Team Of The Season – Season 10 – Ballots

Dorsey: “So to start off, I want to give a (relatively for me) brief explanation for how we go about picking TOTW and TOTS. There has been questions in the past about how we go about picking the teams, who picks them, how we vote, etc. I think it’s only fair we give you guys a snapshot of how the process works, so those of you who have simply wondered how it’s done or think it’s bs can understand it better.

So each season I ask around the admin and editor chats for people interested in helping pick TOTW – I usually like to have a group of 6 or so that is a balance of editors and admins who are interested in the stats and involved with the league enough so that they are good choices to vote on. I also make sure these are people who can be trusted with their votes and will generally have something to back up who they vote for – if someone isn’t voting on time or is simply picking with bias or players that aren’t worthy, they are removed from the group.

We then all look at the statistics for the gamedays involved and come up with ballots for the leagues we are individually voting on (everyone does at least 2 of the 3 leagues, usually the league you play in and the one you are an admin or editor of for example).

After everyone submits their teams, I run through the lists and put the guys in the lineups with the most votes at each position. When it’s very close or actually dead even, we then will do a revote and people will give their reasoning behind choosing player X over player Y. We continue to discuss the players and their merits until we settle upon all the players who are in the team and then send that over to the graphics team to start on the cards.

For TOTS, the process is very similar, but I will usually ask in the admin chats for anyone else other than the TOTW committee if they wish to help out with TOTS. I will then add a couple more names if there is interest and I feel they can help us get more quality opinions on the teams. Everyone in the TOTS chat submits a team for each league, and once again I will compile as many players in as I can who had the most support at their positions. I also add cup stats and awards / team honors on the spreadsheets in addition to the league stats for the players who make the shortlists, so people have a full picture of what the players accomplished in that season.

There is more debate though typically and close votes will be relooked at in order to come up with the final list of players we as a group feel best with as our TOTS for that respective league. An even more thorough analysis and larger voting group typically helps select our TOTY when we get to that point in the year.

Below are the ballots for each of the 6 voters who helped select this year’s TOTS for SL, L1, and L2. I had hoped to get around 8 votes in all, but there simply wasn’t enough interest or time available for the people who may normally have volunteered. Eksisle and Cazbon are two very respected and rational admins who have been around for a couple of seasons now in that role, while Vape has helped on and off as an admin and editor since S6/7, Lego has been an editor since S7/8, and Rioo came on as an editor in S9 and was the lead editor in S10. These ballots are simply the initial teams selected by each voter, which we then used to get the aggregate team.

Some cases like Matias and AyeVols in SL for example were voted in as starters by pretty much everyone, and they easily made the Starting XI. Then there are cases like GK in SL where so many guys got 2-3 votes, that we had to go back and kind of revote on the starter and backup from a group of 4 who got the most support in the initial round of voting.

The process typically takes a few days to complete from when the shortlists first get sent out to the initial voting to the compiling and finally debating the last players to make the team or if someone is in the starting lineup or on the bench.

Hopefully, this has helped to explain how we go about voting on the weekly and end of season awards in PCN. No two people or group of people are ever going to agree 100% on the same people for TOTS, so while I understand there may be people who feel they were snubbed or their friends were snubbed, we just ask you respect the voters’ decisions and the overall consensus that the group came to for each league.

All of us went back and forth on multiple players, so just because you don’t see your name on one of our initial ballots doesn’t mean you weren’t the next player off the list and almost made it. So please be nice and respect our decisions with the teams and our decision to give you guys this insight that we didn’t have to share. If you blow up the DMs of one of the voters, don’t be surprised if you end up with a Discord ban or mute if you cross the line.”

Initial Ballots

Cazbon – Super League

Starting XI
Gk Phil
Cb Matias
Cb Saul Goodman
Cb Austin
Cdm Dorsey
Cdm Twinkie
Cam A1buzzkill
Lm retro
Rm talentless
St Erick
St chronic

Gk kasra
Def Lil Purp
Def Purpzz
Mid Jammmy
Mid aye vols
Forward Kesey
Forward stryde

Dorsey – Super League

Starting XI
GK: Strikers98 (Benfica)
CB: Austin l 33 l (Manchester United)
CB: Matias7 (Minnesota United)
CB: l Futking l (PSG)
CDM: Rambo De Leon x (Benfica)
CDM: iRealms (Minnesota United)
RM: FIFA Talentless (Inter Milan)
CAM: AyeVols (AC Milan)
LM: Shmurddaa Pollo (Inter Milan)
ST: xll Chronik llx (AC Milan)
ST: Stryde x28 (Inter Milan)

GK: Phil The Fish (Manchester United)
CB: BEAST l 3 l (AC Milan)
CB: Slipkid2 (AC Milan)
CDM: Jammmyy (Inter Milan)
LM: DK l Gaston (Manchester City)
ST: x Erickson (Minnesota United)
ST: Conflict Slackz (PSG)

Eksisle – Super League

Starting XI
GK: Trevmister
CB: Austin l 33 l
CB: Matias7
CB: Beast
CDM: Rambo De Leon
CDM: iRealms
RM: FIFA Talentless
CAM: AyeVols
LM: Shmurddaa Pollo
ST: Kessy
ST: Stryde x28

GK: Strikers98
CB: Matty D0T
CB: Slipkid2
CDM: Jammmyy
RM: Mapes
ST: x Erickson
ST: Frijolito8921

Lego Dawg – Super League

Starting XI
CB: Austin
CB: Lil iPurpp
CB: Slipkid2
DM: Rambo
DM: Dorsey
LM: RetroPack
RM: Talentless
AM: AyeVols
ST: Erickson
ST: Chronik

GK: Strikers
CB: Saul Goodman Jr
CB: Matias7
DM: Jammmyy
AM: kidnashty14
ST: Stryde
ST: Kessy

Rioo – Super League

Starting XI
GK – Phil the fish

CB – Beast l 3 l
CB – purpz l 18 l
CB – Matias
DM – Dorsey
DM – Jammmyy
LM – Smurrdda pollo
RM – Fifa Talentless
CAM – AyeVols
ST – Kessy
ST – Coufa

GK – Pure Vegetable
CB – Austin l 33 l
DM – Rambo
DM – Twinkie
CAM – KidNasty
CAM – Thiago
ST – Chronik
ST – Stryde

Vape – Super League

Starting XI
Gk- Fonzi
Cb- Austin
Cb- Purpz
Cb- Matias
Cdm- Rambo
Cdm- Wanyamaaa
Lm- retro
Rm- talentless
Cam- Buzzkill
St- Stryde
St- Erick

Gk- Trevmister
Rb- Giggs
Cb- futking
Cdm- Dorsey
Om- dk Gaston
St- Slackz
St- Chronik

Cazbon – League 1

Starting XI
gk Apoc
cb Adam Coups
cb Messinho
lb Renegademan
rb Eazy Slays
rm IMOBI Loyalty
lm Gato Bravo9
cdm Champagin
cam iiiDannyC
st ShamrockSlax
st ChevyBoy24

gk MythicGalaxy
def Lycan Mixtec
def CM9PT
mid Dixon
mid YaBoiHArambe
forward JXTheDream
forward Rowdy

Dorsey – League 1

Starting XI
GK: Apocryphion (America)
RB: Eazy Slays (Dortmund)
CB: AdamCoups (America)
CB: CM9PT (Chelsea)
LB: Lycan Mixtec (Real Madrid)
CDM: Champagin (Liverpool)
CM: YaBoiiHarambe (Dortmund)
CM: l diX0n l (LOSC Lille)
ST: Chevyboy24 (Chelsea)
LW: Gato Bravo9 (LOSC Lille)

GK: Biggirlsneedlov (Liverpool)
CB: solaricNike (LOSC Lille)
LB: Renegademan340 (LOSC Lille)
CDM: Melkynho (Chelsea)
RM: ThatCreamCheese (Orlando)
ST: Shamrockslax24 (Santos)
ST: Winniethekid730 (Real Madrid)

Eksisle – League 1

Starting XI
GK: Apocryphion
RB: Eazy Slays
CB: AdamCoups
CB: Messinho
LB: Lycan Mixtec
CDM: Champagin
CM: YaBoiiHarambe
CM: l diX0n l
ST: Chevyboy24
LW: Gato Bravo9

GK: Biggirlsneedlov
LB: Renegademan340
CB: solaricNike
CM: Erican606
RM: ThatCreamCheese
ST: Shamrockslax24
ST: Winniethekid730

Lego Dawg – League 1

Starting XI
RB: Eazy Slays
CB: AdamCoups
CB: Messinho
LB: Lycan Mixtec
DM: champagin
DM: Oneshot26
OM: IMOBI Loyalty
OM: CreamCheese
AM: dixon
ST: ChevyBoy24

GK: Apocryphion
CB: Varane
CB: solaricNike
CM: YaBoiiHarambe
AM: DannyC
ST: ShamrockSlax24
ST: JXTheDream

Rioo – League 1

Starting 11
GK – Keylor Swift
LB – Lycan mystic
CB – Messinho
CB – AdamCoups
RB – Eazy slays
CDM – Champagin
CM – Dixon
CM – YaboiHarambe
CAM – Dannyc
ST – Shamrock
ST – Chevyboy24

GK – Apoc
CB – Varane
LB – Renegadmen
DM – OnEsHoT
RM – Mob loyalty
ST – Jxthedream
ST – Winniethekid

Vape – League 1

Starting XI
GK – Apocryphion
RB – Eazy Slays
CB – Messinho x
CB – AdamCoups
LB – Renegademan340
CDM – Champagin
CDM – Erican606
LM – Gato Bravo9
RM – Mob Loyalty
CAM – Dixon
ST – Chevyboy24

GK – Keylor Swift
LB – DblOBuckshot
CB – SolaricNike
CM – YaBoiiHarambe
CAM – iii DannyC iii
ST – Shamrockslax24
ST – JXTheDream

Cazbon – League 2

GK Wiiz GunSlingr
LB TattedMatt
RB Darth Malice
CB KingLowEyes
CB mxcnplyr820
CDM MisterBdon
CM FirePuma
CM RM Coutinho
RW ogfearisgod
LW Death Row Tully

Dorsey – League 2

GK: Wiiz GuNSLiNgR (PSV)
RB: BeezKMX27 (PSV)
CB: ChOllOnKiiT00 (PSV)
LB: XxTattedMattxX (NY Red Bulls)
CDM: Nozzle (NY Red Bulls)
RAM: ogfearisgod (Valencia)
CAM: GOATlas (NY Red Bulls)
LAM: xXsmAckezXx (Valencia)
ST: oX M A M B A Xo (Valencia)

Lego Dawg – League 2

GK: Exetike
CB: Chollonkitoo
FB: TattedMatt
FB: SickPancake
DM: Nozzle
DM: MisterBdon
AM: CodyisClutch94
AM: ogfearisgod
ST: Death Row Tull

Rioo – League 2

GK – Wiix Gunslinger
CB – Chollonkit00
CB – Kinglowkeys
CB – Mccnplyr820
DM – Misterbdon
DM – Nozzle
LM – Qualitypaisa
RM – OGFearisgod
ST – Death row toll
ST – Mamba

Vape – League 2

GK – EketikeGM503
RB – oDarth Malice
CB – KingLowEyes
CB – mxcnplyr820
LB – TattedMatt
Cdm – MisterBdon
Lm- xXsmackezXx
Rm – CodyIsClutch
CAM – xRMx Coutinho
ST – Mamba
ST – Death Row Tull





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