To all the newcomers in PCN

As someone who as been in the league since season 5 as a decently recognized member of the PCN Community (maybe for not all the right reasons) I want to help out the new members of the community to help get your name out. There’s a few questions you got to ask yourself first. Are you ass at the game? Are you playing the right position? As a guy starting at FB position, it took me 6 seasons before receiving my first TOTS I realized that position wasn’t at my full potential and soon became full time CB. Many players in the league started from the bottom and played under some of the iconic managers like Rowdy, Stayhigh, and Leak. These managers are a great way to get started on your career (RIP Rowdy). I started out with one of the realest PCN managers, Turajlic. In my first full season playing I finished 2nd in L1 with PCN America before then switching to Spurs in SL. Starting your career in lower leagues will help you get your name out more. Unless you’re ass then you will have no shot at TOTS. Another great way is getting involved. Run smalls, play BYOT, and ask for trials rather than show up to open trials. If you live anywhere on the east coast besides Virginia you already have an upper hand in the Regions Cup which may or may be not returning. Be active on discord. Be aware this is a toxic environment and you will get flamed but always come prepared to clap back. Lastly don’t be too competitive. Let’s be real, if you’re good enough to be the best in the league it wouldn’t take you multiple seasons to get your name out there. Have fun with it, play with your Bros and if you’re good enough overtime you’ll be on your way to the top.

Author:  Badger

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