Season 16 – Important Dates

Season 16 Important Dates

January 16 – Transfer Window Opens
January 20 – Pre-Season Cup
January 24 – Community Shield (PCN Orlando vs PCN Celtic)
January 27 – First gameday for S16 for Super League, League 1, and League 2

February 3 – Transfer Window Closes (before games)
February 7 – First round of Royal Cup / Coppa Victoria
February 17 – First round of the PCN Cup
February 24 – Start of Transfer Window (after games)

March 3 – Close of Transfer Window (before games)
March 21 – Final gameday for League 1 and League 2
March 24 – Final gameday for Super League, League 1/2 Promotion Semis and Finals, PCN Cup Final, and Super Cup Play-In Game
March 28 – Super Cup Quarterfinals and Royal/Victoria Cup Finals
March 31 – Super Cup Semis and Final

Schedule Notes

  • There will be no games on Mondays this season, that was a product of necessity when FIFA came out in mid-October last year instead of the typical late September release date that we were accustomed to. Thank you to everyone for bearing with us last season, but don’t expect to see three gamedays again this FIFA and possibly ever.
  • With the season starting in late January and Easter on April 4, there will be a few gamedays (most early on) with 3 league games in order to finish the season without any breaks. There will not be cups on the same days for those teams, so don’t worry about 4 games in a gameday.

Season 16 TOTW Schedule

  • TOTW 1: January 27 to February 7 (Gamedays 1-4)
  • TOTW 2: February 10 to February 21 (Gamedays 5-8)
  • TOTW 3: February 24 to March 7 (Gamedays 9-12)
  • TOTW 4: March 10 to March 24 (Gamedays 13-17 for SL and 13-16 for L1/L2)


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