Pro Clubs Nation Global Cup

We are pleased to announce the second Pro Clubs Circuit event in the USA this year!

Event Information:

Date of Event – Saturday, the 26th of February, 2022

Time of Kick-Off – 8:00 PM ET

Size of Tournament – 32-64 Teams

Format of Tournament – Group Stage + Knockouts


For those who are not aware, the Pro Clubs Circuit is a global series for teams across the world to compete against one another in a Grand Prix-style tournament. This circuit has different events from different leagues, partners, and countries. Specifically, VFL (UK), Unity Bluefin (UK), VFL France, EGN Gaming (AUS), VLG Pro (Spain), and the South African Virtual Football League. These folks, coupled with PCN, make up the Pro Clubs Circuit Federation. Each member will host events throughout the year. We are working to grow Pro Clubs beyond an insular group of gamers, to make a holistic community that understands we are all independent, but all enjoy the same game mode. There is no reason we cannot all work together to bring events to the Pro Clubs community at large. So, we have decided to create the Pro Clubs Circuit, a points-based, yearly competition, where points are earned based on how well a team performs in sanctioned events.

What is in it for you? Well, cash, for one. Being the best team in the world is another. The final 32 teams at the end of the year (June) go into 2 different Grand Finals, effectively for $2,000 in each Grand Final.

Want to learn more? You can check out @theVFL_ on twitter for now–we will create a hub for info in the near future.

Note: We will be running this the same way as last time, but may use a different method for future Circuit events.

Without further ado, register your team below–one registration per team. Once registered, we will send your manager an invite to the PCN After Dark discord. See you Saturday!

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