Season 20 – Investigation Conclusion

As many of you know, we have been investigating a few instances of alleged misconduct after the unfortunate forthcoming of information by a recently banned player. While the information that came out at that time was not proof that misconduct occurred, it was enough to begin an inquiry into the circumstances referenced. While looking deeper into these allegations, we uncovered several things that we did not expect to find.

It is with great frustration that we announce the findings of the investigation and the punishments stemming from these findings.

Below you will find the person’s name in question, why they are being suspended/banned, and the suspension/ban lengths. What you will not find are the details of what was discovered nor the evidence against the individuals. The reason for this is simple: We have to protect the sources of the information provided.

Issue 1 – RVP played on Mattlanta’s account in a PCN match in Season 16 after RVP had received a red card the previous game day.

Issue 2 – MessiMike’s account was used by another community member, including JGolazo.

Issue 3 – Involves the use of Dikembe’s account by MessiMike.

The punishments for those involved in these three issues are as follows:

Shmimp I 1 I – He will be suspended till the end of Season 20. Shmimpy’s involvement was negligible, but he was on the team in question during the time. He was willing to discuss his involvement openly and honestly.

Slaysinho – He will be suspended till the end of Season 20. Slays even being involved after having been previously banned is worthy of a suspension, but his involvement was also seemingly negligible.

JUST PRESS B – Suspension will end when Slays’ is over. He was seemingly collateral damage in all of this anyway.

World Tails – The evidence shows he was made aware of the account sharing incident on Sporting (issue 1), and he chose to be complicit. His involvement means he will be suspended until after the 19th game (the halfway point) of Season 21.

I RvP I – Was open and honest about playing on Mattlanta’s account in Sporting during S16. He will be suspended until the end of Season 21.

Aceamatic – Denied all knowledge of these events even after originally coming to admins to report the initial incident in S16. He unfortunately declined an interview and was extremely disrespectful to staff and the league during the investigation. He will be suspended until the end of World Cup 2023.

TWTCHJGOLAZO – We have clear evidence that he used Messimike’s account to play on Sporting in S16 while signed to Lazio. He has denied this during our interview with him. J will be suspended until the end of World Cup 2023.

MessiMike22 – Was forthcoming with information about J using his account on Sporting and admitted to knowing about RVP using Mattlanta’s account, also brought forth further evidence for cheating in which he used Dikembe’s account on Milk’s Lyon team during S17 and provided context in both cases, however he was a former staff member and the manager during the S16 Sporting incident. Mike will be banned Indefinitely.

dikembe is goat – We have clear evidence that shows he allowed MessiMike to play on his account. Unfortunately, he refused to have an interview. He is suspended until the end of World Cup 2023

MysteriousMilks – Was aware of MessiMike playing on Dikembe’s account for Lyon in S17, but was honest and open during his interview about his involvement. Milks is suspended until the end of Season 21. He is also management banned.


The 4th issue is one that requires its own section. While finding more information about the above, we found that in Season 18, Ajax and its manager, Limitless Hero coordinated an effort to manipulate or “fix” a match involving Sporting and Ajax near the end of the season. The infamous 7-1 game, which left only two Sporting players in the match was the subject of an admin discussion at the time. We had reason to believe there was some malfeasances involved, but we did not have proof other than it was a bad game for Sporting. Because of this match fixing, the punishments are as follows:

Rio – Used a Sporting player’s account (Alvarado) vs his own team to throw the game. Because of his involvement, he is banned indefinitely.

Alvarado x – Gave Rio his account to engage in match fixing. He denied these claims during our interview, stating his team was just trolling and he played striker the entire game, we have clear evidence this is not the case. He is banned indefinitely.

LiMiTLess HER0 – We have clear evidence of match fixing in S18 and not only was the manager of Ajax, but also one of the main conspirators of this match-fixing incident. During conversations, he denied knowing of any cheating. He was disrespectful to both staff and league on numerous occasions after being notified of his suspension. Unfortunately, he is banned indefinitely.

Jovani24x – We have clear evidence of match fixing in S18 and not only was the manager of Sporting, but also one of the main conspirators of this match-fixing incident. Unfortunately, he is banned indefinitely.

As a result of this match fixing, Ajax will be deducted the points of the game in question. Unfortunately for the players involved with the team, but not involved in the conspiracy to fix a single match, Ajax will be stripped of their title from Season 18. Conversely, all player/managers listed above will have their personal awards during that time removed.

We want to remind everyone this is not something we took lightly, nor enjoyed doing. The goal with this was not to conduct a witch hunt and dig deeply until we found something. We wanted the truth. We have spent more time looking into this than we wanted to. We have exhausted all available resources and pursued all possible avenues to come to this conclusion. We can say with certainty that these events which we have laid out for you all, unfortunately did indeed happen, and the listed individuals all have been proven to be involved to varying degrees, and the length of their suspensions/bans reflect that. We want to emphasize that we were both extremely careful and meticulous in handling this investigation process. As a result, we have the utmost confidence in the validity of the evidence gathered to be both accurate and reliable, ultimately showing that the listed individuals are guilty beyond all reasonable doubt to the separate claims made for each of them. We also would like to reiterate one final time, cheating in this league will never be tolerated, and we are both shocked and disappointed that members of our community would go to such lengths to ruin the experience for others that PCN provides. Hopefully, this will serve as a warning to deter others from cheating in the future. We do not enjoy this. We did not put on our Sherlock Holmes’ cap (a deerstalker) and pretend to be super sleuths. This sucks; no part of this is fun. However, we will continue to ensure that PCN remains a fair and equitable league for all our members because that is what our community deserves.

If you have any questions, or wish to discuss this further, my DMs are open. Do not come to me and ask to see proof. I have already addressed that in this post.

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