New idea for tournament?

Between seasons we all love the Euros, the World Cup, and Recently the Regions cup. Due to the state of the world today my PCN Ethnic World Cup idea unfortunately was turned down (even though there were managers who still built their teams based on ethnicity). There still is a new tournament idea on the table. PCN’s first Draft tourney. 

     Yes, we have our PCN draft already but what if we up-scaled it to 30 teams? Will players Swallow their big ass egos and participate? I feel this tourney could really be something big. Have more exciting matches making it more balanced. You wouldn’t have a clear cut powerhouse team either. It would bring the community closer getting unknown players a possible chance to shine as well. As much as I would love to see this become a possible thing I think letting the community hear about it could change the minds of staff. 

     It’s too bad great ideas get passed by because of people’s big ass ego’s. We get it you’re good at FIFA, take off your sweatbands and have a fun for once. I get it’s a competitive pro clubs league but many forget why we play. Whether it is a hobby, something to take some stress off your shoulders, or maybe you just don’t have a social life. I think this is something that needs to be invested more into even if some of the bigger names refuse to play in it. I was going to name drop some people who didn’t play in the regions (you know who you are) but I think I’ll save that for another post. 

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