Team Of The Season – Season 10 – League Two

Starting XI

GK: Wiiz GuNSLiNgR (PSV) – Leading off our Season 10 League 2 Team of the Season between the sticks is PSV’s ever-present goalie Wiiz GuNSLiNgR, who earns his first ever PCN TOTS honor. Wiiz has been a loyal servant to PSV for a few seasons now, and his hard work and loyalty led to him setting a new record for saves in L2 with 92 as well as leading the league with 8 clean sheets and allowing just 26 goals in 24 games for the Dutch side.

RB: oDARTH MALICE (Sporting) – Our lone representative in the L2 TOTS from the bottom half of the table, oDARTH MALICE earned our place at RB with a steady season for Sporting. Darth did a little bit of everything for the Portuguese outfit with 4 key passes, 17 tackles, 43 interceptions, 71 possessions won against 56 lost, and 2 clean sheets in 20 matches in S10.

CB: KINGLOWEYES (Valencia) – Every title-winning team needs a steady hand at the back, and for Valencia in S10 that effort was headed by the impressive KINGLOWEYES. King was a consistent force in defense for the L2 Champions with 5 assists, 44 passing points, 65 interceptions (2nd), 91 possessions won (2nd) against just 42 lost, 18 goals against, 7 clean sheets, and 4 MOTM in 22 games.

CB: ChOllOnKiiT00 (PSV) – Our second player from PSV and final member of the TOTS not from the two teams who earned automatic promotion is center back ChOllOnKiiT00. Chollo? Cholokito? Cholo? However you actually pronounce the name, he had a very solid season trying to push PSV into the playoff race with 41 passing points, 17 tackles, 38 interceptions, 69 possessions won against 30 lost, 16 goals against, and 4 clean sheets in only 17 matches.

LB: XxTattedMattxX (NY Red Bulls) – Rounding out the backline for the second ever L2 TOTS is XxTattedMattxX from NY Red Bulls, who had a fine season of his own. Matt’s consistent play ultimately helped push the Red Bulls above Marseille into 2nd place as can be seen by his 52 passing points (2nd), 33 interceptions, 73 possessions won against only 41 lost, 19 goals against, and 11 clean sheets (2nd) in 22 games played.

CDM: MISTERBDON (Valencia) – Not to be confused with the former Benfica (and current Senegal) manager Bdon8407, MISTERBDON of Valencia certainly made a name for himself this season with some great play from CDM for the title winners. MISTERBDON set a new L2 tackle record with 38 to go along with a league-leading 98 possessions won, not to mention 2 goals, 2 assists, 10 key passes, 43 passing points, 51 interceptions (3rd), 18 goals against, and 7 clean sheets in 22 matches.

CDM: Nozzle (NY Red Bulls) – Perhaps one of the most controversial figures off the field in the second season of L2, there was little controversy about the quality of play from the Red Bulls’ co-manager Nozzle. Nozzle was in the mood to break records this season as he posted new high marks for passing points (73), interceptions (72), and defensive clean sheets (14) in addition to 3 assists, 10 key passes, 90 possessions won (3rd) against only 30 lost, 16 goals against, and 3 MOTM in 25 games.

RAM: ogfearisgod (Valencia) – Starting at right attacking midfield for the League 2 TOTS is Valencia’s manager and lead playmaker ogfearisgod. Fear was the OG right midfielder this season in L2 as you can see by his 3 goals, 11 assists (2nd), 32 key passes, 46 interceptions, and 67 possessions won in 24 games as he led the Spanish side to a league title and chance to fight it out in L1 in S11.

LAM: GOATlas (NY Red Bulls) – They say big things come in small packages, and NY Red Bulls’ final member in the TOTS is GOATlas who was just that for the MLS club. GOATlas didn’t join the team until February, but he made a big impact when he did and ended up with a very impressive 6 goals, 2 assists, 21 key passes, 45 passing points, 25 interceptions, 54 possessions won, and 2 MOTM in just 16 matches.

ST: Death Row Tull (Valencia) – Perhaps the most unlikely player to make his way into the Team of the Season is Valencia’s Death Row Tull, who played in just over 40% of the season for the L1 Champions. Death Row, who previously had a L1 TOTS to his name, somehow managed to tie for the league lead in goals with 23 to go along with 3 assists, 10 key passes, 26 passing points, and 5 MOTM (T-2nd) in just 11! games in S10.

ST: oX M A M B A Xo (Valencia) – Easily the most dominant attacking player throughout S10 in League 2, Valencia’s oX M A M B A oX was perhaps the easiest choice of all to round out the TOTS. MAMBA was an animal all season long as he set new L2 records for assists with 20 and key passes with 40 before even mentioning his league-leading 23 goals, 41 passing points, and 4 MOTM for the best team in L2 in Season 10.

Editor: dorseyfurcal18
Cards: Prime Libero
Graphic: AutomatedSquid



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