Team Of The Season – Season 11 – League Two

Starting XI

GK: Snowboarder 778 (Barcelona) – Leading off our third ever League Two TOTS in PCN is perhaps the most unexpected name of all entering the season in Barcelona’s Snowboarder 778. Snowboarder joined the Catalan club a couple weeks into the season, and the former SL Defender of the season and TOTY member at CB decided to show everyone he was secretly a goalie all along as he set a new L2 record for GK clean sheets with 9 to go with 10 passing points, 94 saves, 16 goals allowed, and 6 MOTM (T-3rd) in just 20 games during S11.

RB: KXNG LEEFONG (Barcelona) – Leading out our starting defense is the first of three Barcelona defenders to make the squad in right back KXNG LEEFONG from the 3rd placed side. Lee was a busy man all season as he posted an impressive line of 2 assists, 56 passing points, 36 tackles, 54 interceptions, 115 possessions won (3rd), 25 goals allowed, 12 clean sheets (T-3rd), and 2 MOTM across his 28 matches.

CB: acmilan3636 (Wolverhampton) – Slotting in at the first center back spot in the L2 lineup is the first of a handful of Wolves players in AC Milan3636. Though he finished the end of the season filling in between the pipes, Milan spent the majority of his campaign as a rock in the heart of his defense as he collected 2 assists, 68 passing points (T-3rd), 52 interceptions, 72 possessions won against just 24 lost, 19 goals allowed, and 9 clean sheets in only 23 games in defense.

CB: Ayoo L3ON (Barcelona) – His name may no longer tell everyone just how good he is, but Barcelona’s Axis Leon proved in S11 he was just about the best defender in all of League 2. Leon led L2 with a 20.33 DEF PER and tallied 4 assists, 53 passing points, 54 interceptions, 15 blocks (2nd), 105 possessions won, 20 goals allowed, and 12 clean sheets (T-3rd) in his 26 matches during the course of S11.

LB: PeteyPeteTown (Wolverhampton) – Rounding out the starting back line for our L2 Team of the Season could only be one man, x9 iTz Peter 4x. Peter may have a complicated gamertag, but his play is anything but as he set a new high mark for L2 with 78 passing points and equaled the previous clean sheet record and led the league with 14 clean sheets, not to mention his 22 tackles, 56 interceptions, 108 possessions won against 59 lost, and 21 goals allowed in 28 games this season.

CDM: NEYMAR24 (Wolverhampton) – Holding it down at the base of our TOTS midfield is neymar24 from Wolves, who certainly made his mark on the league in his first full season. Neymar may have the namesake of a diving attacker, but his strong play from midfield led to him setting new records for interceptions (84) and possessions won (133) in addition to 68 passing points (T-3rd), 37 tackles, just 53 possessions lost, 19 goals against, 11 clean sheets, and 2 MOTM in 26 matches in S11.

RM: KUSHxxMASTER (Wolverhampton) – While not a natural right midfielder, we felt it was only fair that KUSHxxMASTER got a spot in our starting XI after a consistently brilliant season for the L2 champions at the CAM spot. Kush was a model of consistency as his 5 goals, 9 assists, 41 key passes (2nd), 55 passing points, 42 interceptions, 78 possessions won, and 3 MOTM in 28 games played helped him to a spot in each TOTW as well as our League Two TOTS.

LM: OVO PABLITOS (Wolverhampton) – Lining up at the opposite flank of one teammate in Kush and in front of another in Peter is the next member of the KXNG crew in KXNG PABLITOS of Wolverhampton. The creative midfielder was a nuisance all season long on offense and defense as he finished his S11 campaign with 8 goals, 8 assists, 27 key passes, 58 passing points, 42 tackles (3rd), 62 interceptions, 103 possessions won, and 2 MOTM during his 28 matches.

CAM: I Hit Em Up I (Fiorentina) – The lone representative from a Fiorentina side that managed to lead the league in goals scored and earn the second automatic promotion spot to L1 in S12, I Hit Em Up I more than deserves his place in our starting lineup. Hit Em Up was the fulcrum of all things attacking for the Italian club as he finished the season with 7 goals, 15 assists (2nd), 38 key passes, 41 passing points, 68 possessions won, 2 MOTM, and a league best ATK MID PER of 19.79 in only 23 games this season.

ST: Filthy Kaka (Fiorentina / Wolverhampton) – Probably the first name in the team sheet for our TOTS this season, Stylish Zola had an incredible debut campaign in PCN whether it was helping Fiorentina score loads of goals for the majority of the season or helping Wolves secure a title late on. Zola was in the mood for breaking records as he set new L2 bests in goals with 28 and key passes with 49 to go with 13 assists (3rd), 59 passing points, 7 MOTM (2nd), and an insane 29.61 ST PER in just 24 games.

ST: RobertoS713 (Barcelona) – Finishing off our L2 Starting XI and likely a goal near you is the legendary RobertoS713 from Barcelona, who had a fantastic season once he got into the lineup. The former SL Golden Boot winner from S9, Roberto likely would have claimed that prize in League Two had he gotten to play more, but he still ended up with a gaudy stat line of 27 goals (2nd), 15 key passes, 38 passing points, and 4 MOTM in just 19 games of action.


GK: nexusbionic (Atletico Madrid) – The first ever reserve goalie in a L2 TOTS, Atletico Madrid’s nexus bionic did everything he could to help the team push up the table throughout the season. Nexus was a busy guy in net but you can’t argue with what he was able to do as he finished S11 with 109 saves, 32 goals allowed, and 3 clean sheets in 19 matches for Atletico.

CB: Oh Killjoy (Barcelona) – Oh it’s that time again for our final member of the Barcelona squad that so narrowly missed out on promotion in center half Oh Killjoy. Killjoy was just that for many teams in the league this season as he finished his S11 with 70 passing points (2nd), 24 tackles, 53 interceptions, 76 possessions won against just 40 lost, 23 goals allowed, and 12 clean sheets (T-3rd) in 26 games.

CB: Logan I 5 I (Wolverhampton) – Our final defender in this year’s L2 TOTS is the co-manager turned manager of PCN Wolves in FH LoganTD03, who did an incredible job both on and off the pitch. Logan was a master of both defensive play and the set piece as his final line of 5 assists, 12 key passes, 51 interceptions, 88 possessions won, 20 goals allowed, 13 clean sheets (2nd), and 3 MOTM in 26 matches shows.

CDM: SeriousZombi (Napoli) – stay high playa must have a bug somewhere deep in the L2 defensive mid mainframe as CY4N1D3xZ0MBI3 becomes the second TOTS CDM in three seasons (after BrandoNiko1) that he has swiped mid-season and brought up to PSG. Zombie did more than enough in his short time in League Two to garner a spot in our team has he finished with 3 goals, 10 key passes, 44 passing points, 43 tackles (2nd), 61 interceptions, 103 possessions won against 63 lost, 20 goals allowed, and 5 clean sheets in just 20 games.

CAM: kakashisilks (PSV) – Our lone representative from PSV this season, KakashiSilks was the best of the bunch from Daddy Aikens’ squad this season and narrowly edged out a number of other talented mids for this spot. Kakashi was a terror to defenses all season as you can see by his 6 goals, 9 assists, 17 key passes, 35 passing points, and 26 interceptions in 18 games during S11.

ST: x Viciosz (Wolverhampton) – Our final member of the champion Wolves team to get promoted and earn a spot in our TOTS is attacking sensation x Viciosz. Viciosz did a little bit of everything up top for the English outfit as he finished his impressive season with 17 goals, 11 assists, 23 key passes, and 3 MOTM in a shortened season of only 18 matches.

ST: KXNG CAMPBEL (Napoli) – Last but not least is the final member of the S11 League Two Team of the Season in Napoli manager and dynamic forward KXNG CAMPBEL. Formerly known as Yaad, Campbel came to play all season regardless of name and posted an impressive 22 goals (3rd), 10 assists, 20 key passes, 57 passing points, and 10 MOTM (1st) in 25 games for his Italian club.

Editor: dorseyfurcal18
Cards/Graphic: Turajlic


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