Let’s face it, y’all love and need GoldenlPanda to be active in Discord.

To start, Discord is a communication application that Pro Clubs Nation uses to disseminate information and is the main communication medium of the league. Not in the discord? Click this link and join today! https://discord.gg/mqATdc6vtN.

Now that we know what Discord is, who is GoldenlPanda. Panda, or Iscogod or Rebic as he is previously known as, is a outspoken Portsmouth midfielder. He has unpopular thoughts, types out freaking novels when making his point and is seen by many as an ignorant person who has idiotic thoughts. Now, here is my hot take for this article

We need Isco to be active in the discord

You read right, we need him to be active in the discord and call out teams for playing a Park The Bus style. We need him to continue to do the Power Rankings. We need him to call people out if he thinks someone does not have thumbs. Say what you will about him, but he gets people talking about the league. Good bad or indifferent, he manages to make people talk about the league whether it is agreeing with him (Kind of rare) or to argue with him. He gets people triggered with some fairly dumb statements at times, but hey, at the very least he is getting community members to speak about the league and keep the discussion going so it isn’t a HairyPickle meme parade or Badger’s tinder conversations. Or worse, MoIsTheBeast’s terrible crusade on real stadium usage.

You may think he is smart, you may think he is an unintelligent buffoon but one thing we can agree on. He is Polarizing and we need him to be active.

Author: PortuggeePrince

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  1. That’s a TOTGS CDM right there, vital to the discord and to the country of Ukraine

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