Team Of The Season – Season 12 – League One

Starting XI

GK: Sir Grafix (Atalanta): Season 12 brought us a really strong crop of goalkeeping talent in League One, and the cream of that crop was Atalanta’s #1, Grafix. In his most active PCN Season, he played 35 games, the most of any keeper on the TOTS shortlist. Despite playing the most games, he tied for least goals allowed as he let in just 24 efforts on goal. His measly 0.69 goals allowed per game led the league, and Grafix also recorded 17 clean sheets, 2nd most of all goalkeepers (3 more than the next best keepers behind him). His impressive contributions ultimately led to a 3rd place finish in the league.

RB: popaguy13 (RB Leipzig): Is he Po from Pennsylvania? Is he a father? Is he going to punch someone? His gamer tag may be ambiguous, but his performances throughout the season made one thing clear – he is a talented defender. In just his 2nd PCN season, and despite no appearances on TOTW, his steady performances have earned him a place in the TOTS. He led all shortlisted defenders in tackles per game, making 45 in just 26 appearances, and the only defenders to make more tackles in total played at least 37 games. He also led all shortlisted defenders with just 18 goals allowed, at 0.69 goals allowed per game.

CB: Snowboarder 778 (Atalanta): No stranger to awards, the experienced and decorated Snowboarder can now add another TOTS to his trophy cabinet. This award punctuates his back-to-back TOTW appearances in Editions 3 and 4 of the season. His statistical achievements on the season are quite impressive headlined by his 98 interceptions, 27 blocks, 93 headers, which led all defenders in League 1. His 0.71 goals allowed per game is the 2nd best mark, only behind fellow TOTS winner Popaguy13, and all of these great stats contributed to his 20.17 PER

CB: mattyd0t (Wolverhampton): The King of the 6’6” CB El Tornado brought his Super League experience to League One as part of the much-hyped Wolverhampton takeover. Despite some ups and downs at the team level, they made their way into the promotion playoff, with Matty’s defensive contributions helping make that possible. He finished as a top 3 defender in interceptions and headers won, with 81 of each, as well as top 3 in PER with 19.12. His 150 possessions won was a mark achieved by only four other defenders during S12.

LB: LargeMightycow (Young Boys / AS Monaco): With this cow you get nothing for free, certainly not the milk. He caps off a brilliant debut season with an appearance in TOTS, on the back of three TOTW appearances – a feat not achieved by any other L1 defender this season. He featured in 38 games, tallying 80 interceptions and 63 headers won. The left back also featured heavily on the ball, completing 450 passes, with 89% accuracy, blowing away most of his peers in those categories. He appeared in TOTW for two different teams this season, and also featured in the most recent Draft Night champs, a sign of his versatility, no matter who surrounds him.

CDM: Fuji Sells (Valencia): A Fuji Apple a day keeps attackers at bay. The Valencia CDM had an outstanding season, both statistically and in terms of results, easily securing his place in the TOTS to go along with a League title and promotion to Super League. His impressive numbers include: 83 tackles, 126 interceptions and 202 possessions won. He averaged 6.3 takeaways per game (tackles + interceptions) and lost possession only 79 times over 33 games, for a possessions won/lost ratio of 2.56, blowing away all other CDMs in that measure. His 20.77 PER was more than three points higher than any other defensive midfielder on the shortlist.

CM: BrapSlap (AS Monaco): Brapslap earned his way into TOTS by showcasing his box-to-box talent. Defensively, he was a beast all season as in 36 games, he posted 64 tackles, 113 interceptions and 169 possessions won. In addition to his defensive work, he completed a whopping 573 passes, 15.9 passes per game, and an 89% pass success rate. These far exceed the passing stats of the other defensively minded midfielders in League One. His efforts were also routinely recognized by his teammates, as he collected 8 Man of the Match Awards along the way.

CM: I Menyta I (Young Boys): He bears the name of a diminutive Brazilian, but the Young Boys CAM had a huge season. In just 31 games, he managed 16 goals and 13 assists, the only CAM to register double digits in both categories. He contributed to 0.94 goals per game (goals + assists), putting him in elite company among his League One peers. No stranger to hard graft, he added 60 tackles, 66 interceptions, and 113 possessions won. He played a vital part in Young Boys finishing 4th in the table and securing promotion to Super League via the promotion playoffs as is further evidenced by earning 9 Man of the Match awards during the campaign.

RW: Expect Bills (LAFC): After appearing in every edition of TOTW this season as a starter, it is no surprise to find Bills in the starting lineup of our TOTS. The real-life Los Angeles resident and supporter of LAFC helped PCN LAFC secure automatic promotion to Super League as they finished second in the league. In 36 games, Bills crafted 17 goals and 14 assists, one of just three attacking midfielders to register double digits in both. Never short of ideas on the ball, he delivered 38 key passes and 21 successful crosses. Fans of LAFC will hope to see his form carry over into Season 13 as the team tries to find their way in the Super League.

ST: DEATH ROW TULL (Valencia): Before diving into this season’s accomplishments, I’d be remiss if I failed to mention that our next two entrants in Team of the Season, Death Row Tull and oX M A M B A X, are both members of a Valencia squad which has made the ascension from League Two to Super League in the space of 3 seasons. Death Row and Mamba have played no small part in that ascension, forming one of the best strike partnerships in all of PCN.

For this season, I’m not sure that anyone was more nailed on for TOTS than Death Row Tull. His 46 goals scored eclipsed the next closest scorer by 17 goals. He registered 122 shots, 102 of which were on target, dwarfing his peers in both stats. He chipped in with 15 assists, contributing to 1.65 goals per game (goals + assists) over the run of the season. Tull had 3 TOTW appearances, a 25.36 PER, 7 MOTM, a League title and promotion to Super League. What a season.

LW: oX M A M B A Xo (Valencia): Be sure to read Death Throw Tull’s write up (above) before continuing here….

Like his strike partner, Mamba also had a wonderful standout season, while earning a League title and automatic promotion to Super League. In 37 games he found the score sheet 29 times, added 24 assists and made 63 key passes. These numbers blow away all other attacking midfielders and wingers on the shortlist, as the assists and key passes numbers also set new League One records. He contributed to 1.43 goals per game, made 3 TOTW appearances, accumulated a 22.87 PER, while earning 3 MOTM awards en route to Valencia’s promotion to Super League.


GK: DcF Buffon (Fiorentina): Despite TOTW honors evading him all season, this PCN rookie demonstrated that consistency matters, and finished the season as League One’s most active shot-stopper. He kept busy between the sticks, making a league-leading 129 saves in 34 games, registering 3.79 saves per game. The Italian allowed just 25 goals, for an impressive 0.74 allowed per game. It is safe to say that he did his namesake and countryman proud in his debut season.

CB: Xx N1ghtmar3 xX (Atalanta): Playing in his 4th consecutive and most active PCN season, the Atalanta CB was a key cog in League One’s second stingiest defense, which saw them finish in 3rd place in the table. His strengths this season were absolutely his ability to grab interceptions and keep the ball for his team. He cut out 77 opposition passes and won 115 possessions, while losing only 24 for an absolutely outstanding possessions won/lost ratio of 4.79! No other shortlisted defender achieved a ratio greater than 2.69; this is a phenomenal achievement.

LB: xl Lycan lx (Wolverhampton / Valencia): The experienced defender has alternated between League One and Super League each of his 8 seasons in PCN, and if he stays with Valencia he will continue that trend. His defensive efforts helped Valencia to 1st place and promotion to Super League after an early season swap from rivals Wolverhampton. A wolf among men, his super speed and strength were on display as he racked up 58 tackles, best of all shortlisted defenders. His 152 possessions won and 0.73 goals allowed were also among the league’s best.

CDM: Slaysinho (Atalanta / LAFC): PCN’s unofficial Prime Minister proclaimed that he was coming to League One for an ez pz TOTS, and here we are a few months later. He talks the talk, he walks the walk. Oops he snaked! But whatever it takes, he gets it done. Much like Fuji 6, Slays put on a statistical masterclass at CDM, helping LAFC secure automatic promotion to Super League. He registered 90 tackles, 115 interception, 192 possessions won, and 5.69 takeaways (tackles + interceptions) per game, dwarfing most of his peers in those categories. He’s been a rolling stone over the course of his PCN career so far. Will that trend continue or will he settle down and build a legacy at LAFC?

CAM: chubworldpeace (Atalanta): Another player that comes as no surprise in the TOTS is Chubworldpeace. He adds another honor to his impressive resume, while helping Atalanta to their 3rd place finish in the league. Over 35 games he scored 7 and assisted 14 more for the Italian side. His 40 key passes and 73 interceptions ranked 1st among the shortlisted CAMs, as did his 12 successful crosses. He completed over 550 passes as a lynchpin in his team’s attack. His teammates rewarded him with 7 MOTM awards for his efforts in case you didn’t believe he was already worth of his spot.

ST: abdeeen (Seattle Sounders): League winners Valencia were not the only team to foster a prolific strike team this season. League One newcomers Seattle Sounders also produced a great pairing in abdeeen and YOSHIgoalMania. The pair of PCN rookies burst onto the scene, scoring almost at will, contributing to the League’s second most potent offense. For his part, abdeeen scored 28 goals and assisted 13 times, contributing to 1.37 goals per game over his 30 games. His stats combined for a strong 21.41 PER and in addition to earning his TOTS, he made one TOTW appearance, and was awarded MOTM on six occasions.

ST: yoshigoalmania (Seattle Sounders): The other half of the aforementioned Sounders hit squad, YOSHI lived up to his goalMANIA gamer tag. Not only did he find the net 28 times, he assisted 24 goals and added 46 key passes. If you give him a chance, this sniper will make you pay. He produced a 50% conversion rate, notching his 28 goals from just 56 shots taken – a conversion rate much higher than any other striker on the shortlist. YOSHI’s performances resulted in an outstanding PER of 27.19, the highest of ANY player at ANY position on the TOTS shortlist. Furthermore, his team awarded him with 16 MOTM, the likes of which we did not see anywhere else in the league.

Congratulations again to all that made the team and an honorable mention for all those on the shortlist. May you have great success in Season 13 and beyond!

Editor: Sir Kones
Cards/Graphic: Turajlic


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