Team Of The Season – Season 10 – Super League

Starting XI

GK: Phil The Fish (Manchester United) – Another season gone and another Super League Team of the Season kicks off with the incredible Phil The Fish stuck squarely between the water pipes. The underwater goalkeeping hero was instrumental in Manchester United’s Super Cup push with his 24 passing points, 151 saves (3rd), 35 goals against, 13 clean sheets (T-2nd), and 6 MOTM in a full 38 game slate for the Red Devils. PCN’s all-time leader in saves and GK clean sheets, Phil was well deserving of a record 5th straight SL TOTS honor and will look to continue his excellent play again in S11.

CB: Austin l 33 l (Tottenham / Manchester United) – Holding down the center of the defense in our Team of the Season is the former last-minute savior of Orlando in S8 in Manchester United’s Austin l 33 l. Austin made the move midseason from North London over to Manchester and picked up where he left off with a fantastic season that saw him accrue 4 assists, 6 key passes, 83 passing points, 40 tackles, 72 interceptions, 147 possessions won against just 47 lost, 35 goals against, 11 clean sheets, and 2 MOTM in 36 matches. Austin has been a well-known defender in the community for a while now, but now he finally has his SL TOTS honor in PCN to back up his stellar reputation.

CB: Purpz l 18 l (Benfica) – Our first member of the impressive Benfica defense to make our TOTS is co-manager and mainstay at the back Purpz l 18 l, who has finally made PCN his permanent home after first breaking onto the scene all the way back in S4. Purpz wasn’t the busiest defender in the league in S10, but his efforts in organizing the backline and preventing quality chances are clear as evidenced by his record 20 clean sheets to go along with 61 interceptions, 8 blocks, 103 possessions won, and just 17 goals against in 34 matches. Along with a pair of his teammates who made our team, Purpz was instrumental in helping Benfica to their first ever SL title.

CB: BEAST l 3 l (AC Milan) – Sometimes when a team and player make the move up from one division to the next, there are visible struggles and a failure to quickly acclimate to the tougher competition, but that was not the case for AC Milan and their stud center back BEAST l 3 l. BEAST was a League 1 TOTS defender in both S8 and S9, but he carried on this past season like it was nothing new as he helped Milan to a Top 3 finish with 2 goals, 114 passing points (2nd), 82 interceptions, 11 blocks, 110 possessions won against 50 lost, 43 goals against, 10 clean sheets, and 3 MOTM in a full 38 game schedule. With rumors of all sorts of quality players headed to Milan for S11, can next season be the one that BEAST and his teammates finally bring home that elusive SL Title to Milan?

CDM: Rambo De Leon x (Benfica) – Starting at our first defensive midfield spot is the absolute animal of a player that is Benfica’s Rambo De Leon x, who previously set the league alight in S7 with Manchester City. Rambo is a one-man wrecking ball in the center of the park as his 5 key passes, 96 tackles (2nd), 105 interceptions, 207 possessions won (2nd), 17 goals against, 19 clean sheets (2nd), and 3 MOTM in 33 games for the Portuguese club clearly show. It will be fascinating to see if Rambo and the rest of his Benfica teammates can bring back their incredible defense and attempt to repeat as champions in S11.

CDM: Jammmyy (Inter Milan) – Returning to the Starting XI in our TOTS after an incredible S9 with Inter Milan is the man, the myth, the fruit spread – Jammmyy. Jammy has clearly established himself as one of the top all-around midfielders in all of PCN with another incredible season highlighted by his 3 assists, 11 key passes, 97 passing points, 75 tackles, 111 interceptions (T-3rd), 199 possessions won (3rd) against 92 lost, 37 goals against, 9 clean sheets, and 7 MOTM in 34 games. There’s no question that Inter Milan don’t win the cup treble that they did without the overall contributions of the fantastically delicious Jammy, and we all look forward to seeing what he can do again in S11.

RM: FIFA Talentless (Manchester United / Inter Milan) – Despite all of the nonsense he may utter in the Discord and in party chats, when it comes down to business time and performing when it matters, few midfielders have consistently performed to the level of Inter’s FIFA Talentless in recent seasons. Talentless capitalized on a mid-season transfer to Italy from Manchester and finished the campaign with an impressive 10 goals, 7 assists, 27 key passes, 53 passing points, 48 tackles, 49 interceptions, 95 possessions won, and 4 MOTM in only 28 matches. Talentless looked to be a critical part of the Inter core going forward, though rumors abound about his potential departure to a top rival in S11 after a brief detour to the tiny Seychelles where he will be managing for AFCON.

CAM: AyeVols (AC Milan) – Probably the single most impressive position change to happen this season in Super League, AC Milan’s AyeVols went from a S9 L1 TOTS defender to arguably the best creative midfielder in the entire Super League in Season 10. AyeVols primarily played an advanced attacking CM role for Milan, but he 100% earned the starting spot at CAM with his 4 goals, 9 assists, 45 key passes (T-2nd), 80 passing points, 53 tackles, 103 interceptions, 180 possessions won, and 9 MOTM (2nd) in a full season for the Italian side. Vols is a hidden gem no longer and though he will have a tough task repeating his incredible play in S11, if I were a betting man I would not bet against it.

LM: Shmurddaa Pollo (Inter Milan) – Our third member of the incredible Inter midfield to make our starting lineup in the S10 TOTS is the wonderfully named and equally skilled Shmurddaa Pollo. Shmurda had a breakout season on his own for the treble winning Inter Milan as can be seen by his 6 goals, 9 assists, 23 key passes, 57 passing points, 43 tackles, 77 interceptions, and 106 possessions won across 30 games. Shmurda is another player who has now put himself in the spotlight and will need to be at his best again next season if he hopes to return to this squad and help Inter get over the hump and win the league.

ST: xll Chronik llx (AC Milan) – Another Milan player who is probably going to fly under the radar no longer, xll Chronik llx had an incredible season as he was the main piece of the AC Milan attack in S10 and easily earned his spot in the TOTS. Chronik led the league with 16 assists to go with 26 goals (T-3rd), 37 key passes, 73 passing points, and 6 MOTM in a full 38 game season. Chronik has now followed up two very consistent L1 seasons with just as good of an effort in the Super League, and he will need to have another quality of this season if he wants to grab some silverware in S11.

ST: Stryde x28 (Inter Milan) – Arguably the most important addition to the Inter Milan squad prior to S10, Stryde x28 has once again proved his elite ability in the attack as he earned his 3rd TOTS honor overall and first since S4 and S5 with AC Milan. Stryde has taken some time to remind the newer players in PCN of his true talent, but he did that with aplomb in S10 as he won his second career SL Golden Boot with 29 strikers to go with 10 assists, 77 passing points, and 7 MOTM during his 35 games. Now that he has made people aware of what he can do again, can Stryde have a season this good again in S11 and fully establish himself as one of the very best attackers currently in PCN?


GK: Strikers98 (Benfica) – Leading out our TOTS bench is the always outspoken but equally talented Striker98 from Benfica, who helped Benfica re-write the record books this season with their incredible defensive efforts. While Benfica may have had a great defensive unit on the whole, there’s no way they set a new SL mark with just 23 goals against in a season without Strikers, who personally kept a record 18 clean sheets, made 107 saves, and only conceded 15 goals in 31 games (less than 1 goal every 2 games!). Whether Strikers can keep his mouth shut for long enough to stay eligible to play reamins to be seen, but if he can Benfica must feel great going forward knowing they have an elite goalie at the back to clean things up.

CB: l Futking l (PSG) – Joining our TOTS from the back line of the resurgent PSG, who had their best finish this season since S7 is the always ready and consistently steady l Futking l. Futking had a breakout season for the Parisians as he finished the campaign with 3 assists, 85 interceptions, 15 blocks, 140 possessions won against 65 lost, 42 goals against, 9 clean sheets, and 3 MOTM in 34 games. Futking was able to establish an incredible partnership with Matty D0T in S10, and it will be interesting to see if stay high playa can keep his best defensive partnership in a long time around for S11.

CB: Slipkid2 (Atlanta United / AC Milan) – Our last defender to grace the S10 Team of the Season is another one in Slipkid2 who made a switch mid-season that paid off for both player and club. Slip seamlessly transitioned from an underperforming Atlanta team to a cup contending AC Milan side and finished his season with an impressive 6 assists, 9 key passes, 85 passing points, 92 interceptions, 19 blocks (3rd), 151 possessions won, 54 goals against, 6 clean sheets, and 3 MOTM across 37 games. After establishing a great rapport with BEAST in the second half of last season, can these two stud defenders help push Milan to glory in S11?

CDM: dorseyfurcal18 (Manchester City) – Well it’s another season gone and another season where dorseyurcal18 from Manchester City has staved off the criticism once again and earned his joint record 5th SL TOTS honor. After leading PCN in tackles, interceptions, and possessions won in the calendar year of 2018, Dorsey decided to get an early start to doing the same in 2019 as he set a new tackles record with 111 to go with a league-high 132 interceptions and 218 possessions won, not to mention 2 goals, 6 key passes, 48 goals against, 4 clean sheets, and 6 MOTM in 35 games for the Cityzens. With Man City breaking up following an ultimately disappointing S10, all eyes will be on Dorsey as he continues to search for a club that he can help obtain that ever elusive SL Title.

CAM: kidnashty13 (Inter Milan) – Our fourth and final member of the incredible Inter midfield to make our TOTS, kidnashty13 is well rewarded with a spot in our team after a great season for the Italian club. Nashty was quite nashty wit it all season long as he led the league in key passes with 47 in addition to 7 goals, 14 assists (T-2nd), 76 passing points, 48 interceptions, and 2 MOTM in 35 matches. Nashty looks set to anchor an impressive Inter Milan team in the middle of the attack for a long time to come, and defenses across the league should be scared.

ST: Conflict Itachi (PSG) – Carrying the PSG attack with one of the surprise performances of the season was PSG’s Conflict Itachi. Conflict had a little bit of experience in the league before S10, but I don’t think many people outside of his team could have expected him to notch 27 goals (2nd), 10 assists, 20 key passes, and 7 MOTM in a full season of action. With PSG having their highest finish in 6th in three seasons without lupe or stay high leading the line, can they keep their star striker or will they be forced to replace him in S11?

ST: Coufaveliii (Inter Milan) – Rounding out our Season 10 Super League Team of the Season is none other than the brains behind the Inter Milan success in manager and striker Coufaveliii. Coufa wasn’t just great at getting his team to play an attractive and successful style of football, but he helped out quite a bit himself with 26 goals (T-3rd), 10 assists, 44 key passes, 66 passing points, and 5 MOTM in 35 games. With a cup treble in his pocket and a runner up to Benfica still fresh on his mind, we are all waiting to see what Coufa can do to take Inter all the way to the top in S11.

Editor: dorseyfurcal18
Cards: Prime Libero
Graphic: AutomatedSquid


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