Time for a League Three in PCN?

Pro Clubs Nation is primed and ready to integrate a League Three into the standard league structure. There are a ton of guys that are on the manager’s waiting list. Not to mention the amount of guys looking for clubs who are new to the league. On top of that, the amount of guys on a roster not getting game time in L2 could help fill teams in L3. Could start off with 10 teams and grow with time? A Promotion playoff to get into L2? The options are there. And strict stipulations need to be implemented.

If PCN decides to do this, they cannot screw this up. Make it beyond strict. If anyone has played Super League at all any amount of games, they can’t be allowed to play in League 3. If they have played X amount of games in League 1, they shouldn’t be allowed to play. Could have the L3 teams be affiliates to higher division sides. Perks could be to move players up from L3 to the parent club. Parent clubs can loan 1, 2 players max to the affiliate club.

It should be for newcomers/inexperienced players and not experienced players looking for “Ez Pz Titles” (Ajax, Liverpool etc.) It should be for people just getting into the competitive FIFA Pro Clubs scene. With the numbers in PCN never being higher than they are currently, the time to start a League 3 is now.

The numbers are there to do it, just for the love of god PCN, don’t mess this up and please put the restrictions needed.

Author: PortuggeePrince

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  1. Very true

  2. oX M A M B A Xo

    Liverpool didn’t go down for an ez pz title sir. Liverpool is a prestigious club and the favorite club for a lot of players. Somebody ran it into the ground and got relegated 3 times straight. So when the opportunity arose to take the club back to the top flight where it should be they took it. It had nothing to do with titles only the love of the club.

  3. MoIsTheBeast

    Default stadia for L3 teams. 😂💀

  4. Taco Bale

    I think that this a great idea for the league, especially if the time has come to expand. Maybe along with this, a PCN cup should be added similar to England’s league cup/FA cup system where lower league teams could have a possibility of advancing and it could showcase new talent to the league?

    I just think that the league needs to be strict on teams folding to prevent players from just hopping from team to team in the lower leagues.

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