required for a contending team. He also put in great defensive performances as an attacking mid, getting 47 tackles (1st) and 63 interceptions (1st). An all-round great season for the all-round great player.

ST: FLA1R Jd0gg (Real Sociedad) – The partner in crime to Finch, FLA1R Jd0gg was one for the main driving factors for his team’s eventual promotion and dominance of most of the sides in the division. He scored 21 goals with only 46 shots on target while also racking up 17 assists (2nd), 41 key passes (3rd), and 64 possessions won (2nd).

ST: Leak l 13 l (Twente) – Finally we get to talk about INFORM Leak, as his performances up top were pivotal for FC Twente’s promotion from Leak Two. He has always been a lethal finisher, bagging 27 goals and adding 8 key passes, 41 headers won (T-1st), and 7 Man of the Match awards to a TOTS worthy campaign.

Editor: Bendtner x
Cards/Graphic: Turajlic

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