PCN Cup Semi-Final Preview

At the start of this competition, 60 teams were placed in a 1 leg knockout format tournament. 90 minutes, extra time and penalties, the tournament has seen games end in every possible way. Some say this cup means nothing as they value league success, for anyone not in a title race in any league, they would tend to disagree as it could be the only trophy won. Unless, of course, you are in a continental competition (Royal Cup, Coppa Victoria). Regardless of all of that, we now have our final four teams left.

Will the cup be won by the Hoops of Glasgow for a second time, led by Shiek? Will the Swans fly high with another piece of silverware to add their cabinet? Will the Old Gold of Wolverhampton win their first trophy since winning the League 2 title? Or will the City-State of Monaco come out on top out of them all? The tournament has been around since the beginning and has been won by some of the very best players, this is the Pro Clubs Nation Cup, Semi Final Preview on Straight Red.

PCN Association Sportive de Monaco Football Club

Managers: Papa Foden

7th in Super League

Path to the Semis:

ASM 2-1 Sociedad


ASM 3-0 Pumas

ASM 1-1 Ajax (5-4 pens)

Recent history vs. Wolves:

AS Monaco 0-0 Wolves (06/09/21)

AS Monaco 1-0 Wolves (06/16/21)

Key players in the cup run: JoeBro, Thalesinhoo

Expectations before the season on this cup: I wasn’t even aware that we were in it. Didn’t pay much attention in terms of the cup but I’m happy we are playing well!

Why your team will win it: We have been playing well together, our form has returned to where it was, and I believe we have the caliber of players to go against any team to win.

PCN Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club

Managers: PortuggeePrince, x Br4ndoniko, Hinkleyy

11th in Super League

Path to the Semis:

Wolves 3-1 Borussia Mochengladbach

Wolves 4-1 Newcastle United

Wolves 2-1 Marseille (AET)

Wolves 3-1 AC Milan

Recent history vs. AS Monaco:

AS Monaco 0-0 Wolves (06/09/21)

AS Monaco 1-0 Wolves (06/16/21)

Key players in the cup run: Taco Bale and KCx44

Expectations before the season on this cup: Wolverhampton since I have been here have never made it past the 2nd round of the cup. This season, our goal was to at least make it past the 2nd round then go from there.

Why your team will win it: To win the cup, you must be in a final. The next game is the semi, therefore, that is our current and only point of focus, to beat AS Monaco.

PCN The Celtic Football Club

Managers: ForeverShiek, Rav

4th in Super League

Path to the Semis:

Celtic 1-0 Arsenal

Celtic 3-0 Everton

Celtic 3-1 Liverpool

Celtic 2-0 Orlando Pirates

Recent history vs. Swansea:

Celtic 0-1 Swansea City (06/26/21)

Key players in the cup run: Romero – he gives the best inner thigh rubs after games. Great for recovery. Nick – his pregame smooches really get us focused.

Expectations before the season on this cup: we woke and pissed excellence; nothing has changed.

Why your team will win it: we will only win if we are able to bring out our inner Aztecs.

PCN Swansea City Association Football Club

Managers: Jimbonii, Booch, Loco l 6 l

3rd in Super League

Path to the Semis:

Swansea City 4-1 Tottenham Hotspur

Swansea City 1-0 Crystal Palace

Swansea City 1-0 Leicester City

Swansea City 1-0 Napoli

Recent history vs. Swansea:

Celtic 0-1 Swansea City (06/26/21)

Key players in cup run: CGardz, Maestro l 21

Expectations before the season in the cup: In cup play we had high hopes heading into the Season.  We didn’t think we would have a good shot at the SL title but aimed for some silverware of some sort to build onto a SL title run next season.  I think we have surprised ourselves in both cup play and league play.

Why will your team win it: Orlando has been the only team that we haven’t been able to get going against, but with them knocked out we are confident we are top contender to win the cup.  Good luck to the rest of the teams.


Rynoldinho: Wolves win and Swans win

Neumac: Wolves win in extra time. Swans 2-0 Celtic

uSRY7: Monaco 3-1 Wolves, Swansea 2-1 Celtic

Onyebuchii: Wolves 2-1 Monaco, Celtic 2-0 Swans

Cazbon: Wolves 2-0 Monaco, Swansea 1-1 Celtic (Swans win in penalties)

Pro Clubs Nation Cup Semi-Finals will be played on July 28th, at 9:00p.m EST. Check out the Stream List channel in the discord to catch the games! Please comment below your thoughts/predictions of these final four clubs!

History of the PCN Cup:

S5 – Paris Saint-Germain

S6 – AC Milan

S7 – AC Milan

S8 – Arsenal

S9 – Tottenham

S10 – Inter Milan

S11 – Atlanta United

S12 – Benfica

S13 – Juventus

S14 – Young Boys

S15 – Celtic

S16 – Liverpool

S17 – ?

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