PCN Online Manager

PCN Online Manager

This is a new product offering from PCN and is the first of its kind in our organization. If PCN is the Player Career Mode, Online Manager is the Manager Career Mode. In Online Manager, you will get suited and booted in your pursuit to take your team to the top in Super League. Or work from the ground up in League One to try to earn promotion for your side. This online career mode is fully immersive and allows you to run your team your way. It is a perfect blend of interactive spreadsheets, tactics, and team building, all played out in the discord and our exclusive database. All matches are played in the FIFA game mode Online Friendlies.

A few highlights from the mode:

  • Player Database – Build and grow your team based on Career Mode ratings using our Database.
  • Dynamic Rating System – Grow players based on minutes played and age.
  • Player Development system – Increase a player’s OVR, Potential, and Weak Foot using an in-discord currency and playing time.
  • PCN Money – Earn in-discord currency by playing friendlies with other managers using your team.
  • Full transfer system – Buy, Sell, and Swap players with other managers; Bidding Wars for players on unoccupied teams.
  • Age system – Reduce the ratings of or Retire aging players when they reach a certain age threshold.
  • Regens and Newgens – Help you grow your team as players retire by entering the Regen Draft or by checking your youth team for newgens*.
  • No set schedule – Play league games on your schedule by coordinating matches when it is convenient for both managers.
  • Scouting System – Hire Scouts to “find” newgens in a certain country and to help identify hidden potential players in the Database*.
  • International Management – Take on the challenge of International Management and call up the players in the database from that country*.
  • New UI for the Database – For FIFA 23, we will launch a new UI for our DB*.
  • Cross-Play – XBOX Series X|S, Playstation 5, and PC* will be able to play against one another in this new and exciting mode.

*Denotes a future feature, coming in FIFA 23. PC is not eligible for Cross-Play until 23. 

This new and exciting product is incredible and has been created over several iterations. Each system we have implemented has been thoroughly workshopped, tested, and is frankly really cool. If you are interested in joining or learning more, reach out to @Delo x16, @xxI Concept Ixx, @Static T5 or myself on discord. We are adding managers into the Future Manager pool to take over a team when FIFA 23 comes out, so don’t wait to reach out. That way, you can come in, learn the league, see how things work and decide if it is right for you.

We have a separate discord for OM; we will send an invite. You can also message in the #online-manager channel in the Pro Clubs Nation discord.

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