Season 15 Re-Signing Period is now live. You can re-sign players already on your roster and can also exercise Team Options (Managers) and Player Options (Players).

Managers… If you browse to your roster you will be able to see all the contract details of your players. We are working on the formatting but if you scroll to the right you will be able to see all the details you need. We are also tweaking the emails that are sent out after the forms are filled out.

So ignore those for now.

We are cleaning it up but as of right now you all have what
you need to accomplish the tasks at hand.

The forms to re-sign players and exercise Team and Player options are under the Front Office Tab along with all other


Season 15 Re-Signing Period Begins on Saturday January 2nd and
will run until midnight January 9th. There will be a form
posted in the same section as Contract and Transfer forms. Any
form submitted after midnight or on January 10th will not be 
accepted. There will be no exceptions.

  • Start of Re-Signing Period January 2nd
  • End of Re-Signing Period Midnight January 9th
  • No exceptions