The Rivalry Nobody Asked For But the Rivalry Everyone Needs

The Rivalry absolutely nobody asked for but the rivalry everyone and their mother need 

(If you don’t read this like Bruce buffer I’m severely disappointed in you.)

In the right corner representing Phalanx FC and sin city standing at 5’6 147 lbs we have Shooter McGavin aka Jlipp:

Jlipp is a long time PCN vet and the ultimate golfer a key member of that LAFC team that finished top 6 a couple seasons ago faces his toughest matchup ever the revenge tour against Happy Gilmore.

In the left corner representing Intercoastal FC out of Southern Cali  is the challenger standing at 6 feet and 150 lbs the man many love Happy Gilmore.

Happy is new to PCN, he came into PCN from the LNL, He’s playing for Lazio, and he loves his grandma. 

Before the match Happy had a few choice words for Shooter:

“Gilmore thinks golf is for people like Jlipp who like to wear goofy pants. If i saw myself wearing a Jlipp costume, I’d have to kick my own ass.

Jlipp had this to say about tonight’s matchup: 

“Let’s set the record straight. I’m the greatest golfer to ever play the game. I’m the limousine riding, jet flying, kiss stealing, dual pistol wielding showman of golf and PCN. I’ve worked hard my whole live, paid my dues, and now it’s my turn. I’m sure as hell not going to let my reign at the top be spoiled by some freak, some side show clown. Stay out of my way, or you’ll pay. Listen to what I say.
PS Hey Happy, make sure to say hello to your grandma for me”

Make sure you don’t miss the biggest rivalry in the history of well everything as these two face off in the ultimate 1v1 live at 11pm est on as Phalanx takes on Intercoastal.

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