Team Of The Season – Season 10 – League One

Starting XI

GK: Apocryphion (Dortmund / America) – Kicking off our League 1 Team of the Season for Season 10 is none other than the hottest GK on the market in PCN in Apocryphion. The PCN rookie took the league by storm whether at Dortmund for most of the campaign or for America at the end as he set a new L1 clean sheets record with 17 in addition to 23 passing points, 93 saves, 17 goals against, and 2 MOTM in 27 games. Who knows what exactly is in store for the future of this up and coming talent, but Apoc has certainly put his name out there and expectations will be high going forward.

RB: Eazy Slays (Dortmund) – After playing a grand total of two games across 4 seasons in his career prior to S10, Dortmund’s Eazy Slays became a mainstay and key part of the league’s best defense as he earned his TOTS nod. Eazy certainly didn’t have a hard time earning his spot as he led the league in clean sheets with 15, while also racking up 6 key passes, 63 passing points, 48 interceptions, 87 possessions won against 46 lost, and just 19 goals against in 27 games. With Dortmund falling just short of promotion to the Super League after a Playoff Final loss to Liverpool and the team breaking apart, it will be fascinating to see where Eazy lands after his breakthrough campaign.

CB: AdamCoups (Orlando Pirates / America) – Another PCN rookie who ended up pushing America to automatic promotion after a mid-season transfer, center back AdamCoups was a shoo-in to make our Team of the Season. Adam was an incredible asset whether at Orlando or America as is evidenced by his 2 goals, 60 passing points, 67 interceptions, 147 possessions won (2nd) against just 45 lost, 25 goals against, 11 clean sheets (T-3rd), and 3 MOTM in 24 matches. Another player who will be one to watch as his PCN career progress, Adam certainly couldn’t have asked for a better start than he got in S10.

CB: Messinho x (Chelsea) – One of the most infamous strikers in the Pro Clubs community, Chelsea’s Messinho x decided to try his hand in defense this season and only went and earned a TOTS honor for his efforts. Messinho ended up being a key part of the Chelsea defense that propelled them to the L1 Title with his absolutely bonkers 13 assists (3rd overall and 4 more than 4th place), 18 key passes, 37 passing points, 28 interceptions, 62 possessions won, 13 goals against, 11 clean sheets (T-3rd), and 2 MOTM in 21 games for the Blues. One of the storylines to watch in S11 will be if Messinho returns to Chelsea, does he stay in the backline or move back up to his more natural spot at striker in an attempt to push Chelsea as high up the table as possible.

LB: Lycan Mixtec (Real Madrid) – Our final defender in the Starting XI for the L1 TOTS is none other than Real Madrid’s well balanced and tidy fullback Lycan Mixtec. Lycan finished his great S10 campaign for the Galacticos with a league-high 78 passing points as well as 5 key passes, 53 interceptions, 122 possessions won against 84 lost, 31 goals against, 9 clean sheets, and 3 MOTM in 28 matches. Lycan is rumored to be on the move to several SL clubs after Real Madrid’s split following their failure to secure promotion from L1, so he will be a name to watch in the coming weeks on the transfer market.

CDM: Champagin (Liverpool) – While he may not have helped Liverpool win the L1 title, it’s fair to say that Champagin is a champ again in the sense that he earned a TOTS spot while helping underdog Liverpool win the Promotion Playoff from the 6th seed. Champ had a truly unbelievable season with his all-around contributions from defensive mid that included 4 goals, 9 assists, 36 key passes (3rd), 64 tackles (2nd), 77 interceptions (T-3rd), 134 possessions won (3rd), 28 goals against, 10 clean sheets, and a whopping 10 MOTM (2nd) in 27 games. Liverpool look set to have a longer stay in Super League this time around as long as players like Champagin stick around to help out the Reds.

CM: YaBoiiHarambe (Dortmund) – One of the few remaining players who made their debut in the inaugural season of PCN back in 2016, Dortmund’s YaBoiiHarambe has finally earned his first ever Team of the Season award. Harambe’s most complete season in terms of games played since FIFA 17 was highlighted by him setting the L1 tackle record with 70 to go along with 4 assists, 17 key passes, 53 passing points, 70 interceptions, 114 possessions won, 3 clean sheets, and 5 MOTM in 23 matches. Another player who will be looking for a new home in S11, it’s clear that Harambe still has something left in the tank after all these years, and he should have no shortage of suitors for his services in the offseason.

CM: l diX0n l (LOSC Lille) – Another longtime PCN veteran who has finally earned his first TOTS honor is Lille’s l diX0n l, who nearly helped the L2 side earn back to back promotions to the Super League. Dixon was the key creative spark to an excellent Lille attack as can be seen by his 3 goals, 15 assists (2nd), 23 key passes, 47 interceptions, and 84 possessions won in 29 games in S10. With a TOTS finally under his belt, perhaps Dixon can start earning some of that respect that he has long deserved and sought after.

RW: IMOBI LOYALTY (Chelsea) – Our second member of the Starting XI from the League 1 Champs is winger extraordinaire and future manager of Chelsea, IMOBI LOYALTY. MOB will be taking the reigns for the Blues in S11 in Super League on the backs of a fantastic season where he tallied 9 goals, 5 assists, 31 key passes, 62 passing points, 39 tackles, 62 possessions won, and 4 MOTM in 24 games. MOB will be a key component to any potential success of Chelsea next season in Super League both on the field and now off as he takes over the head job in West London.

ST: Chevyboy24 (Chelsea) – Joining his teammate in the attacking band of our TOTS lineup is the terrifically deadly Chevyboy24 at striker. Heavy Chevy was a nuisance to L1 defenses all season long as he paced the league in assists with 17 to go along with 22 goals (T-3rd), 34 key passes, 54 passing points, and 5 MOTM awards in 25 matches for the top team in the league. Like many strikers before him who have won L1 TOTS honors and then moved up to Super League, it will be fascinating to see if Chevy can keep his tires firmly on the road to goals galore in S11.

LW: Gato Bravo9 (LOSC Lille) – Finishing out our Starting XI for the L1 Team of the Season is a very experienced PCN player in Gato Bravo9 who earns his second consecutive TOTS honor with Lille, having done so last season in their promotion season from L2. Gato showed his incredible diversity again in S11 as he moved from CDM to the left side of midfield and continued to show his class with 9 assists, 37 key passes (2nd), 35 tackles, 69 interceptions, 87 possessions won, and 4 MOTM in 27 games for the French club. After the dissolution of Lille at the end of S10 and Italiano’s return to Juventus, could the former teammates reunite in Super League once again for another championship push?


GK: Biggirlsneedlov (Liverpool) – Backing up Apoc in net in our League 1 TOTS is none other than Biggirlsneedlov from Liverpool, who spends his time making amazing saves and helping his team to promotion when he isn’t out there making big women happy. Biggirls was a part of the S7 Liverpool side that earned promotion to the Super League and his 116 saves (2nd), 25 goals against, and 9 clean sheets in 25 matches helped them achieve that goal once again.

CB: solaricNike (LOSC Lille) – The first of a trio of Lille defensive standouts to make our Team of the Season bench, solaricNike was an absolute stud for the French club and certainly did everything he could to push the team to promotion. Nike has set a high standard of play to uphold in the future after he led the league in blocks with 12 in addition to 8 assists, 13 key passes, 59 passing points, 112 possessions won against 52 lost, 28 goals against, 11 clean sheets (T-3rd), and 4 MOTM in 29 games for Lille.

LB: Renegademan340 (LOSC Lille) – He may have narrowly missed out on the Starting XI, but Lille’s Renegademan340 was still an easy shout to make the bench as the next best fullback in L1 during S10. Renegade was a strong and steady presence in the 3rd placed team’s lineup all season as he finished with 68 passing points (3rd), 34 tackles, 57 interceptions, 108 possessions won against 64 lost, 22 goals against, 11 clean sheets (T-3rd), and 4 MOTM across 27 matches.

CDM: Oneshot26 (LOSC Lille) – Rounding out the Lille trio is a face getting more and more familiar to Team of the Seasons is Oneshot26 who like his teammate Gato Bravo earned his second consecutive TOTS honor for the French club in addition to his S7 L1 TOTS. Oneshot narrowly edged out several other worthy contenders for this spot on the bench thanks in no small part to his record 97 interceptions and league-leading 150 possessions won to go along with 7 key passes, 57 passing points, 27 goals against, 11 clean sheets (T-3rd), and 4 MOTM in 28 games.

CAM: iii DannyC iii (Chelsea) – The final member of the deadly Chelsea attack to make our TOTS is iii DannyC iii, who similarly did well to earn his spot in the team of some other great attacking midfield options. Danny was a consistent source of creative play as you can see from his league-high 38 key passes in addition to 3 goals, 7 assists, 44 passing points, 34 interceptions, and 64 possessions won in 23 games.

ST: Shamrockslax24 (Santos) – Our second to last player in the L1 TOTS is none other than Santos’ manager and savior Shamrockslax24, who had a season to remember. Shamrock paced L1 with 28 goals and an insane 12 MOTM honors as well as recording 4 assists, 23 key passes, and 51 passing points during his 25 matches which went a long way to making sure Santos did not drop into the relegation battle this past season.

ST: JXTheDream (America) – FInishing off the Season 10 League 1 Team of the Season is a player who can stop dreaming and start living the reality of earning his first ever TOTS as America’s JXTheDream has done just that. JX was instrumental in earning America their automatic promotion with his 20 goals, 9 assists, 29 key passes, 68 possessions won, and 8 MOTM (T-3rd) in 29 games.

Editor: dorseyfurcal18
Cards: Turajlic
Graphic: AutomatedSquid

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