5 PCN Hot Takes for each league that will burn your tongue

5 PCN Hot Takes for each league that will burn your tongue 

“Highly opinionated, nothing is factual”

I’m just a Raging Ginger kid who doesn’t know any better if I offend you, I’m sorry that you’re soft.

– x CJ 12

Super League 

  1. Orlando takes back their crown in the closest season ever in pcn history as the top 4 is separated by 6 points.
  2. The battle for relegation won’t be decided till the last game and will be decided on Goal Difference, 6 teams battle for safety in one of the craziest final game days.
  3. A new Super League golden boot winner will be crowned and their team won’t finish top 4
  4. A new club to Super League will top the table 3 weeks in 
  5. And maybe the hottest take of them all Golden Panda will be considered for TOTS 

 My Super League Table Prediction: 

  1. Orlando
  2. Real Madrid
  3. Portsmouth
  4. Milan
  5. Swansea
  6. Benfica
  7. Man United
  8. Celtic
  9. Liverpool
  10. Leeds
  11. Wolves
  12. Atlanta
  13. Monaco
  14. Torino
  15. Ajax
  16. Lille
  17.  Bayer Leverkusen
  18. Marseille
  19. LA Galaxy
  20. NYC FC

League One

1.The PCN golden boot winner will be in League 1 and break Ericksons record

  1. The League one title race will be a 2 headed race between Sporting and Bayern, Bayern will eventually prevail and lift their second title in 2 seasons.
  2. The League one playoff will be between teams separated by only 3 points.
  3. Everton will prove their last season in League 2 wasn’t a fluke but wont make the playoff.
  4. A recently relegated SL team will finish last and will be relegated to League 2

My League One Table Prediction:

  1. Bayern
  2. Sporting
  3. Chelsea
  4. Arsenal
  5. Barcelona
  6. Sevilla
  7. Everton
  8. Dortmund
  9. Spurs
  10. Atletico Madrid
  11. Lazio
  12. Atalanta
  13. Man City
  14. Aston Villa
  15. Valencia
  16. Sociedad
  17. Miami
  18. Newcastle
  19. LAFC
  20. Inter Milan

League Two

  1. KDB will raise his first piece of silverware (god help us all) 
  2. A new League Two clean sheets record will be set
  3. The difference between 4th and 7th will be 12 points
  4. Stay High will be forced out of managing PSG after another bottom 4 finish
  5. Yoshi will lead the league in goals but fail to win a title and retire from 11s yet again.

My League Two Table Predictions: 

  1. Watford
  2. RB Leipzig
  3. Lyon
  4. Gladbach
  5. Leicester
  6. Santa Clara
  7. Boca
  8. Brighton
  9. Toronto
  10. Pumas
  11. Palace
  12. Porto
  13. Betis
  14. Dynamo
  15. Dallas
  16. Napoli
  17. PSG
  18. Rangers
  19. Copenhagen
  20. DC United

Author:  x CJ 12

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  1. How did the Cat man get the first post????

  2. Fuji Hermann

    Caz has a small pp

  3. The purpose of this article is to build up on the hype for the start of the season, if you think I disrespected you in any way use this piece as motivation to prove me wrong I would love to be proven wrong. Good luck to everyone this season

  4. NOiD CLiCK

    You have a way with words, CJ. I’m also mad you made that your pfp.

  5. You offended me, CJ (cries). Awesome work though, seriously.

  6. Damn, finally something entertaining.

  7. Bendtner x

    Cj is white lol

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    What in tarnation

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