Team Of The Season – Season 12 – League Two

Starting XI

GK: jeepers76 (Atletico Madrid) – Kicking off the starting XI for the fourth edition of League Two TOTS is Atletico Madrid’s main man between the pipes, Jeepers76. Having spent the last two seasons in Super League, Jeepers76 took on a new challenge for S12, as he ventured to Atletico Madrid down in League Two and helped secure promotion with a runners up finish for Los Rojiblancos through his stellar performances. In his 38 games this season, Jeepers managed to make 130 saves to go with 17 clean sheets (1st), 16 goals allowed, and the highest PER of all GKs in League Two with a 16.24 PER rating.

RB: papimacchiato (Roma) – One of a number of League Two champions to feature throughout the starting XI of this edition of TOTS is Roma’s right back, Papimacchiato. Throughout the season, Roma maintained a solid defense enroute to their eventual 1st place finish, and you would be hard-pressed to argue against Papimacchiato’s significant influence on the teams impressive defensive effort as their anchor. In 39 games for Roma this season, Papimacchiato lead the league for all defenders in both tackles and interceptions, with 41 and 88 respectively, and he also managed to lead the league for all fullbacks in possessions won with 163.

CB: Gamble Scopes (Leicester City) – The first name to appear in the pair of foxes that occupy a spot in the backline is Leicester City centre back, Gamble Scopes. Leicester City were one of the more interesting stories in League Two, as a change of management lead to one of the greatest turnarounds ever seen in PCN, with bottom table Leicester City going unbeaten in their last 28 games. This dramatic change was spearheaded by Leicster’s defense, which lead the league in the least goals allowed, and Gamble Scopes served as the lifeblood to League Two’s finest defense. In only 27 appearances, Gamble Scopes picked up 23 tackles, 59 interceptions, and 106 possessions won to go along with an absurd 15 clean sheets (T-1st among CB), 17 goals allowed, and the highest PER (19.08) of all CBs in League Two.

CB: campergrande (Barcelona) – Slotting into the second center back position for the starting XI is the Blaugrana defender, CamperGrande. Despite a disappointing end for Barcelona, as the team that lead the league for the most game days ended up with only a 4th place, CamperGrande has had a memorable season as a standout on one of the league two’s top defensive sides. In 33 games, Campergrande managed to chip in offensively for the Catalan side with 4 goals, along with accumulating 30 tackles, 65 interceptions, 75 headers won (T-1st), and 116 possessions won, accompanied by 14 clean sheets, 28 goals allowed and the most MOTM awards out of all defenders with 6, as he helped them finally get back to League One through the playoff.

LB: Gucci Killjoy (Leicester City) – Rounding out the backline of the starting XI is the other member of the Leicester City pair, Guccikilljoy. After a two season hiatus that accompanied his S9 stint with Bayern Munich in SL, Guccikilljoy returned to PCN in S12 with a fantastic performance at left back on a revitalized Leicester backline. In 27 games for The Foxes, Guccikilljoy picked up 33 tackles, 79 interceptions (T-2nd among DEF), and 130 possessions won, to go along with 12 clean sheets, 14 goals allowed, and the highest PER of all defenders in League Two, with an impressive 21.81 PER rating.

CDM: nobby15 (Atletico Madrid) – Occupying a spot in the starting XI at the heart of the midfield is the famous British CDM, Atletico Madrid’s Nobby15. Having made only a pair of appearances in PCN with Atletico Madrid last season, Nobby15 had a breakout season in S12 as he managed to burst onto the scene through dictating the midfield game after game, leading to a terrific season worthy of a TOTS spot. In 38 games Nobby picked up 56 tackles, 101 interceptions (2nd), 170 possessions won (1st), and 12 key passes, while also managing to lead the league for all CDMs in PER with 14.74.

RM: x Formaggio (Roma) – Another League Two champion to feature in the Starting XI is Roma midfielder, x Formaggio. Formerly known as ThatCreamCheese, the PCN vet decided to spend a season in League Two with Roma, and he used his experience of playing at a higher competition to absolutely tear up defenses on the right flank during Roma’s title campaign. In his 39 games with Roma, x Formaggio lead all attacking midfielders in a multitude of offensive stats, including goals (19) and assists (13). x Formaggio also managed to lead all attacking midfielders in various defensive stats as well, including tackles (38) and possessions won (89), proving to everyone his TOTS selection was undoubtedly deserved in what was a superb season by the right midfielder.

CAM: Ayoo J0n (Napoli) – Lining up in the CAM spot foru our TOTS is Napoli manager, Ayoo J0n. Part of the Ayoo clan (a team that regularly runs smalls together), Ayoo J0n could be disappointed in his team’s failure to secure promotion spot, as the chemistry advantage his side have arguably should have been more than enough to advance the squad into League One. However, Ayoo J0n can look back fondly on the season on a personal note, as the Napoli CAM served as a general in the midfield, producing an outstanding season for the Italian side. In 33 games, Ayoo Jon managed to bag 5 goals alongside 10 assists and a whopping 42 key passes (2nd).

LM: AttwooD I 4 I (PSV) – Securing the left flank of the field is the sole PSV player to make the Starting XI, AttwooD l 4 l. PSV emerged as one of the dark horses in League Two throughout the season, and in the end they were able to secure automatic promotion with a 3rd place finish, mainly due to their talisman. AttwooD l 4 l bossed the midfield all season for PSV’s electric offense and will look to keep up his excellent performances at a higher level, in either League One or Super League. In 34 games, Attwood finished the season with 10 goals, 14 assists, and 33 key passes, to go along with his work on the defensive end with 35 tackles, 48 interceptions, and 104 possessions won (1st), earning him the highest PER of all attacking mids, with 18.28.

ST: Fuji Strikoz (Roma) – The last of the trio of League Two champions to appear in the starting XI is Roma striker, StrikozGoblin. When looking over the striker’s season, there really is only one way to describe it – phenomenal. StrikozGoblin absolutely demolished League Two, as he shattered the goal scoring record through his clinical abilities, with an insane conversation rate of almost 50%. Now all eyes will be on StrikozGoblin next season to see if he will be able to replicate his elite performances in either League One or Super League, and prove to everyone that he is one of the top strikers in PCN this FIFA. Along with shattering the previously mentioned goal scoring record with and eye watering 40 goals, StrikozGoblin also managed to pick up 8 assists and 26 key passes with 87.35% passing, 11 MOTM awards, and the highest PER (26.29) of all forwards with in his 29 games this season.

ST: FLA1R Finch (Napoli) – Joining his fellow Ayoo compatriot in the starting XI is Napoli striker, Ayoo Finch. Despite Napoli’s disappointing finish, Ayoo Finch is another of the Ayoo boys who was outstanding this season. With 37 goals (2nd), 13 assists (T-3rd), 30 key passes, and 12 MOTM awards in his 37 games, it is hard to fault the Napoli striker with the club’s finish. The Italian side will be hoping that their main man up top will be able to replicate his season as Ayoo Finch continues to terrorize League Two defenses for the Gli Azzurri next season with Napoli hoping to make a title push through their in form man.


GK: xx Costa xX4872 (PSV) – Starting off the bench for the S12 League Two TOTS is the first of a number of PSV players, xx Costa xX4872. The PSV goalkeeper was vital in PSV’s push for promotion this season as the goal stopper held his own all season, allowing for PSV’s sublime offense to do their thing. In 35 games this season, xx Costa xX4872 managed to make 125 saves to go along with 15 clean sheets (T-2nd), 30 goals against, and a 15.36 PER rating (2nd).

CB: TheBigBadChub (PSV) – Another PSV player to feature on the bench is their center back, TheBigBadChub. The PSV defender was another defensive contributor that held down the backline for the Dutch squad as his side secured promotion for the season. With 38 tackles (1st among CB), 68 interceptions, and 171 possessions won (2nd) to go alongside 15 clean sheets (T-1st among CB), and 40 goals conceded in his 39 games this season, TheBigBadChub demonstrated his quality as one of the better defenders in League Two and easily earned his TOTS spot.

LB: elambz (Barcelona) – Our final defender for the S12 edition of the League Two TOTS comes from the Barcelona backline, Elambz. The Blaugrana left back proved to be a consistent key player for an excellent defensive side all season. The Catalan side was able to secure promotion in their second season in League Two, mainly through their overall defensive display, which was inspired by individual contributions of brilliance from their defenders with Elambz being one of the primary contributors. In 30 games this season, Elambz accumulated 35 tackles, 60 interceptions, and 130 possessions won, accompanied by 14 clean sheets and just 22 goals conceded.

RM: CAPOUE I 29 (PSV) – The third player to appear in the TOTS bench from the PSV quarter is right midfielder, CAPOUE l 29. The controversial and infamous ex-Genk manger returns to PCN after a season off with a bang, as he helped secure promotion for a team in League Two for the second time in his career. After keeping down his antics for this season, CAPOUE l 29 was able to focus on his game, allowing him to produce his best individual season to date in PCN and received a TOTS appearance to show for it. In 31 games, Capoue l 29 scored 8 goals to go along with his 7 assists and 28 key passes, while also putting up 32 tackles, 44 interceptions, and 73 possession won on the defensive side.

CAM: KCityShoja (Marseille) – Making an appearance on the bench is Les Olympiens’ CAM, Kcityshoja. The sole member of Marseille to secure a TOTS spot, Kcityshoja served as the midfield maestro on a side that just barely missed out on automatic promotion with a heartbreaking 1 point difference being all that separated Marseille and PSV. Despite the disappointing end for Maseille, Kcityshoja had a fantastic season as he bossed the midfield for his side on a consistent basis. In 27 games Kcityshoja picked up 8 goals, 9 assists, and 22 key passes to go along with the highest PER of all CAMs in League Two with a mark of 15.72

ST: Elements Of God (Atletico Madrid) – Coming into the first forward spot for the bench is the Atleti striker, Elements of God. Following an excellent performance in League Two in S11, in which he scored 19 goals in 18 games, Elements of God has managed to put up another terrific season, but this time he has secured a TOTS honor as a reward for his efforts. The striker joins a group of prolific forwards in League Two this season, with 33 goals (3rd), 12 assists, and 47 key passes (1st) to go along with a league-leading 14 MOTM awards. In the arguably most defensive FIFA in recent times, if Elements of God can keep up his prolific scoring in League One and Super League, he will be a force to be reckoned with up top.

ST: TzCamzy (PSV) – Finishing out the S12 edition of the League Two TOTS is the last PSV player in a quartet that fills the bench, TzCamzy. PSV was known for their high powered offense this season, with the second most goals scored in League Two, and TzCamzy was the driving force behind it all. Up top for the Dutch side, TzCamzy was able to produce 25 goals, 7 assists, and 28 key passes in his 27 games, and with PSV’s promotion to League One, TzCamzy will look to continue to be the driving force behind PSV’s attacking success against a higher level of competition next season.

Editor: CM9 PT
Cards/Graphic: Turajlic


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